First Time for Everything

Shizuka Usagi

Chapter 4

Zexion could remember the first time he met Yuffie two years ago. It was a while after Sora had defeated the Organization. The weather was warm and sunny—just like her personality. He was sitting on a bench in the Radiant Garden, reading a science fiction novel with little interest. When, suddenly, the ninja came bounding towards him. After introductions, he tried sea salt ice cream for the first time. Since she liked it so much, they ended up having seconds… which they ended up sharing.

He wondered why Yuffie didn't seem to irritate him. She was exactly like Demyx, except for the mysterious part. She and the blonde were both cheerful and made sure he never forgot to smile. And what it was like to have a heart… However, she made him feel more than anybody in the Organization ever did. Yes, that's right, feel.

Unknowingly, she showed him that Nobodies could feel. Through all the time they spent together. From actual dates to the little things, like buying her glasses. She was upbeat and interesting, a nice change from the boring, depressing atmosphere of the World That Never Was. She was kind and affectionate which began to stir emotions in his dead heart.

Nobodies had hearts all along. They were simply dormant. All it took was someone who was pure and patient to unlock their heart. The Nobody also had to have the will to open themselves up and try to feel. On the other hand, if a Nobody is isolated from human feelings for too long, their heart may never activate. He was lucky that Yuffie saved him in time.

Currently, it was his turn to return the favor. Yuffie had admitted her feelings to him; therefore, it was only right that he do the same. He could still remember the look of pain of her face when he didn't respond to her heartfelt confession. If there was ever a time he hated himself, it was most certainly now. But there was no time for regrets. He had to tell her how he felt before it was too late. Before he lost her forever.

It's either now or never.

The rain was relentless and pouring—a contrast to the weather on the day he first met Yuffie. He hoped it wasn't a bad omen. He ran as fast as his legs could take him, not caring that the puddles of water that splashed on his clothes were making him sopping wet. She wasn't at her home, which could only mean that she was at Aerith's house. Or so he hoped.

He knocked urgently on the door, waiting impatiently for someone to answer it. Please let it be Yuffie. Please let it be Yuffie.

When the door creaked opened, Aerith's face came into view. Darn… When Aerith took in his drenched and dripping figure, she gasped and attempted to usher him inside. But he refused politely.

"Where's Yuffie?" He asked; the resolve in his eyes was apparent.

Aerith sighed and shook her head. "You just missed her. She went to Leon's house."

Zexion cursed inwardly and was about to leave when Aerith laid a hand on his shoulder. "Where do you think you're going, wet as a dog?"

But Zexion didn't have time for Aerith to be maternally clucking over him. "Please, Aerith, I don't have a minute to spare."

"Oh, yes, you do. You're going to catch your death out there." Aerith said in a no-nonsense tone.

"I don't want to lose her."

Aerith looked Zexion straight in the eye. Her expression softened when he saw the honestly in them. She took him inside and handed him a towel. He half heartedly dried himself off. He looked so miserable that Aerith couldn't help but squeeze his hand friendlily. Deep inside, she was beginning to worry a bit. She had never seen the emotionless teen like this before. But, as always, her optimism won out.

"I assure you, Yuffie will remain loyal to you."

"I can't take any chances. Leon likes her as well." Zexion stated. Just saying the name left a bad taste in his mouth. Don't get him wrong; Leon was a nice guy. But anyone who was competing for Yuffie's affections—who clearly knew he liked her—was his enemy.

"Don't you trust her?"

"I do with all my heart." And that was saying something from a Nobody. "But after what I did or rather didn't do… I don't know if she can forgive me."

"I believe she will. You can take my word for it." Zexion knew he could, after all, she did raise Yuffie as an older sisterly figure.

"Thanks, Aerith." The cloaked schemer left before she could say 'you're welcome.'

In his desperation to find Yuffie, he forgot to ask Aerith where Leon's house was. Zexion slapped his forehead at his stupidity. He couldn't go back to Aerith's, for she would make him stay indoors until the rain stopped. This probably wouldn't be anytime soon, because it had been thunder storming nonstop for almost three days. He needed to find Yuffie, and he needed to find her now. Under normal circumstances, he would've been more patient. But these weren't normal circumstances.

While Zexion was pacing the bailey of the Radiant Garden, his keen hearing picked up the sound of two people talking in hushed tones. It was a male and a female. The female sounds similar to Yuffie, therefore the male must be Leon. His assumption was confirmed when he saw the forms of the two aforementioned people through the living room window. He snuck towards the side window of the house and made an effort to eavesdrop on their conversation.

"I'm sorry, Leon, but I don't feel the same way about you anymore."

"What do you mean?"

"I mean, I've fallen for somebody else."

"Surely, you don't mean that… nobody. Sora said those guys are bad news."

"Not this one! Leon, I'm not a little kid anymore. I know who I can trust."

"I don't know, Yuffie, he may be just leading you on. Did you forget that Nobodies don't have hearts or feelings?" Zexion bristled at the comment. How dare he say that!

"How dare you say that? He would never lead me on. And Nobodies do have hearts and feelings!"

"Then why didn't he return the sentiments?"

"… I don't know. Maybe he's not ready to admit his feelings. Even though he doesn't express it verbally, I know he cares about me!"

"He might love you, but is he in love you?"

"…" Yuffie said nothing, because at that moment, she burst out the door in tears. Leon tried to go after her, but Zexion took it as his cue to step in.

"I'll handle this." Zexion told him icily, then he tore down the road after Yuffie before Leon could argue.

Zexion spotted Yuffie on the second story of the bailey. Although, her eyes were tear streaked, her face was hollow and emotionless. He approached her cautiously, knowing that she wasn't fond of people sneaking up on her. Lest they wish to have her Conformer up their posterior.

"Yuffie," He began gently, "there is something I have to tell you."

She seemed surprised to see him there. Nobody ever sneaked up on the Great Ninja Yuffie. No pun intended. "Zexy?" She gasped, her voice hoarse from crying. Zexion felt the pain stab through his heart like a knife. It was him who caused her this avoidable suffering.

Suddenly, she ran towards him and wrapped her arms around his waist tightly. "I… I missed you so much." She hiccupped with a watery smile, trying to stop another wave of tears.

Zexion shushed her and rubbed her back soothingly. "Don't cry, Yuff, it doesn't suit you. Angsting is my department, remember?" He joked, causing her to chuckle lightly.

"Yeah… it seems like we've switched roles this time. You're consoling me while I'm crying my eyes out."

Zexion gave a faint smile, the first one in years. "I hope I wasn't too late."

Yuffie pulled away, reluctantly, and wiped her eyes. "Wasn't too late for what?"

"For this." Zexion reached in his cloak, not the Organization one mind you, and took out a small, black box.

Yuffie gulped internally. Is he going to… gulp …pop the question?

When Zexion opened the latch on the box, it revealed a silver necklace with a broken heart locket. Yuffie looked at the locket inquisitively.

As Yuffie lifted her hair, Zexion placed the necklace around her throat.

"It's beautiful—don't get me wrong—but why?"

Zexion interrupted her by putting a finger to her lips. "You'll see why it's like that in a moment."

Then he revealed the other half of the locket on the chain that hung around his neck.


"Even though we are two separate beings, our hearts are one." To emphasize his statement, Zexion took the two broken hearts and connected them.

Once he did that, something unexpected happened. Just as Yuffie embraced him, there was a flash of white light, temporarily blinding them both. When the light went away, Zexion heard a rhythmic thud in his chest. It sounded suspiciously like—

"Oh gawd, could it be…?" Yuffie trailed off in awe and disbelief.

"I have a heartbeat?" Zexion continued where Yuffie left off.

Instead of pondering this thought, Yuffie jumped on him, shouting for joy and happiness. He silenced her with a passionate kiss, which she returned willingly. When they broke apart, Yuffie gasped breathless. "Your heart awakened, isn't that amazing?"

"If it means I can feel, then it is."

"Can you, Zexion?"

"What do you think? Now, I can honestly tell you the thing you've been dying to know: I love you, Yuffie, with all my heart."

A man dressed in leather watched from the sidelines as they kissed again. As much as his heart ached, he couldn't help but feel happy for the hyperactive ninja. She managed to find true love before he did. He was beginning to feel bad for doubting their feelings. He may have lost his chance with Yuffie, but that was no fault of Zexion. It couldn't have been more apparent that they were made for each other. Although, it doesn't seem that way, love can be found in the most unlikely places.

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