Author's Note:

Wow, I definitely didn't realize a year had gone by since I last updated this story …I am soooooo sorry to keep you guys waiting this long. Thank you to everyone who has kept with this story and those who keep telling me to update, I have read your reviews. I have just been really busy with school….who knew sophomore year of college was so much harder than freshman year….it's ridiculous. Well enough of this note…let's get to the story…and don't worry I have a lot more chapters already written in my notebook that I just have to type up.

After the game, the gang all went to dinner. The rest of the weekend was spent with Gabriella, whether they were hanging out with friends or sitting in one of their rooms while Gabriella did homework and Troy rested since Jack had forgotten to get his work. Sunday evening came along and Gabriella and Troy were at the Boltons.

"What is tomorrow for Spirit Week?" Troy asked.

"Sports Day."

"Cool, so I don't have to try to get jeans over my cast. I can just wear my basketball pants. "

"yeah, I'm just going to wear my old soccer uniform from San Diego."

"Cool, I'll probably wear my Duncan jersey with my warm up pants. What are the other days?"

"Tuesday is twin day. Did Chad tell you about that?"

"Yes, I already have my polo. I had one from when we used to wear polos for away games instead of dressing up. Calm down."

"Hey, I am calm, mister. Wednesday is Wacky Wednesday. Thursday is band day, where everyone wears a shirt from their favorite band. Friday is Wildcat Spirit Day."

"So Thursday, we are wearing our Fall Out Boy/Jack's Mannequin shirts?"

"Yeah, I was planning on it. I am so happy we made up. Tuesday would have stunk."

"Yeah, it would have but enough of that. Thinking about Tuesday, I have awesome plans for us. How does a nice, fancy Baylor dinner (Zeke begged me to let him cook for us) before going to see rent at Albuquerque Theatre sound?"

"OH MY GOD, TROY! That sounds amazing. You are absolutely amazing, hone. What did I do to deserve you sweetheart? I love you, Troy Bolton! Your plans completely blow my plans out of the water."

"I love you too, baby! What were your plans?"

"Well, Freaky Callback Boy, I was thinking going out to dinner and then movies but I hadn't thought about it that much yet."

"Well Freaky Math Girl, when you aren't allowed to get out of bed, there isn't much to do except read and think. After I finished my book, I thought about only two things….you and making this date perfect."

"Baby, that's really sweet. I gotta get home. My mom wanted me to get home earlier to get some sleep. You, mister, need to get some more sleep so that you can get better."

"Can I just have one last kiss before you leave? You owe me like 7 days worth of kisses."

"Hey, that's not fair! But, of course, you can have one more kiss," Gabriella said giving him a good night kiss.

"Good night, babe. I love you so much. See you tomorrow."

"Honey, I love you too. I look forward to seeing you tomorrow as does the rest of the team. They've really missed their captain."

"Yeah, that should be so much fun," Troy said sarcastically. "What am I going to do during free period now? I can't play ball. I can't rehearse, not that I have anything to rehearse. Those are the only two things that I have ever done during free period."

"Troy, you can go watch rehearsal or have fun making fun of the guys while they practice….or you can come to our secret spot and hang out with me…your gorgeous girlfriend."

"That sounds good to me….heck that sounds really good to me. Thanks babe, you always know what to do to make me feel better. "

"Okay, Troy, I really, really have to go home now."

"I love you, Gabriella Montez."

"I love you too, Troy Bolton."