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Teaser: oh, to see her smile

Notes: Ninian/Rath is my original crack pairing. In fact, I have a five-piece work on them. I'll get it edited and revised eventually. If you haven't read it, and aren't completely through by the crazy pairing, check it out and tell me what you think. It's called Calamnity.

Theme #69 for the lj community, twisted to suit my purposes. XD


Rath knew what love was. He knew what duty and sorrow and pain and agony and joy were. He might be a man of little words, but he was not a man of little emotions.

But he could not explain the tightening of his chest as her shy smile fluttered across her pale face.

The first time Ninian smiled at Rath, he nearly dropped his bow. Nearly. But hard work and dedication to being cool and aloof at all times kept his grip tight.

It was such a shock to see it, the slight curve of lips. It wasn't much, as Ninian didn't have much reason for smiling, but it stopped him dead in his tracks. There was just something about it, something innocent and sweet and a bit like home. It held a tinge of promise and a scent of hope and it was absurdly beautiful, as if the gods themselves had painted it onto her mouth.

"Thank you, Rath," she said with a light bow, her elegant coils of silk twining around her body. Her fingers hold the water he had handed to her are loose and narrow and wonderfully soft.

He managed a nod for her and she scampered off. For a long moment, he stared after her, unable to move or think.

Then his mind started to work. But that the thoughts that came with it made him wish his idiotic brain remained completely blank. Foolish man. The thoughts that penetrated his mind deserved no place there. He was at war and such thoughts had been deemed unfit during such times.


Ninian had the most beautiful smile he had ever seen. And it amazed him that he had never seen it on her before.

Clicking his tongue, his horse moved to obey the silence command. Kicking up dirt and gravel, Rath charged away.

Perhaps he would work a little harder to see Ninian's smile once more.

notes: this is my OTP pairing. Crack or otherwise. I dunno. I'd just think… well… maybe they'd have great chemistry, ya know? Of course, I'm crazy so… don't go by whatever I say…