Cataracta's Notes: All right, this is another drabble. A very weird one, at that. There's really no pairing, though there is an implied Kazuma X Kanami (sort of). And before I get someone telling me that Kanami doesn't actually sing, I know. I'm using a metaphor! Whoo hoo! My english teacher would be so proud of me. Kudos to those who can tell me what Kanami is 'singing'! (Oh, and I don't know how many have peeked at my profile as of late, but I'm asking for help. I need ideas for stories on the drawing board, so send me some! Thanks!)

Never Stop Singing

"Mujou wants to know why the caged bird never stops singing. Looking at Kanami, he thinks he knows the answer."

He wants to know why a caged bird never stops singing. Because, really, what do they have to sing for? They're trapped, caged, broken. They've lost what makes them a bird, when they're caged, and they become something else altogether. Something less than worthy.

But now he's looking at Kanami. He's looking at her and he's thinking that maybe that's not true, because even though she's caged, she still sings. And really, he knows who she sings for. She sings for Kazuma, to give him strength. She sings for Ryuhou, to give him peace. She sings for Mimori, to give her hope. She sings for Tachibana, to give him courage. She sings for the Lost Ground, to give it purpose.

Kanami is the Lost Ground's personal angel, and Mujou is feeling rather jealous. She is the one light that protects it (some would argue that Kazuma and Ryuhou are the real protectors, but they wouldn't be fighting if it wasn't for her), she is the one who wishes to see it change. The caged bird wants to see the world outside its cage flourish.

And that confuses Mujou, because the caged bird should want to see the world suffer. It should want the world to collapse and to fall and to die a slow and torturous death, because the world was what put it in its cage. It should want the world to feel its suffering, want it to feel all the pain and torment that it had been forced to live through. But Kanami doesn't. Kanami still sings.

So Mujou plays with her, toys with her to see if he can make the caged bird stop singing. But she won't, and she doesn't stop, because she sings for Kazuma and Ryuhou and Mimori and Tachibana and the Lost Ground. She sings, because even if her body is trapped, her mind is not. Her will is not. And it is her will that gives the Lost Ground its purpose.

So Mujou sits on his homemade throne and waits for the bird's saviors to come. He sits and waits and he listens, listens to the caged bird sing. And he's surprised, because as she sings, he can hear a new line, a new verse. She's singing for someone else now, too. She's singing for Mujou, to give him salvation.

Mujou thinks that he knows why the caged bird sings.

"While there's life, there's hope." – Cicero

.:The caged bird never stops singing:.

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