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Kissing Through Time

A kiss between Patamon and Veemon – only this triggered time travel between them. Not a time machine, not breaking faster than the speed of light, not even a flashback. Nothing of that sort worked. Only a kiss made it possible.

The first time they kissed— How vivid that memory was.

While exploring File Island's coast one day, Veemon saw Patamon, who flew above Dragon Eye Lake, and hollered "Hi!" to him.

Patamon did not hear him at first, but when he did…


…A strong burst of wind caught under his wings and he veered off-course, straight towards Veemon.


Low groans followed, Patamon the one on top following the rather nasty tumble.

From the bottom, Veemon tried speaking, but all that he said were mumbles.

Patamon could not understand why Veemon acted this way, when he suddenly felt comfortable… and warm.

The source of it all… was coming from their locked mouths.

"Um… what happened?" Patamon asked a minute later, surprised.

Veemon scooted back, looking blank. "I don't know," he answered and subsequently sported his usual smile, "but I wouldn't mind doing it again."

Bewildered, Patamon obliged, and they soon felt very cozy once again.

"Talk about a memory," said present-day Veemon as he and Patamon sat side-by-side on Dragon Eye Lake's embankment.

"And we've been together ever since," finished Patamon.

"Yes, we have; and we try to kiss whenever possible," chuckled Veemon.

Patamon looked up at the sky thoughtfully. "Every time we kiss reminds us of that moment, huh?"

"Mm-hmm," nodded Veemon and turned to Patamon, who looked back. "And, now, I wouldn't love more than remembering it again."

Patamon knew the cue and grinned. "Another kiss, perhaps?"

Veemon smiled in reply.

Once they kissed, they traveled back in time once more…

Author's Note: And this finally concludes "Triple-Double." I hope you enjoyed reading these drabbles, and until next post, this is Dark Qiviut signing out!