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Author's Note: This is a six-chapter drabble collection, and they are comprised of three related themes. Takari and PataGato will have a theme, Daikari and VeeGato will have a theme, and Daikeru and VeePata will also have a theme.


"Did you have to take me to the tank, T.K.?"

"It's the only way to face your fear, Kari."

While Gatomon and Patamon were not with them, T.K. and Kari took a trip to the Shinagawa Aquarium. T.K. always loved sea animals, but his favorite kind was found in the tank in front of them.

"Go ahead, Kari," encouraged T.K. with a smile. "Starfish won't harm you."

Kari turned to T.K. on her left. "Are you sure?" Although she loved sea animals herself, she always had a minute fear of starfish, hence her reluctantness.

"I'm positive," T.K. replied, holding back a chuckle.

Kari nodded and nervously put her right hand in the tank. Slowly but surely, she gently picked up the starfish and took her hand out of the water.

"See?" said T.K. "I told you it wasn't bad."

Kari nodded with a smile and sighed. "I guess you were right, T.K.," she said before looking at the starfish in her palm. "This is a very cute starfish."

"It sure is cute," said T.K. "Just like you, Kari."

Kari inwardly jumped from T.K.'s reaction and turned to him. "You mean it?"

T.K. nodded with a smile.

Kari beamed. "Thanks, T.K.," she said and kissed him on the right cheek. "You look cute, too."

Now, it was T.K.'s turn to react as he blushed form Kari's compliment. "Thanks for the compliment, Kari."

"Don't mention it," replied Kari and held T.K.'s right hand.

As the gossip occurred, the starfish crawled back into the tank, thinking about how cute he looked himself.