The Matchmaker of Konoha

Chapter six: For now and forever

It had been nearly a year since Lyndzay and Kankuro had last seen each other. It was one magical phone call that made everything fall into place. Kankuro's voice had been stuttering and Lyndzay had no idea what was going on. She wondered if something was wrong but when Kankuro had finally asked his question, she was squealing for days. Not bad for a young bride huh?

Today was the day of the wedding and also their first time seeing each other in over a year. Kankuro was standing up at the alter, his hair all brushed, no makeup and he looked great in his suit; a very handsome groom indeed. He looked to the side at a happy couple. Naruto and Gaara were his best men and they both gave him a smile of encouragement. Lyndzay had made that couple happen.

More music began as the bride's maids began walking down the aisle. Sakura and Ino walked down the aisle and Kankuro thought about how they were another happy couple that Lyndzay had made happen.

Kankuro then looked at the front row of guests and noticed his sister and her husband, a lazy looking brown haired Shinobi and realized that they were yet another happy couple that Lyndzay had made happen.

He then thought about his memories with her. He remembered the first time he had seen her and the day when she had come and he spilled his heart to her. He then remembered all of the long nights talking to her over the phone and the promises they had made about saying those three special words, and now Kankuro was sure that it was all going to come true.

He then turned his head and saw the bride, his bride, walking down the aisle. Not once had he ever seen such a beautiful woman in his life and he was stunned that this gorgeous woman was going to be his for the rest of his life.

She stopped in front of him and they looked deeply into each other's eyes. They were captivated by each other.

The words that came out of their mouths for the rest of the wedding were the church's words, but yet they meant them so much, but after it was all said and done and the priest had said "You may now kiss the bride", Kankuro had scooped up his love and kissed her deeply.

"I'm so happy we can be together for the rest of our lives…" said Kankuro through tears.

"So am I and Kankuro…?"


"I love you…"

"I love you too…"

And with that the deal was set, and they would be together for now and forever…

Also, there was more to this, but I don't think Lyndzay would want me to tell you what happened in that hotel room that night…

"You're damn right, oh, and do you remember where I put that bag of stuff…?"

The cuffs and whip and cream and cherries…? Yeah, you left it in the closet when you got there…

"Oh okay, thanks!"

Don't mention it… and now… that's the end of this tale…

The End

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