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The loud speakers on poles all buzzed, signaling that there would be an announcement shortly. Music began to play, in which it consisted of flutes, drums, and trumpets as a familiar voice greeted every person in their usual happy tone, "Hehe! Well, hello there, pals! Mickey Mouse here! Just wanted to wish a couple of wonderful folks a happy birthday and give a few announcements. So, happy, happy, happy, happy birthday to Rita Gavens, Harold Dixon, Katie Myer, Susan Richard, Taki...Taki...Taki..."

He took a moment to ask someone in the room how to pronounce the name, "How in the world do you say that name? Better yet, what kind of name is that anyway? What ever happened to easy Tom?"

Once the name had been figured out, he got back on the mic to finish wishing out birthdays, "Ok. Hehe! Sorry about that, folks, we just had a little problem there. Now, on we go! Happy birthday to Takishia Waine, Yolanda Harrison, Gabriel Hildy, Benjamin Dewford, Xavior Wiles, Israel Billings, and William Turner. Hehe! Happy birthday guys! And don't forget about the parade tonight! It should be lots of fun! Be sure to ask any of the employees about getting your picture taken to create your own customized post card, and check out our new ride: To Amphibian, and Beyond! Well, that's all for now! Hehe! Enjoy your stay!"

Ana's eyes glittered as Mickey got off the mic. She looked at Will with a smile, "Will, today's-"

Before she could finish, Mickey came back on, "Oh, and could the guy who stole my head please return it to the guy signing autographs? Thanks!"

The mouse went off, and all the eyes of Will, Liz, and Ana turned to Jack. He looked at them with widened eyes, "What? It's not like that's the only one he has!"

Will pondered, "You know what? Jack's actually right for once. Mickey's got like a thousand different heads. He's got Fantasia Mickey, Space Mickey, Normal Mickey, Safari Mickey, Swimmer Mickey, and like a zillion more of 'em!"

"It doesn't matter!" Ana protested, "The point is is that it belongs to Mickey, and taking his head without his permission is considered larceny, not to mention it's sorta like murder. Now, Jack, let's go take it back."

"Why? It's not my problem anymore."

"Then who's is it, Sparrow?"

Jack picked up the oversized head and placed upon the head of a five year old boy who was walking towards the "It's a Small World" ride. Jack pointed at the kid, "His."

She glared and placed her hands on her hips, "You know that's not right, Jack."

"And I suppose oversized rats-"


"Whatever. -who tried to kill me is right?"

She thought it over in her head and responded with a nod of her head, "Yeah, in a perfect universe."

Sparrow rolled his eyes, "Why thanks, dearest, I never knew you loved me so much."

Lizzy smirked, "Alright, you two, enough. Now, Jack, would you mind explaining as to why you murdered poor Mickey Mouse in the first place?"


She narrowed her eyes, "That's not an option."

"Then why'd you even ask?"

Lizzy sighed, "Because I wanna know, that's why."

"Then why didn't you just tell me to tell you, instead of asking me if I would?"

She growled and threw her hands up in the air, "Ugh! I give up!"

"Yeah," Turner agreed, "Can we just move? I'm sure, Jack, that you will tell us about your "tragic" story in time?"


Will opened his mouth to respond, but Ana stopped him, "In case you haven't noticed, William, but he's doing the same thing to you that he did to Elizabeth." Will closed his mouth as Jack smirked.

"Righty oh, then. Shall we move on, my poor idiotic excuses for hippos? Good! Where to next, might I ask?"

"I dunno," said Elizabeth, "but I want right now is a mmm-mmm-mmm funnel cake." She sighed in happiness at the thought of the sweet bread and powdery goodness dancing on her tongue.

"Uh-uh!" Ana disagreed, "Cotton candy first! You can stuff fattening sugar bread straight down to your thighs later!"

"No! Funnel cake is way better!"

Before the two got into any "shirt scrappin'" fight, Jack and Will quickly pulled the two females apart, "Nope! Nope, nope, nope!" Will intervened, "Girls, why not we just get them both? Will, you can take Elizabeth to get her Funnel Cape-"

"Cake, Jack, cake." Elizabeth corrected.

"Potato, Pototto. Tamatoe, Tamotto. Route, Root. Bow, Boe. Cape, Cake. What's the difference?"

"Cape and cake don't go together."

"Neither does your outfit, but do I say anything about it? Now, as I was saying. Will, you can go with Liz to get her Funnel Rake, and I'll go with Mimi to get her cotton candy."

"Fine." Said Will, "And we're still gonna see the fireworks tonight, right? Like we use to when we were kids?"

"Duh! Now, off with you two!"


Later That Evening. Time: 6:35

The day had gone by fast, and the sun was setting steadily. The foursome were laughing and running about the wide world of Disney World, shing and blinking in the somewhat darkness. Will wore a big hooped necklace that flashed and flickered red, blue, green, and yellow, matching the also flashy belt that encircled his waist. Jack wore a pair of bobbing Donald Duck heads atop his head, flashing and glittering like ears. He too wore the flashy necklace that Will had. Anamaria bought a headset similar to Jack's, but consisted of two heads of Aladan's Jasmine instead of Donald duck. They twinkled as the jingle of "It's a Small World" played from the speakers that were attached to the sides. In her left hand, she held a fake rose with a glittery red light in the petals, and she held her half-eatan bag of baby blue cotton candy in the other. Elizabeth had rubber teeth in her mouth that flashed in the night when she smiled, the colors making the inside of her mouth glow. Upon her head she wore a pink Cinderella tiara with fluffy pink feathers that also flashed and played "It's a Small World." Together, they all ran straight to the line of Space Mountain before it got too long.

"Okay," Will said, trying to catch his breath, "okay. We made it." Ahead of them, there was still of course quite a while's wait in the line, but at least they weren't all the way at the end. That was good.

"Yep, yep." Ana breathed, "I thought we'd never get out of that crowd back there! When do the fireworks start?"

Jack took a quick glance at his watch, "In about, two hours and twenty-five, or round it to thirty, minutes. Oh! After this, do you guys wanna try out Test Track?"

"Alright." Siad Will.

"Cool." Liz replied.

Ana furrowed her brows, "What's Test Track?"

They stepped forward as the line began to move. Will sat up on the railing as they moved into a florecent blue tunnel that lit up their sneakers and clothes, "It's a ride where you get to be a crash test dummy. Really fun, if you ask me." He fiddled with his necklace and looked at his other three friends, who he could only locate because their flash jewelry and stuff were glowing.

Ana's eyes widened, "Really? We don't actually...crash, do we?"

Will rolled his eyes and moved up again, "Oh yeah, Mimi, they send us flying at 170 miles per hour straight into a wall and see if we'll survive."

She placed her hands on her hips, "Well, you can't blame me for being a little suspicious! It's not everyday that I sit in a car, acting as a test rat, and practically put my life in danger, just to see if a stupid car is worth putting on the market!"

Jack chuckled and hopped onto the railing beside Will, "Don't worry your pretty li'l head, darlin', nothin's gonna happen to you. If something does, I'll sue. How's that sound?"

Ana arched an eyebrow, "You're gonna sue a dead man?"


Ana rolled her eyes, "In case you didn't get the memo, Captain, but Walt Disney is dead."

"I was talking about the park itself, you dip. Oh! Speaking of dead men, have you guys seen the previews for POTC: Dead Man's Chest? It looks killer."

They moved ahead again. Jack and Will hopped off the bar and walked down the short flight of stairs before hopping onto the bar once more."

"Yeah," Elizabeth answered, "I've seen it. I heard that Zoe Saldana isn't gonna be in it. Is that true?"

Ana burst out wailing, "Yes! Yes, it's all true! She's not...not...not in the sequel! Waaaaaaaaaa!" She cried, "And the weird part is is that Cotton's in the sequel, and he can't even talk! I bet this was all a setup, and now- Oooh! A cookie!" Maria seized her tears once she saw Will take out a cookie of Mickey Mouse that he had saved from lunch. He waved the sugar cookie back and forth in front of her eyes, teasing her.

"See the cookie? Does Ana want the cookie?" Maria nodded furiously, as if she were a puppy, and tried to make a grab for the treat with her mouth. He pulled it out of her reach, "Oops! You missed!" He laughed.

"Will!" She whimpered.

"No, no, no! You have to get it first. Come on!" Jack and Elizabeth watched the scene with grins on their faces and moved up some more. Ana groped for the cookie with her hands, climbing on Turner to get it. Yet, it was no use: The bastard was too tall, "That's it, Mimi, get the cookie! Reach for it! Reach, reach!"

Jack snickered, "You're pathetic, love. You'd put yourself in the place of public embarrasment, just to get anything sweet."

"I know," She giggled, still fighting to get the cookie, "It's my horrible weakness." Ana got back down on her feet and jumped up and down like a toddler with a tantrum, "Give it to me! It's not nice to treat women like this!"

"No," He corrected, "This is." Will placed his foot behind Ana's ankles, so that they would sit at the base of her feet, and kicked forward with as much force as he could. As a result, Ana flew up in the air and landed on her back, her Jasmine headset falling off in the process. Ana glared coldly at the dying faces of Will, Jack, and Elizabeth, who were cracking up with side-splitting laughter.

She growled, "That's not funny."

Jack wheezed, "Yes it is! You hit the ground like a log!"

Elizabeth held onto her stomach, "Oh God! You tore that ground straight up, Mimi!"

As they continued to laugh, the once again moved forward, and Will helped Ana to her feet, "I'm sorry, Ana." He grinned, his face beat red, "I didn't mean for you land so hard. Here." With a smile, he handed Ana the cookie, only to have it snatched away by Jack first, "What'd you do that for?"

"Need to make a minor, no, major, adjustment." He broke the cookie in half so that the half where Mickey's head was was detached from the part of the cookie that coated his body in orange frosting. He tossed the half with the body to Ana, and turned to the young six-year-old boy that stood behind him in the line and handed him the half that had Mickey's head on it, "Here you go, kid. Now, don't forget to stay in school, don't do drugs, and don't have sex until you're married." He thought that over, "Unless she's really really hot, that is. If she's ugly, she can wait. Kay?" Sparrow ruffled the kids hair with a smile and then turned back to follow his friends to the sorting line, where they would be split up to get in separate seats.

"Jack, I swear," Ana stated, "You need Oprah."

Liz giggled as they each got into their spots, "As if she can actually do anthing about it. Sparrow is way beyond help!" Ana got into the very front seat of the rocket, since they're each single-seated, and Jack got into the spot behind her. Elizabeth sat behind Jack, and Will sat in the very last seat. The over hanging bar came down in front of each of them and locked in place. They held on tight as it slowly began to move and turn a small corner. Finally, it came to a complete stop, and the lights in the tunnel that they were in went completely out.

A female voice came on and announced, "Welcome aboard. Get ready for the travel of lifetime, as you venture into space and experience a first-hand look at life in the galaxy. We ask that you please keep all arms and legs inside of the rocket at all times. Enjoy your ride." They all turned on their flashing light wear so that they blinked in the dark, and the tunnel lit up with blue arrows that pointed straight ahead. The ship began to vibrate as the woman came back on, "5... 4... 3... 2... 1..."

They shot forward with amazing speed into complete darkness.


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