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Be Careful What You Wish For
Chapter 4
by LanHikari2000x

"Really? Well what is it?"

Takato stepped aside to reveal Guilmon and Impmon standing behind him. "These are my Guilmon and Impmon, they're my friends."

Mai Hadn't heard anything her son had said after revealing his 'friends.' All she knew was that they were back. The monsters who had tried to take Takato away from her 10 years ago were back, and that could only mean they were going to try again!

She started to reach for a paddle(1) leaning against the kitction wall. "Takato, honey, come over her. Don't worry about the monsters, I won't let them hurt you..."

Takato took half a step back and looked at her weirdly, "Mom? What are you talking about? I told you, they wouldn't hurt me, they're-" But he was cut off by MAi charging at Guilmon with the paddle raised to strike. Guilmon shattered it with a Rock Breaker, but this action shattered Takato's confidence that this was a good idea.

"Mom! Stop it!" Mai ignored her son, this time reaching for a frying pan and going after impmon, who jumped over it.

"They saved my life!"

But Mai wasn't listening. "I wont," swing, "allow," swing," those, "creatures," swing, "in my," swing, "house!" Hit. That time she hit Takato's shoulder when he got in the way of a swing thta would have hit Impmon. This time he didn't even try to reason with her; he just turned and ran out the door, tears forming in his eyes.


"Sir, we're picking up some strange readings."



West Shinjuku park. But this isn't a Wild One, it's just a feild of ambient energy."




"Anything else?"


"Yes, It's signature is identicle to this e surge that occured yesterday."


Footsteps and a door opening.

"Sir? Where are you going?"

"To find our source."


"Where am I?"

Takato looked around he was in. it was big, it was gray, and it was empty, and that was just about all he could see.

"You are Here."

Takato turned to see a Digignome floating at about eye level.

"But, where is this place?"

The Digignome seemed confused. "Here is Here. What more is there to know?"

"Ok, nevermind. Why am I here?"

"Because you must be warned."


"Yes. You must beware of selfish desires, both your own and those of others."

"Selfish desires? What are you- Hey, where are you going?"

The Digignome had started to fade away. "I'm out of time. Remember, be careful!"


(1) Those wooden things they use in bread ovens.

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