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Chapter 1

Naruto was walking home from Ichiraku's with a smile cemented on his face. Only a warm belly full of ramen and another weeks worth in a shopping bag could make Naruto smile that way. It was a beautiful day out and he had received fewer glares than usual. Not to mention that he finally got to spend some time with Iruka, who had been spending unusually long amounts of time with Kakashi. Suddenly a dark cloud settled over Naruto's thoughts. Nothing could put a damper on his day like unwanted thoughts of a certain raven haired bastard.

Ever since that fateful day when Sasuke's house mysteriously burnt to the ground, he had been living with him under the Hokage's orders.

"Help us get closer as teammates, ha!" Naruto shouted, getting a few curious glances from some villagers.

That was six years ago, and so far, he would say that they were still on the same level they had been on when they were gennin. Sasuke was an anbu now, and Naruto was the next in line for Hokage. Tsunade had been giving him lessons once every week, for which Naruto was eternally grateful. She was helping him fulfill his dreams, and had taken all the lectures from the nobles on their apparent dislike of Naruto being next in line. However, Tsunade stood firm in her decision and for that Naruto owed her big time. Of course, it wasn't likely he would ever tell her that for fear of her holding it above his head for God knows what. Tsunade could be quite evil when she wanted to be.
Once the people found out, the glares came at him full force, and the whispers bombarded his ears with such an intensity he thought his head would explode. At one point, it had gotten to him so bad; he considered giving up his title. He didn't leave the apartment for fear of his own people. The people he was sworn to protect. That was, until Sasuke came back from his mission . . .

Sasuke had heard of Naruto's holding himself up in the apartment and only seeing close friends. It was from these close friends that Sasuke found out about Naruto wanting to give up his title.

He wouldn't have it.

He traversed over the rooftops faster than he ever had before to land outside Naruto and his apartment. The silence was deafening when he stepped through the open window, which was unusual for a place with Naruto in it. Usually when Sasuke would come home Naruto would be exercising with his music blaring over the stereo, despite the many complaints that were hurled his way over the noise. Naruto ignored them and continued.

Searching the apartment by feel alone, he could sense Naruto's chakra coming from the kitchen. There he had found him brooding over a cold bowl of ramen, another very unusual thing, considering that the bowl normally would have been finished within five seconds of hitting the table. Naruto merely poked at it with his chopsticks, head leaning on his other hand. He sighed.

Sasuke crossed his arms over his chest, "Usurakontachi." He let his displeasure fall off his tongue in waves.

"Not now, Sasu-" Naruto was interrupted mid-sentence by a powerful blow to his jaw that sent him flying over backwards in his chair, making him hit the wall. Both he and Sasuke knew he should've and could've blocked that punch.

"Yes, now dobe. What the hell do you think you're doing even thinking of renouncing your title, your dream?" he questioned Naruto with a full force Uchiha glare that had sent many ninja's running.

"The right thing. It's none of your business anyway, teme," he replied finding the diamond shapes on the linoleum floor very interesting.

"Well, I'm making it my business, so explain yourself." Sasuke stood over him, hoping the intimidation would bring Naruto to say something. It only took a few seconds for Naruto to spill his guts.

"They don't want me to be Hokage! Already they're rising up against me! Just think of what will happen if I do become Hokage! No forget that, because it can't happen if they don't want it!" he screamed, tears streaming down his whiskered cheeks to fall off of his now bruised jaw. Sasuke took the shouting as a good sign. At least some of Naruto was still left. Now all he had to do was pull the rest of him up out of where it had fallen inside of him. He knew exactly how to do it too. He knew Naruto inside out, had made it a personal conquest ever since Naruto had been pushed into him, causing an accidental kiss, for which Sasuke had been eternally grateful to whatever Gods had allowed it happen.

Of course, Naruto was totally oblivious to Sasuke's adoration, and would probably never know just how deep the Uchiha's feelings ran for his kitsune . . .

"So you're just going to let them beat you then, eh? Some Hokage you would make if you can't even stand up to your own villagers, hmmm? Hell, you might as well just renounce your title over to me. I'm sure the villagers would love to have the only Uchiha heir as their Hokage, and oh the attention it would bring me."

Naruto let his words sink in. He could feel the anger rising as he began to clench his fist. How dare him!

"Hmmph. What? Too chicken to fight back, dobe? What happened to the Naruto who said he would never lose to anyone, huh? Oh, that's right. He was beaten by a bunch of unskilled villagers. I guess you never really were cut out to be anything great, Usurakontachi." Sasuke began to leave the room, counting down the numbers in his head. Four, three, two, one . . .

"TEME!" Naruto shouted full force, standing up to point an accusatory finger at Sasuke. "I'll show you and everyone else just how great of a Hokage I can be! Just you wait!" Naruto walked past Sasuke, purposely knocking into his shoulder. He hopped out the same window that Sasuke had entered from and began heading over to the Hokage's office.

Sasuke smirked, "I hope so dobe. I really do."

Naruto rubbed his jaw at the memory. He owed Sasuke as well as Tsunade, but he would tell Tsunade before he ever even thought of telling Sasuke he owed him anything.
Naruto reached the front door to his apartment and unlocked the door, noticing that the traps had already been deactivated, telling him Sasuke was back from his month long mission. This meant silence between the two. He had learned that Sasuke was colder than usual when he came back from his longer missions, however, Naruto could understand the reasoning behind it. He knew the extremities the body and mind was put through on such missions. As such, he decided long ago that it would be best to give Sasuke his space when he came home.

Naruto still didn't understand why Sasuke never moved out years ago. Especially after the fourth had died, making his order all but null and void. Plus, being an anbu paid well, not to mention he was still sitting on the mound that was the Uchiha riches. He could more than afford his own apartment, hell he could own he entire apartment complex and then some.

However, Naruto was sometimes glad he decided to stay. Sometimes it was nice to come home with someone there, instead of the silence and loneliness.
He walked into the kitchen, seeing Sasuke sitting on the couch with his head in his hands, he figured it would be best to avoid him for awhile. Putting away his instant ramen packages he heard Sasuke give out a muffled moan.
Butterflies took over Naruto's stomach like a plague at the sound. "Should I go and check on him?" he thought silently to himself. Before Naruto could make a decision Sasuke's voice rang throughout the apartment.

"Naruto. We need to talk."

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