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Of Phantoms and Nobodies

Chapter 1: Vexen's Observations

What happens when a human dies? Usually, the soul of the human goes 'to the other side' or so as most say. Some, who have been torn away from life, have their soul stay to finish what the human had wanted to do before dying. The body stays behind, no longer a vessel, and fades before the ravages of time.

However, the heart is a different matter in itself. The heart is both a piece of the body and the soul, in which neither can exist without the heart. When one dies, the heart dies with it. Now known as a 'dead heart' it accompanies the soul to wherever it may go, holding within it memories and emotions that the human had gone through during their lifetime. A dead heart cannot be revived within the body once it has 'died'.

But...that leaves a strange anomaly, that myself and my fellow members have observed over these last few months. We have perished in our world, but have ended in the realm of the 'undead' instead of returning to darkness. I have to ponder on why this might of happened, and on what grounds.

While in this world, we have discovered that time does go differently compared to our own world. To our surprise, another member that had not perished in Castle Oblivion had comparatively found himself in the same realms that we have occupied for three months. Being shocked, he had stated that we had been eliminated about a year ago.

After the span of a few weeks, almost all of our Organization had ended in this realm, save for two. I, for one, have believed that our traitor had enough sense to not be in the same area as us. He has probably been watching us as I have been watching a new subject for experimentation.

Ah yes, the subject I have seen various times in this realm, possesses a strange power. This power, allows him to be of both living and non-living at different intervals. But, that raises a question. If he can change to a non-living being , or as these humans of this world call, a ghost, that would mean that he has both a 'dead' heart and a living heart.

But that would mean that he would have two hearts.

This pushes for an experiment that I could have normally not tried in my own world. By extracting the living heart, I could observe whether the subject produces a Nobody and a Heartless, or simply exchange the memories and emotions to the dead heart. If it does produce a Nobody, we can finally figure out how to retrieve our own hearts. But if it doesn't...

Well, beyond that fact, Superior has already granted myself to start such experiment. All members are required to observe the subject closely in both this world of the 'undead' and the world that is connected to this one, without being seen. Although it is hard to catch the subject here, we have found it much simpler to teleport to the connected world and observe from there.

After many observations, I have concluded that we will need to locate objects to help bring the subject in for the extracting. He cannot be conscious, or in his ghost form. We cannot, by any means, extract the dead heart. And it will be nearly impossible to anyway, for a dead heart does not extract from the undead beings.

One of our members has reported finding such objects, but alas, it is too risky. For the objects in question reside at the home of our subject, and I do not want to alert him of any presence we have here. Perhaps if I could get a sample, I could create something that could allow our weapons to inflict damage on the ghosts. But all of theghosts here cannot be apprehended for this benefit.

Xaldin has, unfortunately, suggested that we get the substance from the subject himself. For he seems to stay tangible long enough, we could get a piece of ectoplasm and create the things needed for our own weapons. I could, with the sample, have such objects completed in a matter of days. Unfortunately, Superior has also granted permission to perform such act. There went my secretive plan.

Superior had stated that we were not permitted to give any reason for the subject to find us hostile. Which is for the same reasons we aren't allowed to take the objects from the subject's home. I can understand his interest in my experiment, but still, even if it works we cannot return to our world. Unless...

That portal that allows us to commune with the other world could, in theory, be used to return us to our original world. But, we can use it after the experiment is completed. If it has failed, I see no need to return to our world to desperately seek for something that is lost to us. Although most members call me insane, there is only a slight chance we will discover our hearts in that world where thousands of hearts are lost.

Heh, this world.

There are no Heartless or Nobodies, save for us, here. Which, I find, very peculiar. There is darkness in the hearts of the inhabitants, but no sign of a Shadow, or a Dusk, can be found. I theorize that if the subject does produce a Heartless, it will in turn, try to get away from us and harvest more hearts. Therefore, I will contain the heart in a case that will not allow escape for either the crystalline heart or dark Heartless unless it is opened.

Speaking of the subject, he does seem to possess a strong heart. By observations, he chooses the power of his heart instead of giving into the choices of darkness. He, apparently, doesn't want to let on to anyone that he is part ghost. Possibly for the fact that his parents are ghost hunters.

The subject is around 14 years old, a little strong-headed and doubtful on a majority of things. He has two friends and a well-rounded family. His friends and sister are the only ones who seem to know about his secret.

Mostly, the subject lives a double-life, regular child by day and specter by night. I believe he will not come easily, I have observed his fights where his ghostly powers are activated, and he seems to be very imposing. We have to be very careful with the subject, failure could mean the loss of both him and our chance of returning to our own world.

Hopefully, Larxene will be able to obtain the sample from the subject without being noticed.

As I write, I sincerely hope that this world will not be shifted like ours in the quest for knowledge of the heart. But, knowing Xemnas, I should hope for something a little more realistic.


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