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The matchmaker of Konoha

Chapter one: Yeah, she really is the best

The word had spread; Naruto and Gaara were to be married to make the alliance of the two lands and villages stronger. Who cares if they're gay right? I mean, the Hokage and the Kazekage do need to be close… erm… well you know? There may have been some speculation over the whole thing considering that it was spur of the moment but the feelings were there, they just needed some pushing, and of course Konoha's best matchmaker was there to push, and don't try to say she's wrong in her matchmaking decisions because she will whack you otherwise.

"It's true…"

Hey you don't talk to the narrator…

"Do you want one of these whacks then?"

shudders No… holds cheek it still hurts from the last time…

"Well good then…"

Anyway, back to the story… Konoha had the best matchmaker on their hands and her name was Lyndzay Higurashi! Her title? The best matchmaker that comes from Konoha yet is the best one that Konoha and Suna has ever seen! Erm… what kind of title is that?

"I dunno, it was you who made it up…"

What did I say about the talking thing?

"What did I say about the whacks?"

Eeep Oo. Okay, okay I get it… no need for whacks. Now, I owed you this fic so let's just get right back into this…

So it was right after the day that Naruto and Gaara got married, it certainly was something to behold. Lyndzay was walking around Konoha that day wondering when she was gonna get another job. It wasn't like it was gonna take long, with such a high profile wedding, how could people not want her to set them up with someone. So she was walking along the empty little trails when all of a sudden she was stopped by two familiar girls.

"You're the famous matchmaker right…?" said the blonde one.

"Lyndzay Higurashi…!" said the pink haired one.

"Sakura, Ino… you know who I am, we went to school together!" said Lyndzay while pointing to her headband that was tied around her neck.

"Who cares… we want you to set us up with some men! Like maybe Sasuke-kun for me?" asked Sakura.

"And maybe Shika-kun for me…?" asked Ino.

Both girls waited in anticipation for Lyndzay's reply. Lyndzay's only reply was one blank stare and then a simple smile.

"You know…" she started "Why should I waist my time running around Konoha to set you up with men when I can just say you two are made for each other right here and now and just send you on your way with a hotel key and a bottle of wine?"

The girls blushed out loud! What the hell was she saying?

"Ha! See you guys, you wouldn't be blushing if it wasn't true! So there ya go, instead of men you have each other! Ciao!" she finished continuing her walk from before.

"Argh! That's not her job!" yelled out Ino.

"I dunno Ino… maybe she does have a point…" said Sakura timidly.

It was left at that. Maybe one day we might find out what actually happened in that hotel room…

So the walk continued for Lyndzay as she was thinking about all she did.

'I set up everyone, and make everyone happy. I do a great job at what I do and I even make cash with this job so why aren't I happy myself?'

Down the road she continued some more when all of a sudden, she was stopped by a young Shinobi, sporting a high spiky pony tail and his headband around his arm. It was none other than Shikamaru of course.

"Oh Lyndzay! You were just the girl I was looking for!" he called out.

"Really…?" said Lyndzay with a blush.

"Yeah, I need your help with some matchmaking…"

"Oh…" said Lyndzay a little sad at that.

"Yeah, you see since you were able to get Gaara and Naruto together so easily then I wanted to know if you could help me. You see, there's this girl in Suna…"

"And her name is Temari and you want to be her lover." Finished Lyndzay.

"Uh… how did you know…?" asked Shikamaru bewildered.

"Oh please, half of the world's anime fans read the manga, we know about you and Temari…"

"Manga… anime… huh…?"

"Never mind…"

"Okay yeah, but anyway, you're right, her name is Temari and she well… she's the best girl in the world, but I don't think she knows that. I mean, I don't know how to tell her how I feel and I was wondering if you could help me…"

Lyndzay after the day she was having was feeling a bit bitter at the world.

"Yeah, yeah… but only if you pay me…"

"Pay you…? How much…?"

"How much ya got…?" said Lyndzay with an evil smirk.

Shikamaru ended up emptying his wallet into Lyndzay's hands.

"Okay, are you clear for the next few days? Like, no missions or anything…?"

"Yeah I'm good… why?"

"What about her, she'll be home right…?"

"Of course she'll be at home…"

"Well then, go home and pack your bags Shika-kun, we're going to Suna you and me!"

Shikamaru's smile was the biggest it had ever been. Lyndzay smiled back, she was happy to help one of her former classmates find love so she forgot about the pain she was feeling before and went home to pack with full pockets but subconsciously, and empty heart…

To be Continued…