It's just some random one shot I thought of. I got the idea from some book I read when the girl says I want to be a dolphin! Then the boy replies, then I'll be the sea! Awww, sweet huh? xDD This is written in cagalli's POV. AsuCaga ALL THE WAY!

Disclaimer: If I did own GS/GSD, Cagalli and Athrun would be together now.

I present to you…. If I were an eagle(I choose eagle because cagalli somehow reminds me of one :D)


I was listening to the radio and a girl was asking her boyfriend a question.

If she was an eagle, What would he be?

He replied, Air.

So that he could surround her all the time.

I was touched by his answer. When Athrun came home from work, I asked him that question.

'If I was an eagle, What would you be?'

He was startled by the sudden question, and stared at me blankly.

'Huh, Why?'

'Just answer the question!'

He stopped and thought for a while, before answering.

'I don't know, What would you want me to be?'

I pouted. Hopeless 'You're supposed to say Air!' I looked away angrily. He chuckled and replied calmly.

'I wouldn't want to be Air'

'Although Air would surround you all the time, Think about it, Air can harm you too. Hurricanes… Hurricanes and Tornadoes kill people and take away lives, I've done more than enough of that already. Not only that, in a storm, the strong winds can really disrupt a bird's flight you know?'

He was right. At that instance, I didn't want him to be Air anymore. I just kept quiet, I didn't want to think about the war again. Kill people? Take away lives?

'I'd rather be a feather on you.'

'So that I'll stick with you through thick and thin'

'So that I'll provide you warmth'

'And so that I'll be aiding you in your flight, following you, what ever path you may want to take.'

In the end, I love his answer more.


Okay. That's it. I really like his answer. I was racking my brains trying to think of one. Hope you like it! REVIEW PLEASE :DD

- Lunarstar07