"Please, please, please, please? Pretty pretty please Auron?"


"With sugar on-"


Auron thought that he would find peace when he came to the farplane but he was very wrong. So far his eternal rest had been interrupted by Tidus' whining. Braska and Jecht were no help either since they had already caved to Tidus' request and found the situation amusing. Auron and Tidus had been sent to the Farplane two years ago after they helped Yuna defeat Sin. Ever since Tidus had been asking the fayth to return him to his Yuna. So far the only answer he received was "all in good time Tidus, please be patient". Finally after what seemed like an eternity to him, the fayth had summoned Tidus to see them. He asked his dad and Lord Braska to come with him for support. Tidus was afraid the fayth were going to deny his request and he needed his friends to help back his case. Now all he needed was his good friend Auron...

" Come on Auron I would do the same for you and you know it. I would be there for you whether you wanted me there or not!" Tidus grinned at his older friend. The kid had a point and he knew it.


"YES! Thanks Auron! Lets go" Auron sighed as he joined his friends to see th fayth.. He DID NOT want to go. He had a bad feeling that his peace and quiet was going to slip away somehow.

The fayth of Bahamut hadn't changed much. As far as Tidus could tell he was still as mysterious as ever and that worried him.

"Hi there! So I was just wondering if-"

"I know why you came. You want to go back. Well I have good news and I have bad news. Which would you like first?"

" good?" Tidus asked uncertainly.

The fayth smiled at Tidus and continued. "The good news is that we are going to send you back. Yuna has completed a journey herself and it is time you two found happiness"

Tidus was leaping around excitedly. "Did you hear that you guys? I can see Yuna!" Braska, Auron and Jecht laughed at his antics and congratulated him.

"Now the bad news".

Tidus stopped in his tracks. He had been so excited that he forgot about that part. The fayth was enjoying toying with Tidus but found he couldn't hold a straight face for long. "Tidus stop looking like I killed your puppy. Its just a minor catch." Tidus looked up hopefully.

"The catch is you have to take Sir Auron with you." Auron's head snapped to attention at this point. He previously had been lost in thought about if he was going to turn Tidus' room into a library or a training room.


Auron was not pleased. Again his long deserved rest was being interrupted by the fayth and he was starting to get a little irritated. Tidus looked over at the look on the older guardian's face and lost all hope about seeing Yuna again. Before either of them could react any further, everyone heard deep laughter coming from Braska and Jecht. Jecht looked at Auron and said "Auron man, you should see the look on your face. You think they sentenced you to death again!". Auron rolled his eyes at Jecht and was surprised to find Braska laughing at him too. Braska walked over to his friend and placed a hand on his shoulder. "Auron, Jecht is right you know."

The fayth smiled at the men and continued. "Auron the fayth have decided to give you back the life we took from you. You spent ten years helping defeat Sin and you helped let us rest. We owe you and Tidus this gift. Let us give it to you."

Auron was listening to the fayth and was surprised. Although his did not necessarily want to return to Spira, he was touched that the fayth wanted to thank him. He would not refuse their gift.

Auron smirked slightly at the pout on Tidus' face and replied "I will return then. Thank you."