A World Deep in Disorder

Epilogue: Fates Unfold, Journeys Begin, and True Love Blossoms

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Somewhere in the Volcanic Region…

Kyle looked toward Alyssa. "Are you sure that you wanted to come all this way with me?" He asked. Alyssa nodded. "I'm sure of it. I wouldn't have had it any other way." She said. Kyle smiled at her. "Even though I'm the only one who can enter the dungeon, you're still coming along…" He stated. They got to the top of the volcano, which had remained dormant for the longest time. Kyle looked down the volcano, and saw it go down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down, and down some more. At the very bottom, he thought he could see a red light.

"…So, were you serious when you said that your legendary scroll was in the earth's core…?" Alyssa asked. Kyle nodded. "Yup… and the only way to get there is through this hole…" He replied. Alyssa looked down the hole as well. "…What a long way down… are you sure you'll be able to get back up…?" She asked. Kyle nodded. "I have my ways." He said, and Alyssa smiled back at him.

"Now just wait here a minute… I'll be back soon enough." Kyle stated, before waving to Alyssa and jumping down the long hole to the center of the Earth… where a long and arduous trial would await him… with the power of the Astral Breath as the prize. "See ya soon." Alyssa sighed, even though she knew that he was out of hearing range.


Badge looked at Tamrin and smirked. "So… this is the newest Silver Rogue Encampment." Badge stated. Tamrin nodded. "Yeah. If we destroy this place, then we're gonna really screw up the silver rogues' plans… they won't be able to begin their invasion of Grandville for a good long while." He stated. "…Then what are we waiting for?" Badge asked, transforming into his Pikachu form, and dashing down the cliff toward the unsuspecting Silver Rogues below. Tamrin smirked. "Right behind you." He said, transforming into his sheikah form, and dashing down the hill right after Badge. The rogues didn't even know what hit them. They were decimated.

-Badge, tactical genius

Badge, teaming up with Tamrin, put many hitches in the Silver Rogues' plans. If it wasn't for him, then the rogues may not have been stopped in the future. Thanks to him, vital information was attained for entering Kirth's plane. In the future, he returned to his home island to get his legendary scroll. Thanks to both him and Harris, the brunt of Kirth's silver rogues had been killed.

-Tamrin, savior of old

Tamrin, with the help of Badge, destroyed many of the rogues' plans. He never forgot his friends of old who died at the silver rogues hands… and lived to avenge him. Although he never got his chance to exact revenge upon Zalthyr, it was by his own niece's hand that his foe fell. This made Tamrin proud, although he never actually revealed to Alyssa that he was her uncle.


Harris sighed, as he looked down in the pool of water in front of himself. His training had made him a lot stronger, and he felt as if he was ready to tackle the desert again as he had planned. Slinging his rucksack over his shoulder, he set off toward his destination, the desert, to train further, and avenge his parents.

-Harris, the Legendary Martial Artist

Harris later got his wish, and avenged his parents by killing Zyalia, although he never spoke of it being revenge, once. Zyalia burnt his face, so Harris simply melted through hers. She never did recognize him under the mask.


Frost looked around at his surroundings, and transformed out of his Mewtwo form. "…I'm finally here… Urgina, the planet of my fate…" He stated. Suddenly, a few humanoid creatures jumped out and surrounded him. "Come on! I'll take you all on with my bare hands!" Alex yelled.

-Alexzander Frost, Clanmaster of Clan Frozenwind

He decided to go into intense training on this lost planet in order to increase his powers greatly for defeating the Black Army. He even found his legendary weapon, and went back to Earth only to find that the Silver Rogues had already been crushed. Little did he know that his new powers would come in handy for taking on a new threat to the world.


Ben looked at the beast looming before him. It had come from deep inside the mountains to attack the place he swore to protect… and so, he would kill the creature before him. Transforming into his Fox form and whipping out his Beam Saber, he jumped up, and sidestepped the monster's great claws. He then planted his saber into the beast's head, thus putting an end to its life.

-Ben, Protector of the Mountains

Ben had protected the village for all the years until the events of A World Embroiled in Chaos. That was when he met Jeff and Jery, assumed the role of Clanmaster, and obtained the legendary omega beam sword. His played an important role in the rogues' downfall.


Kit sighed as she finished setting up the tent at the end of the desert. She knew that she was getting close to her legendary weapon. She would need it if she wanted to help end the rogues' reign of chaos.

-Kit, Mercenary Swordswoman

Obtaining Durandal, she fought valiantly in the battle of the silver rogues. After her victory, she followed in her mother's footsteps and became a mercenary of great fame. Her skills were known across the land.


Yureidoru had journeyed the land, searching for his sister, but to no success. He later formed Clan Jade up North, and became a powerful Clanmaster.

-Yureidoru, Clanmaster of Clan Jade

He had later found Serea who had earlier been kidnapped by the single rogue who survived the attack. She escaped, and later met Yureidoru in Grandville. She too, played a huge role in the success of the rogues' demise.


-Zalthyr, Inhuman Beast

Zalthyr had never lost to anyone who wasn't a god. His skills as Kirth's second in command had become feared across the land. His was a reputation of power… as he had killed virtually everyone he looked upon… giving him the title of an inhuman beast, a legendary machine of destruction. However, he was killed by the niece of the one who wanted revenge upon him… ironically.


-Kirth, Greater God of Death

Kirth, the mastermind behind the silver rogues, had retreated for now, but as the fortuneteller predicted, he died on his third match against Kyle… the second being in Coastiand, and the third being the last. However, he didn't go out alone, as he took Kyle down with him…


-Kevin, God of Darkness

Kevin had done what Kyle had told him, and held back on his powers for a very long time. He later discovered his god powers, and killed his polar opposite, Fletcher, the god of Light. He then set off on a journey by himself… a journey to find someone he could love.


As for Kyle and Alyssa, well…

The stars were out, and it was late at night. Kyle was leaning on the side of the Clan Fortress outside. He looked up, and sighed heavily. His hands were in his pockets, in which he was clutching something. Soon, Alyssa came out, and smiled at him.

"…You wanted to see me, right?" Alyssa asked. Kyle nodded in reply. "Yes… I need to talk to you." He stated quietly. "…About?" Alyssa asked. "…Stuff…" Kyle replied, sighing again. He then looked up at her in the eye.

"Alyssa… I love you… and I always have since the day I met you… but I've been afraid that if I told you, others would figure it out, and use it against us… but I can't hold it in any longer. You're everything to me, Lyss, and yet so much more. If there was a word for something beyond love, that's how I'd feel for you. I've always loved you, Lyss… and I always will… no matter what." Kyle explained.

There was a great silence.

"I guess it's official, then." Alyssa suddenly replied. Kyle looked up at her. "You mean…?" He asked. Alyssa nodded, and smiled. "I've always loved you, too." She stated. She then jumped into Kyle's arms, and they wrapped each other in a very tight embrace while kissing passionately. It just felt so right… the stars danced with joy, and the moon glowed with happiness. Everything was perfect, now… two halves had just become whole… and there was nothing better than that.

Then, they separated. Kyle sighed. "We can't let anyone know about this, though, ok? It'll just be our secret." He said. Alyssa smiled. "You can count on me." She said. Kyle then smiled back at her, and reached into his pocket. "…Here, I want you to have this now." He said, handing Alyssa an ornate oval-shaped silver locket. Alyssa opened it, and inside was a picture of her, and a picture of Kyle, both looking happy as can be.

-Kyle+Alyssa, the eternal lovers

What began as but a simple meeting in the forest outside of Alizano has blossomed into a love of the highest calibur. The two loved each other as much as possible, and kept it a closely guarded secret… at least they would until the whole deal with the silver rogues was over. Alyssa, as promised held her skills back for a long while. The two couldn't have been happier… but unfortunately, it met a tragic end when Kyle died in the final battle against Kirth. Alyssa still faithfully believes that he is out there, and with the love between them that strong, there is a good chance that he is. Either way, their love shall last forever, withstanding all, even time and death, itself….

The End

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