This story takes place a few years after the MaloMyotismon incident. The older DigiDestined are in college, and the younger ones are in their senior year of highschool with Cody as an exception. I do not own any of the Digimon characters, but I own the name of The Dark Jester.


Tai stood next to a figure dressed in a tan brown robe with his hood covering his face. The two stood on the rooftops, staring out into the night sky.

"Everynight, its the same." Tai said, "The face keeps haunting me."

Everyone with life has nightmares.

In the pitch blackness, a jokish giggle was heard from within.

"What kind of face was it?" The hooded figure asked Tai.

From the blackness of Tai's mind, the giggling revealed its face, showing a mask with a large grin on its face. The face popped out of the darkness, now laughing. Tai turned towards the hooded figure.

"A clown."

Will this new face be the end of him?

Tai stood in the middle of the pouring rain. He grabbed his hair and screamed to the night sky in pain.

Or will it be his savior?

Tai held a mask that resembled the exact details of the clown's face in his dreams. He slowly put the mask on, letting its powers consume him.

A hero of darkness will come.

A group of hooded gangsters surrounded Sora, grabbing her and kissing her neck and hands.

"Help!" Sora screamed, "Someone please help me!"

To save those whom he loves.

The clown of Tai's dreams appears before a criminal. He walked out from the shadows of the trees.

"You can fool others, but you cannot fool a fool." The clown said, "But not just any fool, a jester. A Dark Jester."

From a returning evil.

"He's back." Tai said. Sora slowly approuched Tai from behind. She placed her hand on Tai's right shoulder.

"Who Tai?" Sora asked, "Who's back."

Tai looked at Sora with a scared look on his face.


But this time,

The Dark Jester jumped off from the high point of the rooftops and descended below to the dark streets.

In order todefeat darkness,

The clown fought off an army of dark figured Digimon. With only knives at his disposal, against Digimon with swords.

Send darkness against them.

The Dark Jester stood before the human figure that claimed to be Apoclymon.

"It ends here." The clown said.

The two faced off in a sword fight, slashing, blocking, and dodging.


Give Darkness a piece of their own kind.

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