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Fatherly Figure?

I tried to be perfect. Tried to be honest. Tried to be everything that you ever wanted.

Full Moon

The palace was unusually tense during August's full moon. Officials worried of a surprise attack on Tortall from the Scanrans, altghough they had already been pushed to their borders. Many worried for the King and Queen's third son - Thomas - who was only the age three and was developing a horrible disease. Kel worried about Sierra while Sierra worried about Cleon. Dom wondered if Cleon was planning on coming to visit his daughter.

So when the palace gates opened and announced a visitor, nobody payed much attention, as there was so much on their minds. Only Dom arrived at the gate, hoping that he knew the guest. Of course, the sight of the light hair and tall build identified the one he had sent for.

"Hello Sir Cleon."

"Domitan." Nodded Cleon in reply, his face unusually white. "Where is she..."

"I shall show you to the Lady Sierra's rooms. Kel is in her own rooms." Dom answered for both of the possible women that Cleon had indicated.

"I see. I suppose I shall see Sierra..." It was obivous to Dom that Cleon's mind was elsewhere, and Dom supposed that he was thinking of the troubles Sierra could cause his reputation or of the trouble he had sent to Kel. Either way, Dom knew he could not take away the tension, for he was a small pawn in this trouble.

As they wandered down the corridors, which Cleon seemed to faintly remember, Dom felt himself almost feeling sorry for the knight. Sierra was probably a mistake - but there was no use in excuses now. If it hadn't also been his wife's daughter, Dom would have felt thoroughly for Cleon, because that was his nature. The nice funny guy. But there were the limits...

When they finally reached Sierra's door, Dom turned to leave before Cleon inturrupted him.



"Tell Kel I'm really sorry."

Dom looked at Cleon ad then replied, "I will. Good luck."

Cleon smiled faintly at Dom but allowed the smile to disappear when he turned. Nothing good could come out of this visit...why had he come?

Before he could lose his nerves, Cleon knocked his fist to the door and hoped that his daughterm wouldn't be there. After all...what was he to say?

"Hello." Said Sierra to the stranger at the door. He was a tall lean man with light hair and solemn blue (A.N. were Cleon's eyes blue?) eyes.

The man stood quietly before asking, "Do you know who I am?"

Truthfully Sierra muttered a 'No' wondering who would visit her in this tension, and at this time of night. Surely it was impossible.

"Would you mind telling me?" Questioned Sierra making sure her voice had not a sarcastic air. Should she know this man that seemed to know her?

The man smiled slightly, showing Sierra the pain that seemed to linger behind. What was wrong with this man?

"I am Sir Ceon... err ... Cleon. Your...your...well I suppose Kel had told you..."

But Sierra was no longer listening. In front of her stood her father. She had never really felt anybody as a father...Leon had been more of a guide then a father. And Kel could hardly fulfill her role as a mother, let alone attempting to act the father as some mothers did. Did Cleon even feel like a father? She couldn't tell for she had never felt one. Was a frightened, somewhat relieved, somewhat sad, and even a little angry the feeling a father should give?

No. That's a feeling a strange man proclaiming to be your father should give you.

"I know." Replied Sierra finally to the question. "Would...would you like to come in?"

The question seemed to surprise both Sierra, for asking it, and Cleon. He had figured that a sixteen year old girl seeing her father for the first time would be in tears or angry. Not...inviting. Unsure of what to do, Cleon nodded his acceptance, and Sierra...his daughter... lead him to a pair of arm chairs and offered him one.

"How did you find out about me?" Questioned Sierra nervously. She figured she was going to get some answers instead of sitting nervously.

"Domitan. Kel's husband."

"Oh." Replied Sierra. Dom was said to be a nice guy...he would not invite a fool to visit her.

"Do you have any other...children?" The question was stupid...she had met this man - her father - five moments ago, and now she was digging into his personal life?

"I'm sorry...I am being quite rude. You do not need to answer me."

For the first time Cleon smiled. He could get accostimed to being a father to this girl. "I have a twelve-year-old girl named Selma, a ten-year-old girl named Kora and an eight-year-old son named Shawn."

Sierra could tell from Cleon's eyes that he deeply loved his children, and felt herself hoping that one day he would feel the same way about his first daughter...the disreptuable one. The reputation-ruiner. And suddenly, Sierra was saddened.

"They sound adorable. I should surely visit them some time." Smiled Sierra, holding in her feelings.

"Yes, you should." Cleon replied, suddenly feeling terrible for thinking of this girl as only a "reputation destroyer". Could she help that she was born? It was his fault...and maybe Kel's. But it was not hers and she deserved more respect then she was being given.

"I suppose I should go now, as it is getting late, but I shall visit again. I am staying in Corus for a time." Cleon rose, his thoughts making him more nervous then he was. When he left his daughters' rooms, he always said "I love you." But he did not know this daughter.

"OK then."

As Cleon turned to leave, Sierra found herself saying, "And I am sorry."

Cleon turned to his daughter and felt tears in his eyes. "Why are you sorry?"

"For making you disreputable." It was true...Sierra felt that she was truly sorry, although she did not know why. She was the child of a young relationship that never would have lasted.

"Don't be sorry. You did nothing." Said Cleon, and before he knew it, he was hugging his shaking daughter as he would Selma or Kora.

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Fire of the Elements