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DNAngel Randomness Remixed

Chapter One: Satoshi's Book

Lights, camera, action!

"Hey everybody, this is DNAngel Randomness with Riku Harada, and today we're exploring the mystery of Satoshi's book!"

A large screen lowers to the stage and pictures of Satoshi with his infamous book flash across the screen.

Daisuke panics. "Miss Riku... I—I don't think this is right..."

Ignoring Daisuke she continues and pulls out a pointer. "Now, as you can see, there is another book behind Satoshi's police notebook...so Satoshi fans, tell me, what do you think this is?"

Looking to each other as they converse, the girls create floating hearts and all scream out different answers.

Riku frowns. "Well, that doesn't give us any idea... so now what?"

Glaring at each other in silent argument they finally shout, "let's get a close-up!"

Riku gives a thumbs up and the camera zooms in closer, closer, and closer...


"... …"

"... … ..."


Daisuke slaps a hand over Dark's mouth. "Dark! Don't laugh!"

Pushing the hand aside, Dark bursts out again, "I—I can't believe this! Bwahahaha! It's a cookbook! A cookbook! Muahahahaha!"

Everyone tenses and yells, "shut up or he'll hear us!"

Just then, the doors creaked open and all eyes turned to see none other than the man on mystery... the cookbook-reading Satoshi...


Satoshi glares and all hell breaks loose. "RUN!"

End of Chapter One

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