A World Deep in Disorder

Prologue: An explanation

A/N: Hello! I'm back. Anyways, this isn't the official beginning of the next story. This is but a sneak preview… things to expect for this story. I'll begin the actual story sometime in June, as stated.

DISCLAIMER: Let me see… as stated in the last story, I don't own the Super Smash Bros. series, or the characters within the game. However, I do own this storyline, and how the characters themselves may look. I also own most of the legendary weapons and attacks. The transformation process itself was born from the idea of Laguz in Fire Emblem: Path of Radiance, which I also do not own. Some of the characters are based on people I know, while readers who I hope are reading this now sent some of the characters in the last story. Other characters I made up myself. The credit for them goes to their respective owners.

Don't read this unless you've read A world Embroiled in Chaos!

Okay, everyone reading this should get the idea. This series is set in the future from now, (say, ten years) where humans have evolved, etc., etc. It is a world of a giant supercontinent, and coins are the new currency. Well, in the last story, you've all read about the silver rogues' reign over the world, from the way it began, to their plan to conquer all of existence, (Which is, simply enough, everything) to their downfall at the hands of a few mighty warriors. Well… what about these warriors' pasts?

Last story, various things were said about some of their pasts. What was Kevin like when he was first in the Silver Rogues? What about Kyle's past, and how he first met Alyssa? What about Alyssa's own past? What about Harris's life before the Silver Rogues killed his family? What about Badge and his hatred for the silver rogues? …And what were Jarod, Brian, Phill, Kacie, Jery, Tyler, Yureidoru, Jason, Alex, Dyougandara, Josh, Jeff, Serea, Kit, Ben, Megan, Tamrin, and Yirek doing before the first story started?

This story is meant to answer such questions. A story of how everyone has become the way they are now. This story takes things back, to the period of time after the coliseum massacre. When the Silver Rogues' reign first began. Where towns were still up in all corners of the continent, and the invention of clans is still nonexistent. A story that I believe you will come to like, and a story that I think you will look forward to every update. I hope that you'll enjoy reading this story as much as I'm gonna love writing this. This is but a sneak peak. In June, I shall officially start the story.

Until Then,