I'll Be There For You

When Troy gets sick and injured, Gabriella is there to help him.

Troy Bolton was walking down the hall, towards the gym, when his girlfriend, Gabriella Montez, came up behind him and covered his eyes.

"Hey Gabby. How are you?" said Troy turning around and kissing her.

"I'm fine now. You have basketball practice today?"

"Yeah, that's where I am heading right now. Then after that, we've got play rehearsal. I will get to rehearsal as soon as possible. Hopefully, dad won't hold us over too long because we need our rest in order to do well in the state championship game on Friday and I have to get to rehearsal."

"Yep well I'll see you after practice. Be careful."

"You say that before every practice, I'll be fine."

"I'm just saying it to be nice and caring. I don't want you to hurt yourself because there are a lot of injuries possible in basketball."

"I know, I love listening to the same thing every day. We need to change up our routine, we do the same exact thing every day."

"Yeah, well I will see you after practice, at rehearsal."

Troy, Chad, Zeke, and the other Wildcat players were running suicides on the gym floor. While Troy was running, he felt a tear in his knee. He just ignored it thinking that it was just a muscle strain. He kept running even though his knee was beginning to hurt a lot. After the suicides, Coach Bolton gave them a quick water break. During the break, Coach Bolton saw Troy massaging his knee and walked over to him.

"Troy, are you okay?"

"Yeah, my knee's just a little sore. I think I just didn't stretch enough before practice."

"Okay, if it starts to hurt anymore, let me know."

"Alright, Dad. But, honestly I am fine."

"Alright, Wildcats. Let's get back to practice."

After the break, Coach Bolton had them run shooting drills. Troy was dreading this part of practice since his knee was hurting so badly. When it was Troy's turn to go, he hesitated for a minute before jumping up to take his shot from the three-point line. When he landed, he heard another "rip" in his knee. It hurt like hell, but Troy didn't let it get to him because he needed to play in the state championship game. After three-point shooting, they moved on to jump shots. When Troy took his shot, he ran up to the hoop and jumped up, again he felt and heard another tear in his knee. When he landed, he realized that maybe there was something wrong with his knee and it was more than just a strain. But, after jump shots, they had to run a couple laps around the gym for a cool down. Troy was lagging behind a little bit because of his knee.

"Come on guys, keep it up. Troy, you okay?"

"Yeah Coach I'm fine. Just sore."

"Alright guys, pull it in. Okay guys, so Friday is the state championship game. I want all of you to relax and rest up for the game and we are going to start lightening up on practice because I don't want any of you getting injured before the big game."

"Too late," thought Troy. "Hands in guys. Who are we?"
"Wildcats," yelled the team.

"Wildcats. Get your head in the game," yelled Troy and the rest of the team.

Just as Troy was heading into the locker room, Coach Bolton stopped him.

"Troy, you sure you are okay? I do not like how you were lagging behind the team during cool down. "

"I'm fine, dad. I'm just sore. When I get home, I will ice my knee. But, right now I really have to go get changed so that I can get to rehearsal."

"Okay, Just let me know if it starts to swell or feels worse. See you at home Troy."

"Alright. Thanks Dad. See you later."

Troy then limped over to the stage for rehearsal. When he got closer to the stage, he stopped noticeably limping because he didn't want Gabby to realize that there was something wrong. Before he got to the stage, he pulled out his rehearsal schedule and looked at what they were doing today.

"Joy, today's dancing day when we learn the steps to almost all of the songs. Is God out to get me for some reason? First, basketball practice when I tore something in my knee three times, then the "Musicale" when I have to dance with said knee, and lastly I have the state championship game on Friday, which requires more movement of my knee. Well, I guess I will just have to grin and bear it because the team needs me, as does the musical. I can't let Gabby down. She's been practicing so hard and I just need to fight the pain. I can do this." Troy thought to himself trying to mentally prepare himself for the upcoming rehearsal.

Troy walked into the stage just before rehearsal started.

"Troy, how was practice?" asked Gabby.

"Okay, I'm a little sore but I'll be okay," said Troy.

"You okay for rehearsal?"

"Yeah, let's get started."

Over the next two hours (which is how long rehearsal lasted), Troy felt something in his knee tear about 4 more times. The pain was getting increasingly worse as rehearsal went on. By the time it was over, Troy was finding it hard to keep standing. Gabby noticed that something was bothering Troy and walked over to ask him if he was okay.

"Troy, Are you okay? You look like you can hardly walk," said Gabby.

"I'm fine. My knee is just sore since I didn't stretch it enough before basketball practice. I'll be okay. Well I told my dad I would run an errand for him before coming home so I will see you tomorrow," said Troy.

"Alright, bye Hun. Hope your knee feels better."

"It will. I'm just going to ice it today."

Troy felt bad about having to lie to Gabby but he didn't have the guts to tell her that he thinks he really messed up his knee and had to go to the store and get a brace for his knee. After he went to the store, Troy went home and got ice and went to his room until dinner.

"Troy, did you ice your knee when you got home? Was it okay during rehearsal?" asked Mr. Bolton.

"Yeah, it was still a little sore during rehearsal, but it is feeling better now. I'll be fine for Friday," said Troy.

"What happened to your knee, Troy?" asked Mrs. Bolton.

"I just didn't get enough time to stretch before practice today and it's just a little sore. It feels a lot better now."

"Let me look at it," said Mr. Bolton.

"No, that's okay. Mom, Dad, if it starts to really hurt, I will let you know and get it checked out," said Troy.

"Okay just take it easy Troy," said Mr. Bolton.

Over the next week, Troy wore his brace under his jeans during the school day and then changed out of it before practice and put it back on before rehearsal. The only reason he didn't keep it on during practice was because he didn't want anyone seeing it and during practice, he had to wear shorts meaning that everyone would see it if he kept it on. During basketball practice, he was careful not to do too much but being under constant surveillance of his dad it was kind of hard to not do too much. Between Tuesday and Thursday, he felt about 20 different tearing sensations in his knee. He knew that when he finally got his knee checked out, the diagnosis would not be good. Also, on Wednesday, he started feeling sick again. He had been sick about 5 other times this year with tonsillitis and the doctors said that his tonsils would have to come out soon if he kept getting sick.

On Friday morning, Troy stumbled down the steps.

"Troy, are you okay? You don't look so well. Are you feeling alright?" asked Mrs. Bolton.

"Yeah mom, I'm fine. Just tired. I couldn't sleep last night since the state championship is tonight. I'm kind of nervous about that," said Troy.

"I completely understand, Troy. After the state game, though, you need to get rest. You look exhausted. You are to come home after the team celebration and get some sleep and this weekend I want you to stay around the house. Gabriella is welcome to come over but I want you to rest and stay in the house. You don't need to get sick before the musical."

"Alright. Thanks Mom. It will be nice to relax once the season is over. But then soon the rehearsal schedule for the musical will get more hectic and more time consuming as opening night gets closer."

"True. But I am sure after a weekend of rest and relaxation, you will be as good as new."

"Alright, well I have to go Mom. Thanks for breakfast."

"Bye Troy"

When Troy got to school, he felt worse than he did when he left his house that morning.

"Hey Troy. Mrs. Darbus made rehearsal earlier today so that you can still come to rehearsal and the game. Are you okay? Hunny, you look really sick. Are you sure you are going to be able to stay in school, go to rehearsal, and play in the game?" said Gabby.

"Yeah. I have to, Gabby, I can't let my teammates down. Anyway, I am perfectly fine," said Troy.

"Okay, Troy. But the team will understand if you can't play, hun. Be careful."

"Geez, the last time you told me that I messed my knee. Can't wait to find out what happens at the game tonight," Troy thought. "Thanks, Gabby. I will."

During the day, Troy felt progressively worse. His throat was really bugging him so was his head and his whole body in general. His knee was throbbing in pain because with it being game day, he had to wear his basketball uniform to school, which meant no knee brace. He kept coughing, had a stuffy nose, and kept getting chills. Troy had a feeling that he was getting the flu based on his symptoms.