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Chapter 1: A Suspicious Invitation

The sun was high in the sky and beating down upon the shoulders of Inuyasha and company. As much as everyone whined and moaned to Inuyasha to let them take a quick breather in the shade, he would not be persuaded. Even though, with his long silver hair keeping at least 80 of his body heat inside, he was still determined to find as many jewel shards as they could before the sun went down. Even though Kagome continuously told him that she didn't sense any shards anywhere.

"C'mon Inuyasha! Let us take just a quick break!", Kagome groaned. Then, being in front as always, Inuyasha spun around and yelled back, " What? We just stopped to take a break a little while ago!". " But it wasn't in the shade! And how can you call two hours ago "little"?" Inuyasha was already angry as it was, considering they hadn't found a single shard all day, and the heat and Kagome's nagging was only adding gas to the fire.

"Grrrrr! God I cannot believe you Kagome! A little sun, a little sweat and you start bitchin' and moanin' like you've got both your arms missing!". Now, while Inuyasha's little outburst's were nothing new to anyone, when they were aimed at Kagome she tended to get a little touchy. And now, was no exception. So in a sweet, yet menacing, tone Kagome proceeded to utter the one out of a million words that Inuyasha absolutely despised. "Inuyasha?". Knowing what was coming, Inuyasha got a scared look on his face and proceeded to run as far up the road they were on as possible.

Before he could make it so much as five meters away, it happened. "SIT BOY!". And Inuyasha went down onto the ground. Unfortunately, there was a rock right underneath where Inuyasha's head would go. And that rock had been baking out in the sun all day. So adding injury to...injury, Inuyasha's forehead collided square on with that rock not to mention the heat that it has absorbed over the course of the afternoon. And if those weren't enough, Kagome still hadn't gotten the extent of the revenge that she was craving and so, "SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT, SIT ,SIT ,SIT, SIT BOY!". And that rock just drilled further and further into Inuyasha's head, causing him even more pain.

Finally Kagome laid off and allowed Inuyasha to rest a bit. All the while, Miroku, Sango, Shippo, and Kirara had front row seats to Inuyasha's dilemma. " Jeez, she doesn't know when to stop, does she? I mean, it was easy to deal with her doing that when I could easily see what she was getting mad at but now, if Inuyasha gets her even the slightest bit aggitated, she goes nuts with the "sits"!", Sango thought as she watched Inuyasha lay on the ground moaning.

Then Sango stepped forward to Kagome and tapped her on the shoulder to get her attention. When Kagome turned around she was met with the deep milk chocolate eyes of Sango. "Kagome listen, not to question your...um...disciplinary methods but, don't you think you've been a little hard on him lately?". Kagome, never really having anyone question her sit commands, did not really know how to respond to Sango's question. Have I been a little hard on him lately, Kagome asked herself. Well...maybe just a little. So Kagome went over to Inuyasha to apologize, only to find him not on his resting place upon the ground, but about twenty yards ahead standing right in the middle of the road.

Wondering what he was doing, the rest of them ran up to where he was to see what he was staring at. "What are you looking at Inuyasha?", Miroku asked. But Inuyasha didn't answer. Taking a closer look at Inuyasha showed that he had an expression that looked like a mix of both shock and excitement. Taking a closer look at what had caught Inuyasha's attention, the gang found it to be a sign. And it read:

Kakera Tournament:

Held: Hirogata Island

Time: The 24th day of the 5th month

Boat Departure: When the sun touches the west mountains

Reward: 10 shikon-jewel shards

After reading what the sign said it was no surprise that Inuyasha was excited. Shippo was the first to break the silence. "Wow! Ten jewel shards! Maybe we should enter?". This got Inuyasha out of his little daze enough to say. "What do you mean "maybe"? We ARE entering!". "Now hold on Inuyasha! We can't be so rash about this.", Miroku said. Saying that this statement took Inuyasha aback would be an understatement. "What are you TALKING ABOUT? Ten jewel shards? As a reward for winning some stupid tournament? And you're saying NOT to go!"

"Look I'm not saying that, what I'm saying is that we have to take into consideration that this is a trap. Actually, everything about this wreaks of a trap. This sign is right in the middle of the road and the prize for this tournament is ten jewel shards. Why would someone just willingly GIVE away jewel shards? All who come in contact with the Shikon Jewel become consumed with greed and hatred. No one would just give away shards without there being some kind of catch."

"Miroku's right Inuyasha. No one would just give something like that away just for winning a contest.", Sango said. "But what if they are? What if some one IS just handing them to who ever wins? We have to at least check it out!", Inuyasha said trying his best to persuade his friends. "Yes, that is what I'm implying that we should at least go see what this is about. What do you two say?", Miroku said, turning back to the girls. "Yes. If someone actually is holding ten whole shards for the prize, we can't exactly pass up this opportunity.". " Yeah, I agree. So where is Hirogata Island anyway?". "Off the shore of Morosuki Beach, which is straight ahead.". Then Inuyasha looked ahead and could, in fact, see off in the distance Morosuki Village. "Alright! Let's get moving! The sun's going down and the boat's going to leave soon. Let's go!

End of Chapter 1

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