Author's Note: I haven't written a fic in a while. I don't own Pokemon and all that good stuff which you have probably heard a bajillion times before. I don't own Drew, May, or any of the characters. I only own this story and the characters that I made up.

A young emerald haired boy's malachite eyes pierced into the red and black envelope that rested lightly in his hands. He turned over the envelope several times and examined ever centimeter of it thoroughly. "Rose rose?" a sage colored Pokemon quipped as her rose adorned hands rested elegantly on her sides. Drew, the green haired boy; shrugged nonchalantly at the rose Pokemon. Drew slowly separated the flap of the envelope that hid inside, but with such curiosity that it seemed like he was like a little child waiting for a letter from Santa Claus. Finally when the barrier of sticky adhesive was broken, he gently placed his fingers inside the envelope.

Slowly he grasped the red and black envelope and pulled. A delicate cellophane-like card emerged and rested between the tips of his thumb and pointer fingers. He brought the card to his face, moving it in increments so his eyes can adjust to the text. Emerald eyes raced across the paper like two horses in a race. As his brain absorbed the information his eyes told him, his orbs widened like two black holes. The rose adorned Pokemon glanced at her trainer; confused. Her eyes pleaded him to tell her what the card's news held. Drew caught her glance and drew in a deep breath.

"You are cordially invited to a Co-Ordinator's Masquerade. It will be held tomorrow at the Saint Matsuro ship, which can be found at the Slateport Docks. Please be there at 7:30 PM. All Co-Ordinators must come masked. If you do decline this invitation, this may strongly hurt your chances of gaining eligibility to participate in this years upcoming Grand Festival. This Grand Festival's rules have been altered greatly and will be discussed tomorrow night after the masquerade. We hope to see you there!" Drew recited with confusion lurking in his tone. Drew grasped the invitation and shoved it in his pocket.

"That's weird. I heard all Grand Festivals had the same set up. Something's not right. I guess we'll have to go anyways. What do we have to lose?" Drew announced, glancing down to his partner. Roselia cocked her head in confusion when she caught his eyes in hers. The emerald orbed boy rested his hand on her soldier, while Roselia stared off into the distance uneasily as a feeling of nervousness plagued her mind.

"I guess we really have no choice, Roselia. I don't want to really go to this either but we cannot risk missing out on the Grand Festival next year. You, Flygon and Masquerain have all just worked too hard and got too far to just give up now. What's the worse that can happen, right?" Drew asserted, trying his best to assure her nothing was wrong. Roselia planted her thorn-like legs into the ground and refused to move. Drew's steps ascended and he immediately had the feeling that something was missing. He stopped and pivoted his waist to see the Pokemon glued into her place several feet in back of him. As Drew's eyes caught sight of Roselia's sudden rebellion, Drew's left eyebrow raised several millimeters.

"Your just too slow for me!" He laughed. Gently his arms fell to the ground and swooped up the thorn creature from the terrain. He placed her lightly on his shoulder and started to walk.

"Don't tell me I need to get a leash for you now, Roselia." Drew teased. Roselia tossed a glare to Drew, while he just raised his two palms above his shoulders to show confusion. Drew sighed playfully and moved his arms so he can take her off his shoulder. Moments later, Roselia was back on the mahogany earth. Drew and Roselia marched forward, leaving the lush green forest behind. An envelope escaped from Drew's grasp and floated gently to the ground. The "R" symbol embossed into the flap of the envelope shimmered brightly in the moon's light. The co-ordinator and his Pokemon now appeared as a dot in the distance, just a second later diminishing into the night that engulfed the rest of the region.

A high-pitched squeal loud enough to shatter glass echoed throughout the Pokémon Center. "Wow! A party! I'm so excited! I can't wait! I get to wear a dress and dance! How romantic!" a brunette squeaked, dancing with a red and black envelope clasped in her hands. Halfway through another bout of intense squealing, the girl found her mouth covered by a hand that belonged to a boy with jet blue hair. The boy's glasses gleamed mischievously as he unclasped his hand from the girl's mouth. He brought his hand down to his side and quickly wiped it on the side of his shorts.

"May, chill out. No need to scream. I think the whole world knows now about how you are excited." the boy sighed while fidgeting with the spectacles that rested on the bridge of his nose.

"You always have to ruin my fun, don't you Max! I'm excited. I get to wear a dress! And there's probably going to be a lot of food! And as a plus, I get to find out more about the Grand Festival!" May squealed once again. Max shot her an exasperated glare and refrained himself from covering her mouth again. May continued dancing jubilantly around the center of the Pokemon hospital and suddenly found herself frozen in the middle of the room. She rested her body on a blood-red chair and brought her hands to her chin in disappointment.

A raven-haired boy caught sight of the disappointed girl and cocked his head in confusion. The yellow mouse that resided on his shoulder gave the brunette a look of concern. "What's wrong May? You look so down." the boy spoke. The yellow rat jumped off of his soldier and jumped into May's lap.

"Nothing much Ash and Pikachu.. Thank you for the concern. I just don't have a dress." May sighed. Ash and Pikachu fell over and landed on the white tiled floor. Once they both got up, May cocked an eyebrow at the inseparable duo. The two caught her in their perspective and tried to stifle their laughter. Seconds later, the stifled laughter erupted into full-blown hysteria. May clenched her fists together in anger.

"I'm waiting." She tapped her foot impatiently.

"Sorry May. I thought something was really wrong. But all that over a dress! I thought that your favorite ramen stand got closed down or something!" Ash cried while holding his stomach in hysterics.

"It's not that funny Ash. Just because you are denser than the center of the earth and don't know anything about love or style!" May fumed, stomping off into the corridor of the Pokemon Center. Ash immediately jumped off the ground and followed May. Pikachu followed closely behind.

"I'm sorry May. We can go into town later and go find you a dress, ok? I'll call up Brock and tell him to meet us there. He probably might be a little late, though. He's at a breeding class." Ash apologized sincerely. Pikachu also apologized through a number of "Pikas". May smiled warmly at Pikachu to let it know she it forgave also.

"Thank you Ash. I'll get my stuff ready and we can walk there. Since you mentioned it we are stopping by a ramen stand. You OWE me!" May interjected and shortly afterwards winked. Ash sighed and nodded obligingly.

May started to dance around once again, twirling like a world-class ballerina. "I love ramen, yes I do. And I love shopping even more!" she sung in a singsong voice. A drip of sweat rolled from Ash and Pikachu's temples. Max's figure appeared and his hand once again met May's mouth. May quickly retaliated and pulled his hand off of her mouth.

"She's more hyper than usual. Guess we should get going right sis? We need to get your dress don't we?" Max concluded. May placed a hand on her little brother's scalp and teasingly ruffled his hair into a rats nest. Max shook his head and within seconds the homeostasis of his hair was restored.

"Last one to get outside is a rotten Exeggute!" Ash shouted childishly while racing to the door. Pikachu clutched onto Ash's shoulders for dear life as his trainer sprang faster and faster to reach his destination. The remaining duo ran as their legs would carry them and became side to side with Ash.

Once all 4 of them were together once again, they walked to the massive square with hundreds of little shops. Each of the shops seemed to tell its own story with its selection of merchandise and its outside appearance. May abruptly came to a halt in front of a homely looking boutique. The tiny boutique was slathered in a lavender paint and had a white, decorative lace painted around the border. Stained glass created with a hodgepodge of brilliant pastels shone marvelously in the daytime. The stained glass displayed a scene of two Pokemon. One of the creatures appeared as a butterfly, inked in black and then delicately detailed with blue, red, and yellow paint to accentuate its wings. The other creature was of a sky-blue water flyer with two wings that resembled two haunting irises. May snuck up to the door and opened the white door and peeked to fufill her curiosity like a little child would during Christmas Eve. She slowly opened the door and entered the store and the rest followed. Just as the quartet entered the store, emerald eyes peered at them from the alleyway diving the boutique from its neighbor.