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DNAngel Randomness Remixed

Chapter 19: Gifts Galore!

Lights, camera, action!

"Hey guys, it's Riku Harada here with DNAngel Randomness and we've got an interesting show for you today! Remember when we opened fan-mail? Well today is going to be ten times better because we're opening gifts from our fans today!"

The spotlight drops on a gift pile and Dark smirks arrogantly. "My, my, such lovely gifts from even lovelier ladies!"

Riku smacks Dark and raises a brow. "Not for you."

"Wha-at? C'mon sweets, look at this pile! It could only be for me."

Riku sighs and pulls Daisuke in front. "Alright, Daisuke you're up first!"

Daisuke stumbles toward the pile and blushes as the crowd watches him pick up a red box. "I guess I'll open this one..."

Everyone stares as he unwraps it and pulls out a book.

Riku steps forward. "What is it?"

"I—I don't know...! What in the...?" Daisuke flips through the pages.

"Lemme see." Riku tries to take the book but Daisuke frantically pulls away.

"No! Miss Riku, you can't! Not like this... what the heck is this?! Me and... is that...?"

Dark huffs. "C'mon kid we're getting old! Just tell us what it is so we can get a move on!"

"But—but! This is... Dark and... who in the world sent this?! This can't be legal!"

Dark stomps over to Daisuke and pulls the book from his hands. "Jeez..." He flips through the pages and freezes. "What. The. Hell. Is. This?!I demand to know who drew this crap!"

Riku frowns. "What are you talking about?! What the heck is in that book! Hand it over!" Riku grabs for the book and flips the page only to turn bright red. "This is... is it? But I thought... Daisuke are you?"

Daisuke shakes his head violently. "I'm not gay!"

Dark jumps ahead and takes the stage. "Neither am I! I can't believe this kind of crap is allowed to exist!" He grimaces and shivers. "Whoever did this can do whatever they want with Daisuke but seriously, sticking me with a pipsqueak like him? Who are you kidding? I'm straight and everybody should know by now that I only go for women with soft hair, gorgeous eyes, hourglass figures..."



Riku crosses her arms and glares. "You're just babbling on and on so get off the stage!"

Dark's eyes widen. "You can't do that!"

"I'm the hostess of the show, so I can do whatever I want. Get off!"

"Hey, you saw what was in that book too so don't get all righteous! Besides, you're the one who stared and ogled it!" He smirks suggestively and raises a brow.

Riku's face goes bright red. "I did not!"

"...um." Takeshi interrupts.

"Did too!" Dark retorts.


"What?!" They yell in unison.

Takeshi scratches his head nervously. "What's in the book? Your audience is getting...curious."

Dark and Daisuke blush madly and Riku smirks.

Riku picks up the microphone and holds the book up in the air. "This is a--!"

Dark and Daisuke tackle Riku in a panic sending the book flying into the crowd. "Don't!"

The audience member opens the book and goes silent... "Threesomes are inconvenient..."

Dark yells in shock. "Excuse me?!"

As the audience member steps into light, icy blue hair is revealed along with Satoshi's familiar face. "Daisuke, Dark, and myself... this book is—interesting... but fantasy nonetheless."

Dark's face twists and he looks on... disturbed. "Are you into that kinda thing?"

Satoshi tucks the book into his pocket and starts chuckling. "Don't be so childish Dark, I know you've been around."

Dark pales. "Are you—are you coming on to me?!"

Satoshi's eyes glint mischievously as he pushes the glasses up on the bridge of his nose. "I guess you could say that..."

"Dear GAWD what the hell is wrong with you?!" Dark jumps around and frantically runs off stage and out of the studio rubbing at his arms to brush away the chill.

Satoshi chuckles a little more and turns around to takes another book from a boy standing behind. "Thanks."

The boy steps forward and smiles. "It was worth it. To see the look on my Perverted Phantom Thief."

Everyone's eyes go wide. "Anonymous?!"

The boy nods and sits back down. "Just go on with the show."

Riku stutters, "erm, well, the book was uhh...interesting?"

The crowd urges her to explain with silent stares.

"Well it was actually... Daiuke, you tell them!"

"What?! Why me? I was in that book!"

"Just do it!"

Daisuke sighs. "Fine... it was Dark... kissing... Hiwatari."

Riku nudges Daisuke. "And...?"

"And me."

Riku pats Daisuke on the back. "Good work. Now anyways, the book says it's in stores now so get out of here and go buy it 'cause that's a wrap for today! See you next time on DNAngel Randomness!"

End of Chapter 19

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