Author: This one is Leia-centric because I can't see Vader going to a public bathroom. Can he even manage to do that? Ewww...that was an awful mental image. Anyway, yes. This is a Leia-centric, since she is still human, and not mostly machine.

There were very things in the world that grossed Leia Skywalker, apprentice to Darth Vader, out. However, this situation was one of them.

It must have been something she had eaten earlier. That was the only explanation.

She meandered around, searching for a bathroom, having left her friends in some disgustingly frilly store.

She had to keep things up for appearances, at least in her school(which was not Empire-run)that she was close to being normal. There were times she couldn't hide it entirely though. Her eyes would still flare yellow every now and then when someone had particularly pissed her off, and people had been known to go missing for a while, only to come back with just a slight nervous twitch whenever they spotted Leia. Either that or they prostrated themselves before her.

Both were good. But both also made some people wary.

So, she had sought out so surround herself with the most disgustingly normal people in the institution, to keep herself hidden from the Emperor's eyes. It wouldn't be good for him to discover that Vader had been training a replacement for him. That would ruin all their carefully laid plans.

But that wasn't the matter at hand. She winced and sped up her search for a public bathroom. When she finally came across one, she wrinkled her nose in distaste. All the disinfectant in the world couldn't get rid of the awful underlying stench of excrement that had probably sunk into the very tiles of the floor. Thankfully, there was no line, so she was free to pick a stall meant for her species.

No toilet paper in that one.

Eww...that's so gross.

No lock on the door.

Leia searched for a little while longer until she finally came across one that flushed, wasn't grody, had a lock, and a supply of toilet paper. Finally able to get some relief, Leia made it as quick as possible, feeling like every moment she stayed in the bathroom risked getting some sort of disease, and while she was immune to quite a few diseases, she didn't want to find out which ones she wasn't immune to. She took care of everything as quickly as possible, and took a deep breath of slightly fresher air when she exited the bathroom.

Leia shivered. This was why she never went to malls ever; the oppressiveness of so many beings sucked, and if they managed to create that kind of environment...well...their extermination was one of the perks of being a Sith.

She walked back to the shop, and rejoined her friends, who seemed to barely have noticed her disappearance (which was good, she had needed to practice that particular skill), seeming no worse for the wear.

Force, she hated public bathrooms. Never again would she subject herself to that.


Author(again): So, yes. This is as far as my friends and I have managed to come up with. Any other suggestions of everyday evils that you feel I must subject Leia and/or Vader to? Thanks.