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"Okay, but way?" Sky asked.

"Because, Riven needs to know and what better time than when he's with everybody."

"Bloom, are you sure your up to it."


(At the mall)

The rest of the winx club is in the food court sitting at a gaint table with their boyfriends. "I request we never go to a clothing store ever again." Musa said, "I say we go to the music store next."

"No way," says Stella, "we haven't gone to my favorite store yet, Clothes fit for a Princess, and I am a Princess."

"I say we let Bloom decied because she and Sky are headed this way and neither one of them look happt." Flora said.

"So you decied to join us after all, Bloom." Layla said.

"No, I just came to tell Riven something."

"What?" Riven said as he gave her a 'you better not tell' glare.

"I came to tell you your child will be born in about nine months."

"What are you talking about, Bloom?" Musa asked.

"Riven will tell you." and with that she walks off."

"I can't belive you would do that to her." Sky says as he slaps him across the face. Then he turns around and follows Bloom.

"Riven, what's going on her." Musa asked.

"Nothing." was Riven's reply.

"Well, that sure didn't sound like nothing." Musa said

"It's nothing to need to know about." Riven said then he stomped off after Bloom and Sky.

(With Bloom and Sky)

"Bloom, are you sure your all right." Sky asked because Bloom is shaking all over.

"Yea, I think so. That just was..."

"Bloom," an angrey Riven yells, "what was for? What did you mean by that?"

"I ment what I said. I'm pregnant becouse you raped me." Bloom's voice never shakes.

"You tell Musa you were joking or else, I'll..."

"You'll do what kill her." Sky says stepping in front of Bloom, "She won't tell Musa she was joking. You need to fess up for what you've done."

"Oh, it's so sweet your proteching the little princess of Sparxs.Oh, yes, I'm th big Prince of Eraklion fear me." Riven said mocking Sky.

Sky moves his hand toward his sowrd, but Bloom says, "Don't, Sky, he's not worth it."

That makes Riven really mad. "That's what your parnets said when they took away the royal family of Katicans."

"What?" Bloom said.

"Look it up. Mark my words if you don't tell Musa you were joking nothing would please me more than to kill you." Riven said and then he walks away.


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