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I fidgeted in front of the school and Riku took a glance at me. Sora was standing next to him and after explaining to the over protective older brother Cloud that I had done nothing to harm Roxas; he went on his merry way of making out with Leon behind the school. I leaned off of the front door, paced around, and then went back to leaning on the door.

"Relax, Axel. I'm sure he'll be coming." Riku tried to reassure me as he hid from the pouring rain. It was coming down heavy now, and in front of the school driveway there was flooding. Of course, school was not closed because that's just how it always is. People could be drowning or freezing on their way to school but nope, it wouldn't be closed. Even if a meteor was headed for Earth to kill us all, they would still have school where I live. The bastards.

Looking up, I got excited when I saw some blonde hair approach me until I realize it was Namine. Sighing, I said a weak hello.

"What's wrong?" Namine closed her white umbrella and gestured that maybe it was time to go inside. We went inside and Riku and Sora went to their first class as I followed her to her locker.

"Roxas isn't at school today…" I ran a gloved hand through my hair and sighed. Namine made a slightly annoyed face at me.

"Well of course he isn't. Not after what happened yesterday. Axel, he was very upset."

"I know he was, but it wasn't my fault. Honest it wasn't, Namine." I pleaded with her. She glanced up at me from her locker on the floor and then looked back in to grab the health book.

"I think I can believe you." She said finally and closed her locker, getting up. "But I can't help you. I don't know where he went either. He told me he was coming today-"

"So you've seen him?"

"I saw him yesterday, of course. After the game he came over to my house, looking very upset. I thought it was at first because I hadn't come, I was busy packing. But then he told me that you never showed up. I must say, I was angry at you Axel. You know how Roxas is, and I was rather annoyed that I left him to you when all you did was break his heart." She slightly frowned.

"Wait…so you did like him?" I asked, unsure.

"I didn't think you were that…thick, Axel. I did like him, but he had gushed about you all the time when he came over, I knew that he only saw me as I friend." She sighed and I noticed that we were now entering the room and heading towards our double desk. "But, I did see him yesterday. He left late yesterday saying he wanted to be alone, surprisingly. But he did say he was going to come to school…" She trailed off as Mansex wandered into the room, holding posters that had only God knows what kind of pictures on them.

I didn't pay attention to him during the class, and as soon as lunch had come around, I made up my mind. Sneaking out of the cafeteria, I started down the hall to get to my locker where Mansex had told me where rain coats belonged. Quickly but quietly I unlocked it, grabbed my coat, and closed it.

"May I ask where you think you are going?" Turning around, I saw Zexion standing behind me with Demyx dancing around with his iPod on. The things you see your teachers doing while you are out of class.

"Going out for lunch?" I smiled widely and Zexion's frown only increased.

"You skipped out on detention yesterday-"

"It wasn't my fault!" I interrupted, catching him by surprise. He took a second to regain his composure and then continued.

"I require a note if it was family business."

"I'll give you your note tomorrow, but right now I'm hungry."

"You do know we don't let students out to lunch on days when it is raining like this." He motioned his hand towards the nearby window that showed it was still raining heavily. I opened my mouth, but finding nothing to say to that, I shut it.

"Detention is now today, and an hour longer, Axel. Have a nice day."

"Professor, please!" He stopped in the middle of his turn. Professor Demyx bumped into him in the middle of his dance, and ignoring the slight glare from Zexion, he continued down the hall. Sighing, he turned back around.

"What is it?"

"Roxas hasn't come back to school. No one knows where he is."

"And?" I looked at Zexion's bland expression with confusion. Wasn't he the one who told me to go after Roxas and now he's blocking my way? "If you had said that you were going to go out looking for him, then that's something else. But from what I've heard, you haven't said anything along those-"

'That's what I mean Professor!" I exclaimed.

"Why didn't you say so?" A twitch of a smirk appeared on his face. He is so-

Now is not the time for me to be thinking about how much Zexion is an ass.

"You can go." He shoo-ed me away. "Just don't tell anyone else I let you do it. I had nothing to do with this." He started to push me towards the door. "I think Demyx is rubbing off on me…" He mumbled under his breath but after I sent him a grin he looked away.

"Quickly before you get weekend detention too." He crossed his arms and started back down the hall and was instantly jumped by Demyx who was 'hiding' behind the lockers. I have a feeling Professor Zexion knew he was there.

Running outside, I knew that putting my hood on would make no difference now. Even with all the hair gel I used, my hair drooped down as the rain fell full force on top of my head. I still put my hood up, pulled up on my boots to make sure they were on tight, and started my run across town looking for the little blonde.

Things didn't start off anywhere near good. Anyone that was crazy enough to be outside at the moment said they hadn't seen Roxas or didn't know who he was. I didn't really find that surprising; he liked to keep to himself. Stopping in front of the café, I walked inside to check the time. My stomach happened to growl at that exact time, and the hostess took it upon herself to push poor hungry me into a booth. After fussing over how wet I was, she hurried away back to her place. Pulling off my hood, I banged my head on the table. Looking back up, I saw the confused waitress staring at me. Gaping, she hurried to ask me what I would like to drink.

"Just give me a can of soda and some chips." I answered, annoyed that I was hungry at a time like this. She hurried off and I looked at the clock. I started at around 12:15 taking into account the run in with the Professors… It had been almost 3 hours since I started. Groaning, I opened up the bag of chips she had just returned with. Why did he have to be so good at hiding? Now I wish we hadn't played hide and seek all those times as kids. He always found the best hiding spots…

Blinking, I stared at my soda can. Best hiding spots… Roxas would hide in that stupid tiny park every time all of us would play. No one went in there because it was dirty and it was a rumored that an ax murderer was in there, but Roxas did and everyone always made me go get him. Getting up, I threw a few dollars on the table, grabbed my can of soda, and walked back outside in the rain. I wondered if it was still even there; we haven't been to the other side of town in a long time. Not since our parents banned us from playing Hide and Seek because Sora didn't know he had chosen to hide in a freezer.

Finding it hard to read the street signs through the rain, I eventually made my way to where I remembered the park being. Stopping, I found the gates covered up in vines and moss and other plant like things. A man was sleeping under the arch to hide from the rain and I silently went pass him. Of course I decided to not take the paved roads in my frantic searching for Roxas and got lost.

Sighing I looked around, not finding any paved roads but a bunch of dirty roads.

"Why me?" I huffed and slid down to kneel on the ground. Couldn't I have been smart for once and just waited at school? He obviously would have come back for his blitzball game. Right? No, I had to go and be the valiant knight in a rain coat and find him. Instead, I had gotten lost. This isn't going so well. Roxas will get even more upset when he finds me not at his game again, all because I'm lost in some park that is more like a forest.

I heard some shuffling feet and I turned around. Seeing no one I went back to thinking of how I was going to get out of this mess. Again, I heard footsteps, and once again I didn't see anyone. Is there really an ax murderer in these woods? Oh my God, I'm going to be chopped into tiny pieces. I'll never get to tell everyone that there was a crazy man in the park! Everyone else will be in danger! Getting up I turned around in circles frantically.

Relax Axel, all the stress is making you crazier. There is no Ax-


"Shit! Don't chop me up!" I yelled and spun on my heel. Instead of a big bulky guy standing with an ax, I saw a messy mop of wet blond hair sticking out from under a rain coat similar to mine.

"I told you a long time ago," A gloved hand reached up and took of the hood to reveal Roxas' sad face. "There is no murderer in the park."

"Roxas!" I grabbed him by the shoulders. "Roxas do you know how upset everyone is? Everyone is wondering where you are, they miss you!"

"That's nice to know," he said in a dark under tone as he started walking away from me.

"Where are you going? You have a blitzball game to go to!"

"I'm not going." He replied as I followed him through the park.

"Why not? Roxas please come back. We miss you." Roxas found a paved road and was headed towards a bench. "Roxas, come on man." Sitting down, he glanced at me and then lowered his eyes to the floor.

"Why were you looking for me? They sent you didn't they?"

"Roxas I- oh," I slapped my hand over my face. I came here to apologize and I hadn't down that yet! "Roxas, listen, yesterday wasn't my fault. I got held up at home. Family problems, you know." Roxas still wouldn't look at me. "Roxas, it was my father, what do you think I could have done? I tried to get out, I did, but I couldn't. My mom straightened him out at dinner but by the time I got to the stadium the game was over. You weren't there."

"You told me you would be there…"

"I couldn't be there Roxas! I'm sorry, I know how you are. Please listen to me, I tried everything to get there, I wanted to be there Roxas. I wanted to watch the game. I wanted to watch you, Roxas." I ran a hand through my hair trying to think of something else to say, but Roxas remained quiet.

"So…why are you out here in the park while it's pouring anyway?" I asked, trying to buy myself some time.

"I wanted to see, if it could really happen."

"What happen?"

"If you would really come looking for me."

"Of course I would, Roxas. I would do anything… I mean I really…I uh…" I stumbled trying to think of something to say again. "Ah shit, I don't know how to say this. But, I really am sorry; I missed you. I don't know what I'm saying right now, ummm…" Roxas stood up from the bench and took a step towards me.

"I uh… please forgive me?" I sputtered out. There, let's try that approach.

"Why should I?" He looked down at the ground. Dropping my mouth open, I shut it again.

"Why?" I blinked. "Why? That's what you say? Why the hell would I be asking for you to forgive my ass even if it wasn't my fault? I care if you're mad at me because…I want you to forgive me because… because…" Roxas looked back up at me, my green eyes meeting his perfect blue ones.

"Because what?" Roxas asked innocently, like he wasn't trying to tempt me. Of course it worked because I couldn't take it anymore. Leaning down, I took Roxas' face with my hands and pressed my lips against his. Roxas must have known I would have done it because he instantly pushed up against mine. I felt his gloved hands knot into my hair and I pulled his face closer. Brushing my tongue against his bottom lip, Roxas let out a small gasp, giving me the chance to slip my tongue into his mouth. Roxas tasted so good… and then he was gone. Reopening my eyes, I saw a smirking Roxas.

"That's all you get for today," he said smirking.


"Well, even if it wasn't your fault, you still broke a promise. So you get the 'shortened version'."

"And when do I get the 'longer version?'" I asked with a grin, wrapping my arms around his waist.

"Hmmm…I don't know." He replied. "Besides," His voice was slowly returning to the less excited way it always is. "I have a blitzball game to play."

"And if anyone in your new town gives you trouble, call me. I'll set their hair on fire. All of their hair." I grinned at Namine who had just put her last suitcase of things into the moving van.

"I'll be sure to do that." She smiled and looked at the blonde I had my arms wrapped around. "And Roxas, if Axel doesn't buy you a stuffed animal you like, call me. I'll help you figure out a way to make him suffer." She laughed and Roxas smiled back.

"A farewell cake!" Riku's father bounced into view with a gigantic cake decorated with white and pink frosting. "Her name shall be Sharlene, and she shall be yours." He handed it to Namine who, by this time was used to Sephiroth's baking obsession, took it with a smile knowing it would taste good. "Eat it counter clock wise from the first cut and she shall taste marvelous!" He clapped his hands together.

"Oh be careful dear, have a nice time. Come back for visits! I'd love to spend some more time getting to know you." My mother smiled and gave Namine a hug along with Riku's mom who seemed to be cutting off Namine's circulation. Riku coughed loudly, making Nina let go of her.

"Have fun, Namine!" Sora broke free from Riku's hold to give Namine a hug.

"Keep us all updated on what's going on." Riku added. Namine nodded and turned back to Roxas.

"I'll come back every summer okay? And I'll write. I promise." Roxas nodded.

"I'll miss you," I released him and he gave her a long hug.

"Okay, that's enough tears for now. You'll see her soon." Namine's father walked by as he loaded the last of the furniture into the moving van. Roxas let go of Namine and retreated back to me. Namine got into the back seat of her dad's old convertible and waved.

"Bye guys!" She smiled and off she went while everyone was waving back to her. We soon all dispersed, and Roxas and I decided to go to the arcade.

"I still want that stuffed animal." Roxas grinned up at me from here I had pinned him down on my bed.

"Well, we can't get everyone thing we want can we?" I smirked as Roxas glanced back at the commercial that was for the limited time offer of the stuffed animals he collected. He had collected quite a lot lately, making my piggy bank run dry.

"Well, you might not be able to, but I can." He smiled innocently. Smirking I brought my lips fiercely down on his, sliding my tongue into his mouth in an instant. He moaned softly and started to tangle his tongue with mine. But then he pulled away sharply and I soon found him on top of me.

"I want to be on top." He pouted.

"Sorry, but you are obviously uke material." Roxas frowned at first but then grinned evilly.

"Well, I say I can be on top this time because I can do this." Roxas placed his hands on my chest and I felt a strong sensation from a sensitive area as Roxas swiveled his hips against mine. I shut my eyes, trying to bite back a moan but failed. Opening my eyes back to a smirking Roxas, I flipped him back over, crashing my hips onto his.

"Well I can make you do a lot more things than that." I leaned my head down to his face.

"Really now? I don't believe you. I think I need a demonstration." Roxas said, lacing his voice with innocence.

"I'll be happy to give you one." I grinned, crashing my lips against his again.

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