Theme: SilverMage's Drabble Challenge - January "Snow" Rating: PG-13
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Warnings: Some spoilers if you haven't read the new gravitation tracks (55+)
Summary: Shuichi lies awake thinking of his relationship with Eiri.


Shuichi gasped and jerked awake. He swallowed the scream that had been building in the back of his throat and let out a loud sigh instead. After a quick scan of the room, he felt himself relax down into the mattress again, comforted by familiar surroundings. He tried to slow his breathing and stop his nervous trembling before he woke Eiri, who was lying on the opposite side of the bed. It was the same nightmare again. The one he had had almost every night in the weeks that followed the attack by Aizawa and his thugs. Shu had been unable to sleep for more than a couple of hours a night until Eiri had returned to him, following Shu's destruction of Eiri's marriage contract with Ayaka. Eiri had been kinder to him in his own way. He let Shu sleep on the bed and even allowed him to cuddle up next to him after he awoke from the nightmare.

Shu didn't want to wake Eiri up right now, so he tried to calm down and will himself back to sleep. Eiri and he had had another argument over Riku that further degenerated into a vicious fight over Shu's fidelity. It had ended in them going their separate ways for a few hours, to presumably calm down. However, Eiri apparently hadn't calmed very much. When Shu returned home, Eiri had grabbed him and pulled him into the bedroom, interested in making up just as passionately as they had fought. Shu was not surprised by this. When Eiri really let his emotions out it tended to be somewhat savage and this extended from their fighting into the bedroom, especially if it was makeup sex. Shu endured this just as he endured Eiri's temper, and it hadn't been an altogether bad experience, it just left him rather sore. Unfortunately, these rough lovemaking sessions sometimes triggered the nightmare to return. Shu had managed to keep Eiri from finding out about the effect it had on him. He knew Eiri would secretly blame himself, and then they wouldn't have any way to make up.

Shu turned over as slowly and smoothly as he could, trying not to wake Eiri, but still find a more comfortable spot on the bed. His left hamstring was aching; Eiri had wrenched his leg up higher than normal. Shu began to ponder if Eiri would ever be able to express his emotions and feelings in a more constructive way. Although he loved the writer and would stay with him whether he changed or not, Shu couldn't help but believe that they would both be happier if Eiri could find a way to communicate beyond blowing up in anger or ravaging him to reassert his possession of- and love for Shu .

He began to idly wonder if Eiri would continue to thaw. Eiri had gone from impenetrable ice when they first met, to slush after his attack and the failed marriage incident, and then snow soft and impressionable when he had asked Shu to give up music for him and admitted to wanting to be with the singer. Now Eiri's snow had melted, and he was frost, still hard and cold at times, but with the promise that spring would one day come. Shu snuggled deeper in the blankets and, lulled by Eiri's soft snores and the hope of that spring, he fell back into a dreamless sleep.

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