Aki- Here is a piece of prose-poetry. Explanation at the bottom if it needs clarification.

Blue Eyes

Blue eyes. Azure eyes.

Eyes like two piece of clear crystal.

Eyes that scourged the written word and soaked in pages of literature like they scourged and soaked in him.

Eyes that showed her every emotion even when she tried to hid them.

Eyes that were pained, pained, pained…because of him.

Wonderful eyes.

Beautiful, blue, wonderful eyes.

Eyes that had seen past his mask into his being, his weaknesses, his heart.

Eyes that pierced his soul.

Eyes that had looked upon him in love, and hatred, and then indifference. He longed for them to look on him in love again.

Those eyes that now looked upon another, another he was sure could never truly appreciate them.

Blue eyes. Sapphire eyes.

Eyes like the ocean depths.

Eyes that had smiled even when he had frowned.

Eyes that taunted and teased along with her jests.

Eyes, that at times, were full of a harsh and stubborn look of determination.

Eyes that could sympathize.

Magnificent eyes.

Truly magnificent blue eyes.

Eyes that she so expertly hid all the hurt behind. Eyes that he had made cry.

Those eyes that he had loved for eight years before they ever loved him back. He may never see them again, and never as quite as beautiful.

Those eyes that were now broken, hurt, because of him, like her broken and hurt soul.

Two pairs of blue eyes.

Different, yet the same.

Like mother and daughter.

Eyes that clouded in sadness, sparkled in joy, wrinkled in laughter, turned stony in obstinacy, and flashed with anger.

Eyes that were wise, but sometimes innocent, no, not innocent (both sets had seen too much to be innocent) but naive. But also eyes that could love, showing tenderness and passion.

Eyes that once loved two men, but the two men had hurt them.

Two men that still, to this day, regret

And wished to be loved again by those








So blue


The first section is about Rory and Jess, the second about Lorelai and Luke (based on the possibility of things going bad in the seasonal finally and after. Or set during their breakup in season five, readers' choice), Last section are the things Rory and Lorelai (and sorta Jess and Luke) have alike.