Disclaimer: I do not own Naruto or anything related.

S.Z.: This is my first yuri attempt! It's a poem told from Sakura and Ino's point of view. It's like a conversation between the two starting with Ino and going back and forth between the two.

Should we?

Should we?


Is it wrong?


But why?

'Cause we've both been left alone

Is that our fault?


Are you sure?

Of course

It's not weird?


But we're… the both of us, we're…

It makes no difference

Seriously though…

Seriously, we deserve this, both you and I.

Is it final?

Until the end of time…

Thank you…

No, thank you…

S.Z.: Well what do you guys think? Maybe I'll even make it into a fic one day but for now, a poem is good enough for me