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My name's Axel. A-X-E-L.

Got it memorized?

I've got a problem at the moment, and I'd really like to try to find some help.

"Sure, Namine. I'll meet you at the library. What time?"

The problem happens to be the person, rather the boy or young man, whichever you'd like to call him, that's sitting next to me.

"Uh, what about 4 o'clock? Does that sound good?"

Plus, the girl whos standing next to the lunch table talking to him.

"Okay, see you then!" The cheery voice echoed through my mind, making my right eye twitch. I watched the retreating blonde as the boy sitting next to me let his eyes linger on her for a bit longer then I would have liked. I snorted, bringing his attention back to the three of us at the table.

My problem is that Roxas talking to Namine greatly, greatly angers me.

Now, I don't have a problem with the girl. She's nice, pretty, and gets good grades. So I can't understand why Roxas talking to her in such a good mood would upset me so.

"Axel, you set my paper on fire didn't you?" I looked at Riku who was holding up his homework that he had let me borrow the other day.

"It fell out of my bookbag. It was a horrible accident, but at least I saved it." I grinned at the silver haired boy who still didn't look happy.

"Now the teachers will know you copied my work because you're the craziest pyro in the school and you're in my class." He said unhappily. He shouldn't frown like that; it ruins his features…for Sora I mean. Sora is upset that he doesn't see the kid he worships smirking. Well he doesn't worship him in public; I just happen to know that his diary is full of Riku's name written in hearts. Good black mail material.

"Axel." He said sternly and I cracked a small laugh.

"Rewrite it?" I answered and received an exasperated sigh from Riku.

"Thing 1 and Thing 2," I looked up to the voice and saw Cloud come over and ruffle Roxas and Sora's hair. Or should I say, his twin brother's hair.

"What is-"

"It, Cloud?" Sora and Roxas timed it perfectly after their many years of practice. When they finished each other's sentences it annoyed Cloud to no end, as seen from the furrowing brows on his face as he took a deep breath.

"I saw Tidus before. He says that the Blitzball game is starting 15 minutes earlier so here are your slips to get out of class." He took out two blue slips so that the blizballers could get ready in time for the 1st home game of the season. I was planning on skipping piano lessons today to see Roxas- I mean the game. I wanted to see the first game. Besides, I liked getting my mom angry; that's why I got the two tattoos under my eyes.

"Are you coming to watch us? Or do-"

"You have 'something' to do with Leon today?" they said again making Cloud wrinkle his nose in annoyance but he contained it.

"Yes, as a matter of fact, I do. We have a Biology poster to put together for class." He straightened himself as if to prove that he was better than them because he was doing projects while they didn't. Poor Cloud doesn't really believe he's smart does he? Leon does most of the projects anyway…

"A Bio project, huh? What's it on?" I asked lazily, seeing if I could get anything interesting from him. I was in fact, since Cloud's face turned a slight shade of pink.

"Well, uh…" He lowered his voice as if the word was poison. "Sex."

"Oh don't worry, Cloud. You and Leon have plenty of experience in that field." I smirked and Cloud started to cough and then glared at me.


"Cloud." We all looked up to see Leon, the king of Sunshine. Also lovingly referred to as Mr. Sunshine. Even though… he seemed more that of a ray of darkness and anger.

"Yeah?" Leon just stared at him, and almost like telepathy, Cloud knew what he was saying. Simply amazing, I think I should do my science project on this when it comes time to do one.

"Okay. See you guys. Good luck on your game!" He poked Sora in the chest and gave Roxas a thumbs up before running after the stalking figure of Leon.

"You'll be there today right, Riku?" Sora turned and looked at Riku with a face that said: "If you don't come I'm sure to lose because I need your support to win." Riku misread the look though, and it looked like he saw it as: "Please come so that after we win the game you can molest me." I knew because Riku had this wild smirk on his face that only meant trouble for little Sora. Not that it seemed like the brunette didn't like it.

"Sure I'll come. Obviously, you need me to be there so that I raise team spirit with my good looks." He stated as if that was a fact, which, it was. But that's besides the point here. Sora looked like he was going to jump for joy and he hugged Riku from the side and Riku oh so casually, put his arm around Sora's waist.

"Axel…" I looked over at the quiet blonde sitting next to me who looked nervous about something.

"Yeah?" In a voice that would let him know I was listening.

"Will…will you be coming?" I thought I was going to strangle him. Of course I was! What was he stupid? Roxas wasn't, I knew that, but obviously, yes I was coming I wouldn't miss him-the game for the world!

"Duh, Roxas. Are you on something today? I told you yesterday I was planning on coming." I reminded him that I did call him yesterday to make sure the time that I had written on my calendar was right. He was my best friend; I couldn't miss his first game.

"But I remember you have piano every Thursday…"

"Axel has piano?" Riku snickered at me and I flipped him off.

"So what? When I become a great pianist and be rolling in dough, you'll be working at some super market with high schoolers that have bad acne."

"But Axel, aren't you already, 'rolling in the dough?'" Sora questioned, referring to the fact that my mother, who was manager of a Disney park in Japan, married my millionaire father.

"But that isn't my dough." I corrected him.

"But you use it." Riku pointed out.

"Whatever, it still isn't mine. Actually, I bet Sora will be the one at the super market. Riku will get control of his dad's world famous bakery and be rolling in both kinds of dough." I laughed slightly at my bad joke but Sora though it was hysterical and almost fell on the floor. Luckily, Riku still had his arm 'casually' wrapped around his waist to keep him from falling. I glanced at Roxas, as a thought of casually wrapping my arm around his waist- no! What are you thinking Axel? Snap out of it! He's your best friend, for-

"So you're skipping piano?" Roxas' beautiful blue eyes gazed into my green ones. Oh my….

"Yeah, uh," the bell rang to save me. We all said goodbye to each other as we went to our different classes, I was going especially fast. I sat down in the empty classroom, as the teacher, Quistis stared at me in surprise.

"You're early…Actually…I almost forgot you were even in my class…" She said trailing off into thought, giving me time to calm myself down.

I think I found the source of the problem earlier. I opened my math textbook to the page written on the board and pulled out some looseleaf to take my mind off the new discovery.

I might have an itsy bitsy crush on my best friend. I sighed and banged my head on the table, Qustis staring at me in confusion about my recent place in her class and then inflicting damage to my head.

This could be solved. It was a microscopic crush. Not important, it would go away. Disappear. Vanish. I sighed as I repeated the words in my head that I usually told everyone else.

'Got it memorized?'

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