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Temperance tried to block out the noise coming from her living room. She had brought home some snapshots of her latest case the previous day and she was desperately trying to analyze them but the noise kept bothering her. She was surprised that, even after five years, she still wasn't used to the chaos that had become her life. Not that she had thought marrying Booth and raising a family with him would have been something really smooth and quiet but she had never expected this. She really thought she had married a man but the more she listened to him play with his kids, the more she believed she had married a big child.

She thought back to five years earlier when she had brought home her two little monsters. Of course, Lukas had been the first one to see his house but that hadn't change the fact once both twins had been settled in properly, they had been sweet little angels. Temperance wondered when things had actually changed. When had they become such little terrors? Then again, she had to admit, they had turned to little terrors that you just hated to love. According to the neighbors, they were the cutest and sweetest kids in the whole neighborhood but their parents knew better than to jump to that conclusion too quickly.

She dropped her gaze back to her snapshots and didn't notice Parker coming in the kitchen until he spoke.

"Hey Temp!" he said as he walked up to the fridge.

"Hey Parker! Did the noise wake up?" Temperance asked her 12-year-old stepson.

"No, I was already up."

"What are they doing anyway?"

"Dad's just attacking Riley or something. I think they're playing monsters."

Temperance smiled as she nodded. Monsters was Riley's favorite game and Temperance wasn't so sure why she liked it so much. It mostly consisted of running around the house, trying not to get caught by some unknown form of monster, usually incarnated by Booth or sometimes by Angela when she dropped by.

"What's Luke doing?"

"I think he's up in his room. I don't really know, I didn't see him." Parker replied as he poured some milk in his bowl of cereal.

Putting back the milk in the fridge, he sat down across from his step-mother. Temperance went back to her pictures. She barely had time to notice a fractured wrist before she heard a shriek coming from the dining room.

"MOMMY!" Riley screamed as she came running in the kitchen, her father really close behind her.

"Ah-ha! Got ya!" Booth said as he grabbed his daughter by the waist and scooped her up the ground.

Her head thrown back, Riley giggled loudly as Booth gave her small kisses over her face. She tried to let herself free but soon noticed that her father had a very (too) strong hold on her and soon had to admit defeat.

"Daddy! Stop it!" she pleaded half-heartily.

"Never." Booth replied.

She resumed her wiggling without any luck once again.

"Come on, Booth, stop it. You'll make her throw up her breakfast." Temperance said, as she tried hard not to laugh at what she was watching.

"I'll clean it up." Booth said in reply, winking at her.

Temperance shook her head, laughing softly, before going back to her snapshots.

"Are you excited for school tomorrow?" Booth asked his daughter, slowly calming down.

"Yes." Riley replied, finally able to relax. "Daddy, is Lukas going to the same school as me?"

Temperance and Parker looked up to Booth who was now staring uncomfortably at his daughter. He didn't want to lie to her and say that her older brother would in fact be going to the same school as her but he didn't feel like telling her the truth.

"Come on, Booth, we can't seperate them." Temperance said.

She was sitting on her bed, brushing her hair as she watched her husband getting ready for bed.

"Bones, we can't possibly send them to the same school. Riley is not advanced enough."

"She can talk."

"With the vocabulary and the maturity of a three-year-old. Come on, Temperance, Riley will be behind on all of those kids. As much as I hate to admit it, our daughter is not a regular kid so we can't send her to a regular class."

"You see, Booth, that's where I don't agree with you. We always said that we would treat Riley just like any other child and look where that got her. She's done more progress than the doctors expected. If we stop treating her normally and put her in a "special" class, her progress will stop."

Booth sighed. He stopped what he was doing, crouched down in front of his wife and grabbed her hands.

"Honey, if we don't put her in a special class, we won't be able to send her to school at all this year. Remember last year? She threw this huge fit because her brother was going to school and not her. I don't want it to happen again this year. The only way we can send her to school is if we send her to H.D. Cooke. Come on, admit it, that class is perfect for her."

Of course, she had to admit it. They had gone to visit it a few days earlier and it had been everything she had expected. The children were not too behind the others and the teachers were terrific. Riley would actually fit right in in that class and she knew it. She just hated to admit it.

"Here's the deal." Booth said. "We'll try it just for this year and if we see that it's not working out, that she's really not doing any progress then we'll send her to Lukas's school."

Temperance sighed as she rolled her eyes.


Booth kissed her quickly before getting up and resuming his evening routine.

It had been a couple of seconds after Riley had asked her question and Booth realized he still hadn't answered it. He looked at his wife for help but Temperance looked away. She herself didn't know what to say to her daughter.

Booth looked back to Riley who was staring at him expectantly. Putting her back down on the ground, he tried to think of something to say. He sat down on the cold floor and pulled her down so she could do the same thing.

"No baby, Lukas won't be going to the same school as you."

"But why?"

"Because, you see Rye, your needs are different than your brother's."

"Come on Dad, speak her language." Parker said, interrupting his father. "She'll never understand what you're talking about."

Booth knew his son was right but what else was he to say? How could he explain to a five-year-old girl who wasn't really one mentally that she wasn't a normal child so, therefore, couldn't go to a normal school? He knew Riley already suspected that she was different (the days she had spent in day care had already taken care of that) but he didn't want to let her know for sure that she was.

"You're different from your brother, Riley. He's..."

He had been about to say smarter than you but had stopped himself at the last minute.

Man, this is tough. He thought.

"... smarter than the regular kids your age so we have to send him to a special school." He lied. "Does that answer your question, sweetie?"

"Yes. But I want to go to Lukas' school." Riley whined, adding at least two extra S's to Lukas'.

"I'm sorry, Rye, but you can't."

"But I want to go!" She said, getting up and running off to her bedroom.

Booth got up and looked at Temperance. He didn't need to say anything. Temperance was already up on her feet and on her way to her daughter's bedroom.

When she opened the door, she found Riley lying flat on her stomach, face buried in her pillow, sobbing uncontrollably. Temperance walked up to her bed and sat down beside the child. Gently rubbing her back, she tried to find something to comfort her. She hated to see her daughter so sad.

"I want to go with Lukas." Riley said, looking up at her mother.

She gathered her daughter in her arms and rocked her. The child continued her sobbering.

"One day you will, Rye. One day you will." Temperance whispered as she kissed her daughter on the top of her head.

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