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Everyone knows that Christine had not even the slightest notion that her "Angel of Music" was really the infamous Phantom of the Opera, right? Well, everyone…was wrong. She knew he was the Phantom, all right. In fact, she knew him far better than anyone could have possibly imagined.
I don't want to give too much away, but I will tell you this: there will be a surprise in Chapter 3. If thou wanteth me to update and get to that loverly surprise, than thou shalt have to review…eth. rotfl.
Oh, and, I'm really sorry, but I had to take out "The Angel of Music," that Christine and Meg sing, because it just didn't work with the story line. Sry.

Chapter 1:
More Than Meets the Eyes

Christine ran down the small spiral staircase, chattering excitedly with her best friend, Meg Giry. The stage buzzed with activity as stagehands, actors, and dancers ran around getting ready for rehearsal. At the bottom of the stairs, the two girls raced to a ballet bar where other dancers were warming up under the watchful eye of Mme. Giry, Meg's mother and the ballet instructor. They slipped into line and immediately began warming up, hoping that they wouldn't get caught.
"Girls…" came the voice of Mme. Giry. So much for not getting caught.
"We had a slight costume problem. Forgive us for being late," Christine said as she and Meg bowed their heads slightly. Mme. Giry smiled gently, and as the girls looked up, she nodded and they continued to warm up. Her smile faded, however, when a shrill voice jolted her out of her thoughts. Carlotta was singing a song that she was to perform that night. Well…wailing was more the correct term, really. Suddenly, three men stepped onto the stage, interrupting Carlotta.
"Rehearsals, as you can see, are underway for a new production of Shalimar's Hannibal. Mme. Giry recognized the voice of the man who was speaking- Monsieur Leveffre, owner and manager of the Opera Populáire. "Ladies and gentlemen, if I could have your attention, thank you. As you know, for some weeks, there have been rumors of my imminent retirement. I can now tell you that these are all true."
"Ah-hah!" Carlotta declared, pointing her finger at Ubaldo Piangi, the lead tenor. 'Pay up,' the look on her face clearly said. Indeed, many actors, dancers, and stagehands had bet each other on whether of not M. Leveffre really was retiring or not- you could tell who'd lost money from the barely audible groans heard around the stage.
"It is my pleasure to introduce you to the two gentlemen who now own the Opera Populáire," M. Leveffre continued, pointing to each man as he announced their names, "M. Richard Firmin, and M. Gilles Andre. I'm sure you've read of their fortune recently amassed in the junk business."
"Scrap metal," M. Andre corrected, "actually."
"And we are deeply honored to introduce our new patron," said M. Firmin, "the Viscount DeChagny.
"Oh, my God," Christine muttered to Meg upon seeing the young patron. "It's Raoul. Before my father died. At the house by the sea. We played together a lot and the egotistical jerk thought that we were sweethearts, or something."
"But, Christine, he's soooooo handsome."
"Ugh." Christine smacked Meg hard upside the head. The girl was a total slut, and Christine bloody well knew it. 'Actually, now that I've smacked her," Christine thought smugly, "she can have him."
"My parents and I are honored to support all the arts, especially the world-renowned Opera Populáire," he told the crowd on the stage.
'Suck up,' Christine thought, as she watched the pansy being introduced to Carlotta and Piangi.
"An honor, Signor. I believe I'm keeping you from your rehearsal. I will be here this evening to share your great triumph. My apologies, monsieur." Christine stuck her tongue out at Raoul as he passed by. She quickly returned her attention to dancing, because Mme. Giry had ushered them onto the stage. Christine smiled as she heard Mme. Giry talking to the managers about her.
Finally, the rehearsal was finished, and Christine breathed a sigh of relief. Carlotta, however, had found something to complain about, as usual.
"Alla' they want isa' dancing!" she shouted. Christine turned to Meg, and the two succeeded in drowning her out for quite sometime, until their conversation was drowned out. Carlotta was now wailing a song for the managers.

Think of me
Think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me
Once in a while
Please promise me you'll try

Christine covered her ears, trying to avoid becoming deaf. Suddenly, something on the catwalk above her head caught her attention. Looking up, she grinned wickedly as she recognized the figure, cloaked in black, who was walking toward a post where a back drop, which was directly above Carlotta, was tied. Christine watched the figure untie the backdrop, stifling her giggles, until she could control it no longer; while everyone screamed as the large canvas fell, pinning Carlotta to the ground, Christine cackled with delight. Her joy was ended, however, when Meg grabbed her arm.
"He's here. It's the Phantom of the Opera," Meg whispered excitedly to Christine.
'No, it's Erik, 'Christine thought, shoving Meg off of her. She watched as Erik left, thinking about her "Angel of Music," until her thoughts were broken by Carlotta shoving past her in one of her usual tempers. It took her a minute to realize that the managers were panicking about the fact that Carlotta had left and there was no one to take her place. Or so they thought.
"A full house, Andre! We shall have to refund a full house!"
"Christine Daae could sing it, sir," Mme. Giry said, interrupting the mangers' panic.
"What, a chorus girl?" M. Andre inquired. "Don't be silly."
"I have been taking lessons, monsieur," Christine told the man, offended by his doubt in her. "My tutor is very good." Well, she wasn't really telling the entire truth. Her tutor was beyond compare.
"Who?" Andre suddenly asked her. Christine hesitated, for Erik had made her swear not to tell who was teaching her.
"I--I don't know his name, monsieur." Mme. Giry, sensing her discomfort, stood beside her and put her hand on her shoulder.
"Let her sing for you, monsieur. She has been well taught."
"Very well," Andre sighed, motioning for Christine to come forward. Christine did so, taking a calming breath as M. Reyer started up the orchestra.
"Andre, this is doing nothing for my nerves."
"Well, she's very pretty." Christine smiled as she sang.

Think of me
Think of me fondly
When we've said goodbye
Remember me
Once in a while
Please promise me you'll try
When you find
That once again you long
To take your heart back
And be free
If you ever find a moment
Spare a thought for me

The new managers approved and immediately had Carlotta's costume finished and fitted for Christine. The rest of the day rushed by in a whirl, and, before she knew it, Christine was standing on the stage, in front of a full audience, singing with all she had.

We never said
Our love was evergreen
Or as unchanging as the seas
But if you can still remember
Stop and think of me
Think of all the things
We've shared and seen
Don't think about the way
Things might have been
Think of me
Think of me waking
Silent and resigned
Imagine me
Trying too hard to put
You from my mind
Recall those days
Look back on all those times
Think of the things we'll never do
There will never be a day
When I won't think of you!

The audience stood and applauded as Christine basked in the limelight. Suddenly, a voice caught her attention.
"Bravo!" Christine looked up in time to see Raoul stand and leave his box. No, correction-- Erik's box. She quickly, however, returned her attention to her song.

Flower's fade
The fruits of summer fade
They have their seasons
So do we
But please promise me that sometimes
You will think…
…Of me!

She was thrilled that she received a standing ovation. The second the curtain dropped, she raced to her dressing room, eagerly anticipating the message her teacher would have left there.

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