So actually, this story has been on my mind for a really really long time, but i was too lazy to write it. But when I wrote it it came ou sounding different than what I had planned, but ah what the heck. It works for me

I never really considered Kiba x Sakura until I read a story about the two of them. Actually I read the limited they had but the one that stuck was xx Hikari E's Like a Walk In The Park. With her permission, I'm thinking of starting a similar story, 'cuz hers just made me fall in love with that pairing. I mean can't you imagine Sakura harrasing Poor Kiba around? It's like pure magic.

So here is KibaSaku's one shot, Loose


He liked his clothes loose.

So what?

She told him it made him look super fat

Huh. He thought it just made him all the more handsome.

Akamaru told him it totally made him look hot, and Akamaru was extremely smart. Disregard the fact that the puppy had a smirk on his adorable face. He had already punished his oh-so-loyal companion for that, the many female pups had him running for half a day, after all Akamaru was quite the stud now.

He couldn't stand tight clothes, it made him feel too confined, to uncomfortable. Don't get him wrong now, he totally respects Lee, I mean c'mon the guy had cool hair and shiny teeth.

But that outfit? No way. Lee is so the man, but can the guy even feel his guts?

He loves the forest, the streams, the fields, the mountains, anywhere he can run with all he has. The wind rushing, the ground beneath his feat, how could he do that if his fricken clothes were too tight? Meh, he was totally untamable.

Disregard the multiple times she pulled him into the kitchen by his ear. Those were painful, painful times. Just thinking about it made him shudder.

Every aspect of him screamed wild. His messy hair, that fanged grin, those matching red triangles he was oh-so proud of.

She told him he had a big fat ego.

But Naruto had told him a surprising amount of Konoha's female population thought it made him even more unbearably hot and cool. Never mind he had been on the verge of tears while saying that. Tears of laughter. Naruto had walked around town with a big bump for a week.

He loved his smirk. It showed off his fang, and duh all Inuzukas had 'the smirk' it was totally their trademark.

She told him when he did it, it made him look constipated. Hana had agreed. Some sister.

But he still loved his clothes loose. It made him feel free, gave him easy access to quick action, he could feel his shirt ripple in the wind his hair become windblown and messy.

She said it made him look like a giant flying pillow.

She also asked him if she deliberately messed up his dark brown hair every morning before he went out.

Hey, she was the one with pink hair.

She told him he was loud and had an inflated head. The piles of love letters from Konoha's eligible females were getting to him.

He thought she was jealous.

He was wild and untamable.

But she loved him all the same.

I just watched the Cardcaptor Sakura movie number one, the women that was supposed to be evil, actually made me havelike a deep sorrow for her. Her story is like the greatest love story untold, after all she waited for him forever.

And I'm not making any sense Ja!