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Chapter 6: The Island

Two weeks had passed while Inuyasha and Sango were on the ship. And aside from the freak Kraken attack, everything went rather well. Besides Inuyasha getting in a few fights with some of the other attendants on the boat. When the island had come into view, Inuyasha's response was just to predictable.

"FINALLY! I mean COME ON! How long does it TAKE for a creaky old wooden block to get ANYWHERE?". "Inuyasha, will you please calm down? We're here now so that's all that matters." Sango said in her usual tone of voice. Inuyasha, immediately, shut up. Sango didn't know why, but for some reason, Inuyasha just seemed to listen to her better now. Even better than Kagome she thought. And, for some reason, that brought a smile to her face.

As the contestants made their way off the boat, along with Inuyasha, Sango and Kirara, Inuyasha couldn't help but feel some kind of sinister feel of it. Just walking on the sand of it's beaches made Inuyasha's feet burn. And when he breathed in the air, he felt as though he was losing his lung capacity. Every breath he took felt like he was losing the ability to breathe.

He looked to Sango to see if she felt it to. While she didn't outwardly show it, he could tell that she was uncomfortable. He and her had been together on that boat for two whole weeks, and in that time he had learned more about her than even Miroku knew, he thought.

Looking around he saw that all those on the boat were just standing around on the beach, waiting for SOMETHING to happen. Not being the most patient form of life on the planet, Inuyasha began to whine, "So...what's supposed to happen? Here we are and nothing's even happening!"

"Inuyasha, hush!" he heard Sango command. He looked to her with a confused look and was about to say something, then he noticed that she was looking straight ahead. He looked in the direction she was staring, and then he felt it.

He felt a demonic aura. One of the strongest he'd ever felt. It almost rivaled Naraku's. Then, the heads of all the contenders turned to a pedestal made of stone on the beach. Purple miasma began to come out of no where, engulfing the pedestal. Inuyasha grabbed his sword while Sango grabbed her Hiraikotsu. They both suspected the same person to appear out of that mist of poison.

But he did not come. Instead, in his place, came another man. As the miasma cleared, Inuyasha and Sango could make out the form of the person. He was young, about three inches taller than Inuyasha. He had long red hair that was tied in a long pig-tail. His eyes were shaped like Sesshomaru's but had snake-like slits instead of pupils and they were yellow. He had a well built fatigue and was dressed in a black kimono. And two noticeable fangs stuck out from his upper jaw and over his lower lip.

He stood in place on the stone pedestal and scanned the combatants. As he skimmed through the crowd, his eyes landed on Inuyasha and Sango, a smirk appeared on his face. "Ah, good. It seems as though we have some talent here. Some strong and fearless talent. Along with some independent and, might I add, beautiful talent."

Inuyasha saw his eyes fall on him and Sango. While he was contempt with him staring at the both of them, when he saw his eyes rest on solely Sango. "Grrrrrrr." Inuyasha growled. Low and murderous from the bottom of his throat. The man stood and looked back to Inuyasha and saw his angry scowl. He merely chuckled to himself.

Then, he looked forward to the general center of the crowd and spoke. In a voice relatively similar to Inuyasha's father's voice.

"My fellow demons and humans alike. I would first like to thank you for coming. This is the start of Kakera Tournament. Now, allow me..."

"C'mon let's start already! I want those jewel shards!" some random voice yelled from the crowd. The man on the stand the stand closed his eyes, while still holding his smile on his face. He then, without looking, lifted his hand and snapped his fingers. Instantly, the second his fingers left each other, whoever it was that yelled out began to scream.

Inuyasha and Sango looked to the source of the scream. They saw a demon, a lizard-man demon, with blood spewing out of every pour of his body. Sprinkles of blood shot out of him, his screams continued to ring throughout the air. His skin began to turn pruney as more of his precious blood flew from him.

Sensing that he was reaching his bloods end, his primal instincts kicked in. He dropped to the ground and pulled up handfuls of his blood that had begun to make a puddle on the beaches sands. He took handfuls and put them to his mouth, drinking his own blood in a desperate attempt to re-stock on his blood supply.

But no matter how many handfuls of blood he drank, he still lost it. The blood he drank merely went to his stomach, he needed blood in his veins. His blood vessels and veins had all burst and were spewing out of him. Soon, he lay on the beach, dead.

Inuyasha and Sango stared in disturbed horror at the sight they had just beheld. Inuyasha's eyes were shaking along with Sango's. Sango held her hand over her mouth as she looked at the prune of a corpse. The traumatized crowd then turned back to the man on the stone pedestal. He stood there as if nothing had happened.

"I'm sorry you all had to witness that but...it's just not polite to interrupt someone while they are speaking, don't you think?" he asked them in a cool voice.

"As I was saying, allow me to introduce myself. My name is Chinoumi. I am the sponsor for this tournament. Yes, it is true. Ten Shikon Jewel shards are the prize for winning." With that said, murmurs and whispers broke out in the crowd.

"Yes, yes I know. Why would someone willingly give jewel shards away? Especially I, a demon, who's power would be increased 100 fold by one mere shard. Hm hm. As you just witnessed, I have no use for the Shikon jewel shards. Though I seem to come across quite a few of them. So, being the generous man I am, why not just give them away."

"And now, I will explain to you, the workings of the tournament."

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