Hullo! I got an idea for this the other day and couldn't decide weather to make it a oneshot or put it in my "Not More Twins!" story. Eventually I decided it would be better as a oneshot so, here you go!

Harry glared at the platinum blond teen that smirked in front of him. He hated him, loathed him. If only these hands would let him go he could rip him to shreds and end his torment for the day, heck, if he hit him hard enough for the week, but they wouldn't.

"C'mon Potter," he sneered, " Shouldn't loose your temper like that. Didn't your mother ever teach you anything? Oh, I suppose not." Smirking he continued, "By the way, Potter, I've come up with a theory that you might like to hear: What if she knew what you would grow to be and that's why she let the Dark Lord kill her, indirect suicide if you will. Smartest thing the Mudblood ever did. Hmmm, no wait, I'm giving her too much credit. She did, after all, marry your father and gave birth to you. So I guess she was just stupid!"

Harry snapped, but it wasn't like the other times. Instead of loosing himself completely his body stopped fighting. He stood erect and his whole body was tense. The atmosphere in the area immediately chilled. When he spoke, it was with a deadly silk voice that was calmer then anybody had ever heard him speak.

"First, you ignorant bitch, my mother graduated at the top of her year, with better grades then your parents put together. Second, if she knew what I was going to be like she still would've been proud simply of the fact that I didn't shake your hand on the train. Proud that I didn't fall in with people like you. And last, my mother loved me enough to die for me, she did in fact. What has your mother done for you lately, send you cookies?" With that he turned and walked away, but before he was completely out of sight he turned and looked Malfoy in the eye and quietly said in the same silky voice, "Don't fuck with me Malfoy."

Oooo, dramatic, no? I just wanted to put out a oneshot that would show the pride that I think Harry doesn't show that he has for his mother. Anyway, tell me what you think.