Author's note: I am so sorry for abandoning this site, everyone! I completely forgot about it for awhile! But I have written a new fan fic. It's about the Disney characters in "Brother Bear". I have 11 chapters of this story complete, so I decided to submit it for anyfellow fans of this wonderful movie. It is about my fan character, Kia. I hope everyone enjoys this story..

It was early morning...A light rain was falling in the forest...Birds chirped as they flew back to their nests.. Squirrels and chipmunks chattered with one another as they headed for their homes, with whatever acorns they had gathered. Yes all these animal were used to the rain showers they received, so they made no fuss. The forest was still and very quiet. It became too quiet, and all of a sudden...

There was a loud roar! A white and brown grizzly bear ran into a clearing, followed dangerously close by a hunter, who carried a spear and a knife. The hunter lunged for the bear, but she kicked him away with her back feet, than turned sharply and ran. The hunter jumped to his feet and pursued the bear. She ran and ran...but than she came to a mountain. It was a dead end. She looked back...seeing the hunter drawing closer and closer to her, his savage yells giving her chills.

She looked sadly at him. Why did every hunter she came across attack her? It wasn't like she even came near him! She just walked by, and than she would look back and the hunter'd be after her! The white grizzly was jerked out of her thoughts as the savage yells got closer to her. The hunter had almost caught up. She turned, desperately looking for another way out. Than she realized. She might be able to climb this mountain. She turned back to face the hunter, than looked back at the mountain. It was her only shot. She got up on her hind legs, than grabbed onto a ledge of the mountain and started to climb.

The savage yells of the hunter became screams of outrage as she made her way to the top of the mountain. But the white grizzly didn't give up. She kept on advancing up the mountain. She finally made her way to the top, and looked down. To her horror, the hunter had dug his knife into the mountain, and was climbing up towards her! The frightened bear reared up on her hind legs, looking for any way of escape. She ran over to the edge of the mountain, and looked down. It was a long drop. There was no way she would survive if she jumped. If she stayed here and waited, the hunter would catch her. But if she jumped, it'd be all over...She was dead...either way.

She was suddenly snapped back out of her thoughts as the hunter gave a victorious scream, having made it to the top. He looked around and spotting the bear, he lunged toward her. Terrified, she jumped up onn her hind legs, and gave a loud, frightened sounding roar. The hunter, assuming she was challenging him to a fight, ran at her with his spear. But unfortunately for him, the white grizzly bear jumped out of the way. He couldn't control where he was going, and fell off the mountain. Or at least..that's what the bear thought. But when she looked, she was wrong. She saw that he had grabbed onto the very edge of the mountain with his spear and was scrambling back onto the mountain.

He lunged at the bear, rage in his eyes, and spear raised. The white bear let out another fearful roar. She backed away, as far as she could get from the hunter. She backed herself up to the edge of the mountain and turned around to look down. There was no way out...She turned back as she heard a bloodcurdling scream from the hunter. he was racing toward her, spear lowered at her.

'This is it,' she thought, bracing herself as he came closer to her, 'I'm going to die. Goodbye cruel world..'