No Need for Destiny

Chapter 1

No Need for an Intro

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"Nabiki," gasped Akane, cradling the phone, "where are you?"

"In Wakkanai," came the tired voice. "Grandfather Happosai's stupid little spell sent us to the northern-most part of Japan. Ranma and I would have called sooner, but between fighting the colds from ending up about a mile into the Sea of Okhotsk, and trying to find room and board with nothing but our nightclothes, you can understand it taking three days to contact you."

"Did the pervert try anything?" asked Akane.

"Sis, you know I'm getting tired of hearing that pervert crap from you. You and I both know Ranma is far from a pervert."

"But he—"

"Akane," interrupted Nabiki, "I don't have time to listen to your active imagination. We finally managed to get some tickets back, thanks to a local branch of my bank being here. Now, let everyone know we're okay, and we'll be home as soon as we can."

"But Nabiki," began Akane, "he might try anything."

"Akane, seriously, get some help. I know Kuno grates on one's sanity. But seriously, you act like Ranma's no better than Happosai."

The girl shrunk a bit into herself. She would occasionally admit that Ranma had his moments. And she might even lo-lo-lo ... like him. But he was always hanging out with the other girls.

And now he was alone—had been alone for three days—with Nabiki. "I'm just worried, Nabiki."

"Then worry about things that might happen, Akane. Seriously, you can't expect him to remain single forever if you beat him every time you have a fight."

"But he makes me so mad!" growled out Akane.

"Listen, I don't have the funds to keep this call going. We'll be home in a day or two. Let everyone know, and tell them the first one planning a surprise wedding gets your mallet upside their head."

"But how can we get a hold of you?"

"Akane, I'm using a pay phone before we head out, and my cell phone is in my room. Seriously, little sister, trust me and trust Ranma."

"Okay, I guess I can," mumbled Akane.

"Well, I got to go. Later."

"Later," mumbled Akane, hanging up the phone, and plodding her way to tell Kasumi of the good news.

Ranma, you do anything perverted to my sister, and even Happosai will look better than you when I'm finished beating you.

Sighing, Nabiki had Pi cut the link to the telephone system. It had been a simple matter for the system to patch in and connect her to the Dojo, and it wasn't like she hadn't had time to make the story up.

After all, how were the others to know that she and Ranma had been gone far longer than three days?

In the time they really had been gone, many things had changed, she had changed most of all, and nothing would ever be the same for them again.


Turning in her chair, she saw her step-son bowing before her. Growling a bit, she stood up. "I really wish you wouldn't do that to me."

Smiling, the blond man stood up. "But that's why I do it."

Sighing and shaking her head, she smoothed out her robes. "Too much like your Father, I swear." Taking a cleansing breath, she looked at him once more. "How can I help you?"

"I ... I'd like to see Mother."

Nabiki nodded. She knew the man had been waiting for this time almost as long as she and Ranma had. "You have our support. You can go ahead of us if you wish. Ranma and I need to finalize some of the computer changes so that we shouldn't have to worry too much on Earth."

Smiling, the man stood up. "I'll try and keep Mother calm, and tell her the truth if she doesn't remember."

Nabiki nodded. She could understand if the woman didn't remember. The tabs they had kept on her when they could didn't spell good tidings for the altered memories and their effect on the woman. "Just enjoy meeting your family, and try not to make me out to be too much of an evil step-mother."

Smiling, the guy faded from sight as he transported to his ship.

Turning towards the main screen, Nabiki smiled, wondering what her own family would think if they knew the truth. "Pi, let him out, but make certain the cloak stays on. I don't want any of the Masakis or other Jurai guardian ships to know we're here."

"And as you can see, the dual bedrooms have excellent views," said the teenager, a young woman helping out the landlord show a penthouse apartment, which in turn helped lower her rent just a bit to let her stay.

Nodding, the gentleman looked around. "Yes, I can say my daughter will love this place, Ms. Kino."

"May I ask why your daughter is not living at home, sir?" asked Makoto.

Smiling, the man nodded. "Of course; and call me Ranma, all my friends do.

"Anyway, she wants to get out and spread her wings a bit before college. Her Mother and I do worry, but she's skilled enough in the family art to take care of herself against any dark force that comes out around here."

Makoto blinked. The girl was a martial artist. "Wow, maybe we could spar."

Ranma nodded. "I'm certain she'd love that. Hell, she might teach you a few bits of the family style if she likes you enough."

Makoto was in a daze. She'd get a great training partner, and learn a family style!

"Hell, I know she's looking for a roommate. If you'd like, I can have her contact you later tonight and see if you guys can work something out."

Makoto blinked. "But I couldn't afford—"

Ranma just chuckled. "Who said you'd be paying rent? I'm not offering to buy your friendship, but I know my daughter would love a roommate she could trust, and you strike me as just that type of girl, Ms. Kino. Besides, far be it from me not to help someone out. Just promise me you won't be a bad influence on my daughter, and I have no problem with letting you both live here for free."

"Um ... maybe, but I'd have to talk to her first, sir," smiled Makoto. If these people weren't out to conquer the world, far be it for her to turn down free room and board in the penthouse.

Hell, for this apartment, she'd put up with a horny Haruka.

Nodding, Ranma smiled. "A bright girl you are. We have a family dinner tonight, but I think I could spare her this one night to meet you."

Agreeing with him, she escorted Ranma out of the apartment to go sign the lease.

The others watched as the wooden ship soon landed in the lake before the house, pulling alongside the dock, as a man with blond hair emerged from the hatch.

Considering how many guests arrived at the Masaki home with intent to either kidnap, kill, absorb, or marry, the girls and Tenchi were admittedly standoffish, and perhaps a little trigger happy.

"Hello," said the man. "Is Lady Washu here?"

"What do you want with her?" growled out Ryoko, her energy sword already formed.

Smiling, the man walked forward, bowing before Ryoko. "I am merely a man looking for a piece to his past, and believe she may wish to help me."

Before the others could speak, Washu popped up between the two. "Oh; and why is that?" she asked, her curiosity peaked.

Reaching into his shirt, he pulled out a small triangle pendant. "This was given to me a little less than 20,000 years ago to me by my Mother. She couldn't be with me, so she gave me this to prove her love, before sealing her memories away. She knew that if she didn't, she'd never be able to do what she needed to do.

"Sadly, this also caused her to believe my Father had stolen me from her."

"Um, you look familiar," said Mihoshi.

Smiling the man nodded. "I should, great-granddaughter."

Her eyes widening, Mihoshi let out a happy squeal, as she ran up to the man, hugging him. "Great-grandpa!"

"You know him?" timidly asked Sasami, her instincts telling her this was all too familiar.

The man nodded. "My name is Mikumo Kuramitsu; son of Ranma Saotome Kuramitsu."

Hearing that name, Washu felt anger begin to boil in her, not knowing why. "Why is that name familiar?"

"Um, because he just told us," said Mihoshi, causing everyone but said man to face-fault.

Patting his great-granddaughter's arm, the man continued to smile, before releasing her and helping Washu back to her feet, offering her the necklace.

In it, the triangle itself was divided into three others. In each one, a symbol was shown.

But what interested Washu was the symbol on the bottom one; it was the symbol on her forehead when she ascended.

"My Mother told my father that that symbol was there to always point to my heart, to remind me of where I'd always be in my Mother's heart."

Seeing tears begin to fall from Washu's eyes, the others circled them, wondering what was going on.

Seeing their confusion, as well as the emotions playing across Washu's face, he continued. "When her memories were sealed, my Mother altered them, trying to ensure she'd never come across my Father again.

"So for 20,000 years, I waited to one day meet my Mother. If I did before she broke her own seal, I knew I'd risk undoing everything she had done."

"Who was your Mother?" asked Sasami, slightly crying at the story.

"Miyah?" asked Ryo-Ohki.

Smiling the man tilted Washu's head back a bit, to stare into her eyes. "My Mother's name was Washu Hakubi. When I was born, her seal on her Goddess side was breached. So in fact, my Mother is really Washu, Goddess of Knowledge."

Tears streaming down her face, Washu shifted to her adult form, before embracing Mikumo in a fierce hug. "My son," she whispered, "my son has returned to me."

Looking up a bit, enjoying the final reunion with her, he saw the weird looks on the faces of the others. "After Z, I was finally allowed to be reunited with her."

"But that was months ago," said Tenchi. "And how do you even remember it?"

Smiling, he backed up a bit, still holding his Mother to him. "I remember the same way most of you do: because I have the blood of the Kami in me.

"As for the other," he said, arching his brow at Tenchi, "someone's little battle knocked the ship I was on across the universe. Do you have any idea how long it takes to get back to this galaxy through Hyperspace from the Outer Edge?"

Ryoko was about to yell at him for glaring at Tenchi, when Mihoshi pulled her into a hug. "Yeah! That means we're family, Ryoko!"

Soon, both Hakubis passed out onto the deck; one from the utter joy of being reunited with her lost son, and the other from finding out she shared a few genes with Mihoshi.

Looking at the readings once again and seeing no signs that they had been observed from either Earth or Jurai, Nabiki Tendo Kuramitsu looked over the reports they had received from back home. So far, there had been no attempts to seize power, no moves to steal company control, and her step-granddaughter had reappeared in GP HQ, cleaning up a storm. I can't believe Ranma and I helped spawn something that makes Kasumi look like a slob.

Not that Nabiki hated the children. She had raised them as her own, and they thought of her children as much as family.

Of course, even mothers as old as her had problems loving her own kids.

"But I wanted to do this on my own!" whined one such child of Ranma and Nabiki Kuramitsu.

"Damn it, Ranko," said Nabiki, "we've been over this. You don't have any real experience on Earth, and we'll be damned if we send you in there with nothing but a credit card and a pat on the back."

"But I'm eighteen," she whined.

"And I'm over 20,000. You want to get into a contest of wills here? If so, I can call Seto-chan and see if she knows of any available men for you."

Ranko paled. It wasn't that she was afraid of her sister-in-law.

She wasn't.

She was fucking terrified of the woman who even scared the Emperor of Jurai. The woman had been known to put as much chaos into people's love lives as her Father brought into normal lives. Her last stunt had ended up with some guy from Earth married to eight women! She simply wasn't known as the Devil Princess of Jurai simply because she was a terror on the battlefield.

Single nobles ran in fear of her, and ugly ones prayed for her attention. She was too young to become a first wife, a second wife, a third wife...

"Good," said Nabiki, noticing her daughter's immediate change in attitude. "Now, go talk with Pi about what your Father set up for you, and get into contact with that Makoto Kino. Your Father says she should be comfortable as a roommate, and that you can teach her the family style."

Ranko blinked. "Dad okayed that?"

Nabiki nodded. "Seems like he found a soft spot in his heart for her, and thinks she'd do good to learn it."

Ranko nodded. Her Father had a good sense about these things. "So, how far should I hold back?"

Nabiki paused a bit. "Well, a lot as far as I remember. That Seina kid was pretty weak, so have Pi get his old scans before enhancement and run some simulations to get the feel.

"Of course, feel free to crank it up a notch for any uglies or morons you meet there. There's been a lot of youma activity and such there if I remember correctly."

"Well Mom, they say the mind's the first thing to go," said her daughter.

"Pi, can we contact Seto about a marriage for Ranko?"

The quick breeze let her know her daughter had fled. "Ah, the joys of parenthood."

Smiling, she had to wonder how long it would be before he daughter realized that her parents didn't like to hang out too often with Seto.

After all, Ranma wasn't looking for a second wife, no matter how much Seto offered to help.

Akane just glared at the Fathers. "Really, are you two that stupid?"

"But as a loving and caring fiancée," said Soun, "you should go fetch him."

Akane, sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose yet again. "But they are on their way, and we have no idea which route they're taking to get here."

"Don't worry," said Genma, "we'll find them. I can find anything!" he boasted.

"Anything but a job," muttered Akane. "Listen, they'll be here in a day or so, and I don't see why we should waste money we don't have to."

"It will be so good to have them back home," said Kasumi. "Maybe I should make Ranma and Nabiki's favorites for dinner tomorrow?"

Akane smiled. "Oh, I'll help!" Before anyone could stop her, Akane had taken off into the kitchen, displaying a speed only seen when a Saotome male was told that food had been prepared.

The Fathers paled. "Tendo?"

"Yes, Saotome?"

"I think we need to have a meeting somewhere tomorrow, don't we?"

Soun thought for a moment, realizing his friend's plan. "Quite right, let me check the appointment calendar for the Council, and see."

Kasumi just smiled. Internally, she wondered if they had any spare cooking sets left. When Akane cooked, the current cooking set almost always needed to be replaced.

But she was getting better. The last attempt didn't eat through the pot until after she finished cooking.

"Oh, I wonder what Ranma-kun and Nabiki-chan were up to while they've been away? Uncle Happosai never did say where he sent them."

Planet Jurai: T-20,000 years, give or take a leap year...

Nabiki sighed as she stared into the small campfire Ranma had made. They had been in these woods for only three days.

And damned if her city-girl instincts were demanding a cappuccino this very second!

Shaking her head a bit as caffeine withdrawal kicked in once again, she began to look at what else was messed up in her life at the moment.

Three days ago, Grandfather Happosai—soon to be the late Grandfather Happosai when she returned home—had been chasing Ranma, and cast a spell meant to "banish him away until he learned to appreciate his Master ... and wear those silkie darlins' that I worked so hard to find".

This was cast after Ranma had been blown through Nabiki's wall as she prepared for bed.

So, one messed up spell which made her seriously start to wonder if Happosai could actually read, and she ended up in the woods with Ranma wearing only her oversized nightshirt and a pair of panties.

And when Ranma looked up and admitted the stars didn't look familiar, she freaked out a bit.

Flashback three days ago...


Ranma gulped, wishing for the moment he had on more than a tattered t-shirt and his boxers. "The constellations aren't there."

Nabiki took a few deep breaths, trying to calm herself. "Okay, then where are we?"

Ranma just shrugged his shoulders. "Beats me."

Nabiki flexed her fingers, making movements like she was choking someone, trying not to strangle the boy. She was cold, tired, and now she was lost; so she felt it could be forgiven for her not acting like she normally would. "So what do we do ... now?" she finished, as she looked before her. "Where did you get this stuff?" she asked, motioning towards the tent, sleeping bags, and the campfire.

Ranma blinked. "Oh, I always carry it."


"Hidden weapons technique."

"And when did you learn this?"

Ranma smirked. "Mousse's used it so many times on me; even Kasumi could've learned it."

"So you carry around a tent and sleeping bags everywhere you go."



Ranma sighed. "Because Akane doesn't always wait for me to reply before sending me flying with something."

"Two sleeping bags?"

Ranma shrugged. "Never know who'll get sent with me."

Smirking, as she felt a few necessities get taken care of, she turned her Ice Queen persona on full. "So, Saotome, any clothes for me in there?"

Ranma smiled as he pulled something out.

"I am not wearing a bunny costume in the woods," she growled.

Back to the campfire...

She smiled at that as she fingered the Chinese silk shirt she was wearing. Lucky, his clothes, adjustable for his cursed form which was smaller than her, were at least somewhat better than going around practically nude. His slippers took a while to get used to, but then again, better than barefoot.

Of course, things were hardly any better now than they had been three days ago. The stars still were off, the plants looked off, and even Ranma said it didn't feel anything like home.

Currently, her new provider was off catching their meal for the night, as they had been traveling to find any signs of life where they were.

Nabiki had been trying not to take advantage as she normally did. She believed the odds were good that the soon-to-be-dead pervert had transported them somewhere off of Earth, which meant Ranma could very well be the only person left on this world.

And being alone for the remainder of her life was not something she would like to occur.

And being the last two people around really took the pride out of earning money. "I wonder if this is what those two kids of Evangelion felt like when they woke up."

Besides, it was a bad idea to piss off the only person who could ensure you lived through the week.

So, she stayed busy doing whatever Ranma trusted her to do; thankfully this rarely included cooking anything other than soup, as Nabiki was only slightly better than Akane in some culinary activities.

Two days ago...

Ranma could only stare. "How could you melt the pot?"

"I really don't know," muttered Nabiki as she held up the new paperweight. Maybe I should ask Kasumi for lessons when we get back. I think whatever Akane has is catching.

Ranma sighed. "And there wasn't even a fire lit yet."

Back to the campfire...

"Hey, Nabiki, I got dinner!" chimed the happy Ranma-chan, holding a bunch of fresh fish.

Nabiki smiled, holding out the small kettle for Ranma to change back, as well as a small bath kit. "Good, put them in the pot, I've already got the veggies in there. Now, go get that fish smell off you."

Ranma shrugged, before pointing at Nabiki. "You get to come too, you've got laundry."

Sighing, the girl stood as she stoked the fire a bit. Having only two outfits each really got old after a while.

But at least Ranma said there are people in that direction. Who knows, I could be sleeping in a soft bed by this time next week!

One week later...

Nabiki was panting for breath, trying to stay hidden in the foliage.

Sure, they found people, and they looked human.

They also were very pissed about Ranma and Nabiki being there. There was no doubt about the intentions of that group of men, as they said nothing but "DIE!" as they descended on them.

Ranma had been able to get her behind the tree using the Umisenken, and reappeared before the onslaught to ensure they did not find her. Though she was slightly scared that he kept them near, she knew it was because Ranma didn't want to take the chance that they would find her if he led some of them away.

"Surrender; and we shall make your death quick!" yelled out the apparent leader.

Though Nabiki had yet to see that man step forward and engage Ranma as the other soldiers had, it was obvious this was the person calling the shots.

Observing him, she would have to compare him to Tatewaki Kuno. The guy moved with skill, though how much could not be determined. She could tell he had a lack of confidence in his own abilities, as he made no hint that he wished to be in there fighting as well, and this unconscious lack of confidence was growing as Ranma incapacitated more of his warriors.

Come on, Ranma, she thought, you've got to win!

In the near two weeks, Nabiki had come to one single realization: her life was attached to Ranma's now. If he died for any reason, it would be only a matter of time before Nabiki herself followed. Despite her small skills she had gained in both martial arts and surviving in the wilderness—both at the boredom and assistance of Ranma—she knew it was neither enough to face the current foes Ranma was fighting, nor was it enough to survive on her own.

So, since her life literally depended on Ranma winning, she made herself as small as target as possible. She would not make the same mistake Akane would make, and charge out there like she was enough to help. Nabiki realized her limits, and decided to stay as long as it would help Ranma.

"Not bad, you almost hit me, if I was a kilometer in that direction!" teased Ranma, as soon several members of the attacking party were caught inside a Hiryü Shöten Ha.

Man, he must be desperate, thought Nabiki, as she watched Ranma start to pull out more moves to remove their attackers from play.

As Ranma came out of the tornado, and his victims fell to the ground, he began to launch the Möko Takabishas one right after the other.

Maybe we'll make it!

Of all the fucking luck!

Nabiki was cursing as she and Ranma sat in some jail made of branches that even Ranma couldn't break, cut, or blast. "Well, Saotome, what now?"

Ranma merely sat down. "Now we hope they listen and my Pops didn't piss them off somehow."

"THAT'S YOUR BIG PLAN?" she yelled.

Ranma sighed. "Not like we can do much else until we meet this Emperor guy. My attacks are being blocked, and these people have heavy weaponry that'll kill you, even if we run."

Nabiki took several minutes to calm herself. This was worse than the woods. There, all she had to worry about was Ranma getting sick, or them not finding a meal for the day.

"And if they don't listen?" she asked, hesitation and fear in her voice.

Ranma sank into his seat a little more. "Don't ask, cause it ain't a pretty thought."

She nodded, before moving over to him, sitting beside him, and leaning into his shoulder, not caring that his arm was around her waist, pulling her in to a deeper hug. Nabiki knew that if the Emperor didn't listen, then Ranma would be forced to fight his way out.

Might still have to if the guy was the usual nut job that found their way to the Tendo Dojo on occasion.

If I'm going out, I'm going to do it on my terms. With that thought, Nabiki turned to her partner. "Saotome?"

"Yeah," he mumbled, still staring off into space, trying to figure a way to counter the field that was blocking most of his abilities.

"Thanks," she said. She knew most women would go for the last kiss, to experience something they could take joy in before they faced death; a standard cliché in the movie world and some stories.

That wasn't Nabiki. She'd choose her own terms to deal with things.

Besides, such things should be saved for after you made it out alive.

"The Emperor will see you now, prisoners," said the guard.

Slowly standing, Nabiki did allow herself one thing: she grabbed his hand and held on for dear life.

And with that, they were escorted by over three dozen heavily armed guards to meet the Emperor of Jurai.

Omake by Euphemism:

"I am not wearing a bunny costume in the woods," she growled.

"Too bad," Ranma growled back. "Remember, Akane did the laundry last week. This is all I have left."

She tugged at the felt rabbit ears that for some reason would not come off. Ranma had fought off the knights fairly easily, but somehow he missed the one carrying the 'Holy Hand Grenade of Antioch', and was blown away. Now she was running away from a pack of knights, trying to find the pigtailed martial artist.

And once she found him... she'd show that stuffy wizard. Only a mile wide? Oh, she definitely show him just how wide a vicious streak she had.

Omakes by CatOnFire:

Smirking, as she felt a few necessities get taken care of, she turned her Ice Queen persona on full. "So, Saotome, any clothes for me in there?"

Ranma smiled as he pulled something out.

"..." Nabiki stared at the an extra lacy teddy Ranma pulled out, not just any teddy mind you, but the one Ranma wore on his last photo shoot to pay off an outstanding debt.

Ahhh, sweet revenge...

---OMAKE #2---

Akane just glared at the Fathers. "Really, are you two that stupid?"

"But as a loving and caring fiancée," said Soun, "you should go fetch him."

Akane, sighed, rubbing the bridge of her nose yet again. "But they are on their way, and we have no idea which route they're taking to get here."

"Don't worry," said Genma, "we'll find them. I can find anything!" he boasted.

"Anything but a job," muttered Akane.

"Or that 100 yen you owe me." said Soun.

"Or my La Blur Girl box set." Happosai said as he popped in suddenly.

"Or the sweet spot." sighed Nodoka, "I drew you a map and everything." She looked at her katana as Genma started to sweat in the background. "How... unmanly."

"Or that dowry of 100 bottles of sake poor mister Tanaka asked about." Kasumi replied sweetly not wanting to be left out on the nice little game everyone else was playing.

"WHAAAT!" cried Akane, Soun, Happosai and Nodoka in unison.

"Husband what is the meaning of this!"
"What about the schools!"
"Panda No Baka!"
"Ungrateful student! You didn't share any booze with me!"
"Oh My!"

We shall leave this scene of violence so not to disturb the readers already upset stomach. Genma and Happosai, La Blue Girl fans? shudder

Omake by crystlshake:

Three days ago, Grandfather Happosai—soon to be the late Grandfather Happosai when she returned home—had been chasing Ranma, and cast a spell meant to "banish him away until he learned to appreciate his Master ... and wear those silkie darlins' that I worked so hard to find".

This was cast after Ranma had been blown through Nabiki's wall as she prepared for bed.

So, one messed up spell which made her seriously start to wonder if Happosai could actually read, and she ended up in the woods with Ranma wearing only her oversized nightshirt and a pair of panties. She was just as stunned to find herself in his boxers and tattered t-shirt. Though it was initially shocking finding her male companion in her 'silky darlings', it wasn't a total loss...