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Besaid was really pretty in the springtime. It turned into an island paradise. Travelers from all over Spira had flocked to the island to celebrate the wedding of High Summoner Yuna. A group of teenage girls were chatting on the beach waiting for the festivities to start.

"Hey that guy in the red is pretty cute!"

"No I like the one with the blond hair."

"Oh my gosh! Look at that guy in the red coat!" The girls fawned over themselves as a tall, dark, and handsome warrior walked past them. He smiled sightly and nodded as he passed them.

A few seconds later the man in the red ran past.

"Hey Auron wait up!"

"Auron..." The girls all sighed together.

"Hey man, did you see those girls checking you out?" Wakka asked. "You trying to show me up on my own island!"

"You're a married man Wakka." Auron reminded him.

"I know dat. I'm just saying I'm the local studmuffin"

Auron roared with laughter. "Studmuffin!"

Wakka laughed with his friend. "Come on we gotta get changed before the girls kill us."

"Yeah," Auron agreed, "plus we should see how Tidus is holding up"

"Do I really need to wear the pink gloss?" Lulu asked Rikku.

"Yeah! We have to match Lulu. That's the job of the bridesmaid. Get over it. It looks good on you, your just always wearing black."

Yuna laughed at her friends. She was watching Rikku help Lulu get dressed. It was funny to watch because Lulu was getting very agitated with Rikku. Rikku didn't seem to care.

"Ok Lulu, look in the mirror!"

Lulu rolled her eyes and looked. "Hmmm...not bad Rikku" she admitted.

Rikku stuck her tongue out at Lulu. "I told you to trust me!"

"Okay you guys, can you go find Wakka and Auron?" Yuna asked. "It's almost time."

"Man he is really calm. Do you think it's a bad sign?" Wakka asked. He and Auron just exited Tidus' room and were standing in the hallway.

"Why do you ask?" Auron asked while he adjusted his black suit.

"I was a nervous wreck on my wedding day! How is Tidus so calm?"

"He's sure of what he wants and he's in love." Auron reasoned.

"Hey...what are you trying to say Auron? I don't love Lulu?"

"You better love me! I just carried your son for nine months!" Lulu's voice came from down the hall.

"Damn you Auron! See what you've gotten...me...in-" Wakka's anger slowed as he took in his wife's image. She was wearing a form hugging dress that was a light sunshine color. He makeup was minimal and light as well. Rikku had curled Lulu's hair and it was cascading down her back in soft curls held in place by a single gold clip. She took Wakka's breath away.

"Lulu...you look...Lulu...you look"

Lulu smiled and went to her husband and touched his arm. "Thank you Wakka. You don't look so bad yourself."

Auron shifted his weight to his other foot. He wanted to see Rikku. "Did Yuna send you for us?"

Lulu tore her gaze away from Wakka. "Yes. It's time. Rikku is waiting for us."

Rikku smiled as Wakka and Lulu entered the room. "About time!"

She was going to complain more but she saw Auron walk into the room. She saw him staring at her and shivered a little. She loved how his eyes seemed to get darker when he was looking at her like that. It had been a little less than seven months since he was wished younger, but she still had a hard time believing it. He was so hot and he was hers. Plus, he was so happy now. All the doubt he had about their relationship was gone. Rikku had been worried at first. She thought he was going to think that she liked him better younger. She remembered when she brought it up...

It was two night after Jecht gave Auron back his life. Auron and Rikku were lying in Rikku's bed naked as the day they were born. Well maybe, it's quite possible Auron was born in a red coat. She was tracing everyone of his muscles with her finger and enjoying herself. She found that certain muscles she touched made him twitch as if he was ticklish. Other muscles made him sigh as if he was sleepy. And some muscles she grazed made a certain other muscle harden...

Auron caught both her hand in his and pulled her on top of him. She smiled and kissed him deeply. After a few moments passed she looked up at him.



"You know that I love you right?"


"And I love you no matter what. No matter if you were turned into a fiend, or decided to dress like a girl, or you were still a big meanie, or-"

"Rikku!" he laughed. "What are you talking about?"

Rikku sighed. "I'd love you if you were still older ya know. It doesn't make a difference to me."

Auron smiled at her, kissing her again. "I know Rikku. Thanks for saying that, but I know you would. I love you too. Now come here, you purposely missed on of my muscles."

Rikku giggled. "Oh yeah? Which one?" She asked innocently.

Auron gave her a dirty stare, took her hand, and showed her.

Auron smiled at the sight of Rikku. She was wearing the same dress as Lulu, but she seemed to shine more. At least to Auron anyway. She ran over and hugged him.

"Hey I heard some girls talking in the entrance hall about a man in a red coat asking one of them out. Know anything about that?"

"No" he answered honestly.

"Good. I'd hate to have Yuna walk down the aisle by herself because you were killed in a tragic accident involving my claw."

Auron chuckled. "Rikku sweetie, don't flatter yourself. I have years of experience in a better body. I'd like to see you try."

Rikku rose an eyebrow. "Oh I have lots of plans for your body Sir Auron"

"Hey hey hey, get a room you two. This is my wedding your dirtying up."

Rikku and Auron smiled at Tidus, who was looking handsome in his suit.

"You ready?" Auron asked.

"Absolutely" he answered.

Everyone but Yuna and Auron were at the altar. It was time for Yuna to take her walk. She stood next to Auron and he looked down at her. "Ready Yuna?"

"Absolutely" she answered.

Tidus looked up as Yuna started walking toward him. He though the magic was going to be ruined for him after already seeing her in a wedding dress walking to Seymour all that time ago. He was glad to see he was wrong. Yuna looked amazing. She glowed with a light Tidus would never forget.

Rikku felt her body tense in anticipation. Come on Yunie!

About halfway down the aisle Yuna felt a hand on her shoulder and stopped. She turned to look at who it was and almost fell over. Braska had gotten up from his seat in the audience. Auron let go of Yuna's arm and handed her to her father. He smiled as he walked up to the altar and took his place beside Tidus.

"But...how..." Yuna stuttered.

"Hush little Yuna. We can talk about it later. Let's get you married."

Everyone thought the wedding was the most beautiful in Spira. After the crowd had dispersed, the group made their way to somewhere more secluded. Yuna, Tidus, Auron, Rikku, Lulu, Wakka and Kimahri were staring at the newest guests in surprise. Tidus and Yuna rushed over to hug and kiss their fathers and mothers.

"I don't understand. How did you guys come back?" Yuna said as her mom wiped away her tears.

"Don't you know by now?" Jecht said. "We got those fayth by the balls"

"Jecht! Watch your mouth!" Auron said.

Jecht growled. "I see younger doesn't equal funner, old friend"

Auron took a moment to glare at Jecht before the two men embraced.

"So how long can you guys stay?" Rikku asked. "Because we have cake!"

Braska chuckled. " I think we can stay for cake"

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