Whispering Hope

Authors: Co-written by Hermione Eveningfall and Silverelf

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Summary: A sequel to the film. Eight years after the Black Pearl

leaves Port Royal, Will and Elizabeth are living happily with their

young daughter Mary. Until one rainy day Will comes down with a

nasty cold.

Rating: I'd say PG-13 for some graphic medical detail and a bit of

foul language. Nothing too bad. After all, we're dealing with

pirates, aren't we? cackle

Feedback: Yes please! Defintiely encouraged! begs

Chapter 1

Late one afternoon, Elizabeth sat in the parlour knitting and waiting for her husband Will Turner to come home from the shop. It had been almost eight years since Captain Jack Sparrow had escapedfrom Port Royal (much to the annoyance of the navy who had been out

searching for him).

A heavy rain had begun to fall the previous day, and refused to let up. The Turner's seven year old daughter Mary sat on the ground, playing with the model of the Black Pearl Will had carved for her birthday. She hummed quietly to herself, peering longingly out the window: "Yo, ho…yo, ho…a pirates life for me…" thunder crashed to echo her voice, and she gasped, clutching the model ship to her chest.

She immediately hopped to her feet and found her mother in the kitchen, where she was preparing a pot of stew on the fireplace. "I'm worried, Mama," she whispered, and Elizabeth glanced over her shoulder. '

"About what, love?" she asked, and Mary bit her lip.

"About Papa having to walk home in the rain. He should be home now, shouldn't he?"

Elizabeth smiled, stirring the liquid, and placed the lid over the pot afterwards. "He'll be just fine, darling." she took her daughter's hand, leading her into the parlor, and sat down to work on her sewing while they waited.

Will trudged through the rain slowly, his shoulders hunched. It had been a long day in the shop, and he could feel an ache in his body and head, and a cold hollowness in his stomach. He swallowed hard past the scratch in his throat as he turned up the wet-dirt path

that lead to his home.

He coughed quietly before letting himself in. "I'm home!" He called, coughing again afterwards. Mary leapt up, abandoning her the ship she'd been playing with, and dashed over to him, leaping into his arms. She completely ignored the fact that he was

soaking wet, and clung to him almost for dear life. "Papa, papa, you're home!" Her dark blonde curls bobbed as she moved.

Will laughed quietly, sniffling a bit. "Yes I am. And wet to boot. Were you a good girl today?" He kissed her cheek softly, carrying her into the parlor. He smiled warmly at Elizabeth, bouncing Mary a bit in his arms.

"Yes," Mary snuggled against his shoulder, beaming. Elizabeth looked up at the sound of the footsteps, and dropped her knitting, embracing them both "Oh my love...you're soaking!" She gasped, kissing his forehead.

"Yes... it is raining..." He sniffled again, his nose itching. "Liz... hold Mary for a... second..." He handed the little girl over to Elizabeth, his eyes squeezed shut. He turned his head into his wet shoulder, his breath hitching. "I--- HehESHHOO! ESSHH! Goodness! Excuse me..." He sniffed, lifting his head again.

Elizabeth jumped a bit, lowering Mary to the ground "God bless you! Are you coming down with something?" Elizabeth rested her palm against his forehead, checking for a fever, her dark eyes filled with concern.

Mary stood watching them, looking like a little bit of each. She had Elizabeth's dirty blonde hair, her father's dark eyes, Elizabeth's snub nose, Will's high cheek bones.

He pulled away a bit, searching his pockets for a handkerchief. "No, it's just dust from the shop." He sniffled again and lifted his hand to his face, sniffling. "HehCHOO!" He sneezed hard, wincingafterwards. "Excuse me again..."

Elizabeth frowned deeply, her forehead crinkling with concern. "You look a bit pale, sweetheart. Go and change out of those wet clothes and then come into the parlour and warm up. Mary, love, could you fetch an extra quilt from the closet? I'll put on a pot of ginger tea." She smiled at thelittle girl, who hurried off to do as she was told.

"Elizabeth, my love, I told you I am fine. Just a little sniffle in my nose..." He finally unearthed his handkerchief, and his face fell when he noticed how damp it was. He sniffled wetly, holding hiswrist to his nose, embarrassed. "Bloody rain..."

Elizabeth caressed his forehead, clucking her tongue. "You do not fool me, William Turner, you should know me better than that." She grinned. "Go on and change and we'll make you comfortable...ill fetch you some clean handkerchiefs." She took his wet one and rubbed

his back for a moment

He shivered suddenly, coughing into a fist. "All right, you win."

He sniffled and dragged his feet towards the stairs, pausing to sneeze again."Heh... eh.. HuhESHHOOO!" He groaned and sniffed, pulling his weary body up the stairs.

"God bless!" Elizabeth called, shaking her head sadly. Mary came back into the room with the quilt, and Elizabeth planted a kiss on her daughter's forehead. "Thank you, sweetheart."

"You're welcome, mama!" She smiled, showing off a missing tooth making her look even more adorable than usual. "Is papa sick?" She whispered, sitting on the floor again.

Elizabeth smiled as she made her way into the tiny kitchen. "He's just catching a bit of a chill, Mary. He should be all right after we warm him up and he gets a good night's rest." She smiled, trying to sound more confident than she felt.

"HEHSHHOOO!" Mary giggled softly at the sound of her father's sneeze from upstairs.

"He's loud," she said matter-of-factly.

Elizabeth laughed as she took the kettle. "I'm going to go outside and get some water, sweetheart...I'll not be but a minute." Shepushed open the back door that lead to the pump, and filled thekettle before bringing it in to set it over the crackling fire in

the parlour.

Will made his way downstairs again slowly, dressed in dry clothes, his hair pulled back into a messy braid to keep it from dripping. He shivered and sniffled as he entered the parlor, resting his hand onthe wall to steady himself against a sudden wave of dizziness. "Elizabeth?" He croaked, coughing afterwards.

Elizabeth came out of the kitchen, carrying three mugs and a box of herbs."Yes sweetheart?" She asked, raising her eyes in alarm.

He went to her, and rested his forehead against her shoulder. "I'm sick..." he whimpered, sounding absolutely pathetic.

Elizabeth set the mugs and herbs down, pulling him into her arms. "I know, my angel, I know." She kissed his cheek, squeezing his hand affectionately, before leading him over to his chair and helping him sit down. Mary was up on her feet and wrapping her father in the

heavy quilt, kissing his nose with a smile. "I love you, Papa," She told him softly:

He smiled, his nose twitching a little. "And I love you, my little one. Thank you for taking care of me." He sniffled and rubbed his eyes a bit, coughing to clear his throat. "I'm in good hands."

"I'll always take care of you, Papa." Mary climbed up onto his lap snuggling against his chest, waiting for the water to heat. Elizabeth began to gently massage Will's shoulders and neck, smiling proudly at her daughter

"Oh!" she gasped suddenly, remembering. "Handkerchiefs! " She quickly kissed him before dashing upstairs to fetch a small pile of fresh ones. Will laughed quietly, rubbing his nose a

little. "Your mama takes good care of me too." He whispered, sniffling. He pinched his nose shut quite suddenly, turning his head away from Mary. "Heh..." he held his breath, trying hard not to sneeze.

Mary gasped and covered his mouth with her hand, trying her best to help.Will hurriedly took Mary's wrist, pulling her hand away from his face. "Heh.. eh! HehESHHOO! HEHSHHOOO!" He sneezed loudly, aiming them over his shoulder. He sniffed once and swallowed, wincing at the pain in his throat, and looked down at Mary again. "I'b sorry,


Mary frowned, snuggling against him again. "Bless you, Papa," She whispered. "I played pirates again with mummy. She was the evil Captain Barbossa and I tried to duel with her…" the child grinned mischeviously. "I won!"

Will laughed, sniffing hard again to clear his voice. "Of course you did. Evil Captain Barbossa fights dirty though." He grinned and wrapped his hands around the girl's waist, tickling her ribs lightly.

"No!" Mary squealed, grasping his hands, just as Elizabeth hurried down the stairs with a handful of fresh handkerchiefs. "I'm sorry that took so long, Will." She apologized, blushing alittle. "I thought they were one place and they wound up being in another."She handed one to Will, and set the rest next to his arm.

"It's all right, love. Excuse me a moment..." He lifted the handkerchief to his nose and blew hard, groaning softly as the pain behind his eyes increased. He leaned back in his chair and closed his eyes with a sigh. "That took far too much effort than it should have..." He sniffled again, rubbing his nose against this wrist.

Elizabeth kissed his cheek tenderly, and stroked Mary's soft hair. "So what have you two been doing while I've been upstairs?" She leaned her elbows on the back of the chair, her hazel eyes sparkling.

"Mary told me of her furious battle with the evil Captain Barbossa..." He smiled a little, resting his chin on Mary's head for a moment. "And then I tickled her and now I'm..." He broke off, sniffling, and rubbed his nose again.

"Did she...:Elizabeth grinned: "She cheated naturally--told me to look out the window because she saw Captain Sparrow coming and then she stabbed me." Elizabeth pinched her daughter's cheek gently.

"I'm a pirate, Mummy! I'm supposed to cheat!" Mary giggled, squirming a little, swatting her mother's hand away. "Nah uh!Don't!" she squealed.

Will shook his head, smiling. "Silly pirates..." He coughed suddenly, wincing and pressing a hand to his chest.

Elizabeth frowned. "You should be up in bed, my love," She massaged his shoulders again, kissing his neck. Come, Mary dear--hop of Papa's lap so we can bring him upstairs."

He frowned a bit as the girl jumped from his knee obediently. "No, no... I like sitting down here by the fire..." He protested weakly,rubbing his face tiredly with one rough hand. "I am all right,Elizabeth. Really."

Elizabeth placed a hand against Will's forehead. "You're running a fever," She announced, her eyes narrowing. "Will, I insist that we bring you up to bed at once before you get worse. We'll conjur up a fire in the fireplace in our room so it'll be nice and cozy--but I think lying down is best."

"Elizabeth..." He took her hand and ran his thumb over her knuckles gently, gazing into her eyes. "You are fussing again." He smiled faintly, his deep brown eyes flashing with love.

"That's my job." Elizabeth told him, a hint of amusement in her voice. "I'm supposed to fuss. And you know it helps in the long run." She perched on his knee, stroking his hair:

"Mm... I still don't think I'm so badly off that I need to be in bed though." He slid his arms around Elizabeth's waist to hold her in place on his knee, sniffling again. "Just a tickle in my nose..."

"You're sick," Mary told him matter of factly. "And sick people need to be in bed with plenty of covers and tea…" Elizabeth chuckled at her daughter's seriousness.

"Is that so?" He smiled and looked down at Mary, feeling a wave of affection and love for her. "And how do you know I'm sick, little miss?"

"You're sneezing...your coughing...and Mama said you have a fever...and because I said so!" Mary folded her arms and stuck outher lower lip.

"Ahhh. Because the ever-wise Mary said so, hmm?" He smiled, itching his nose into his shoulder. His face fell, and his breath hitched. "Heh.. HehESSHHOO! HUHSHOO!"

"Bless you!" Mary and Elizabeth told him in unison. "All right, up to bed you go...you heard your daughter," Elizabeth ordered, folding her arms and giving him a very stern look.

"I can't," he answered simply, rubbing his nose with his handkerchief.

"And why not?" Mary asked, raising her eyes, her lower lip stuck in a pout.

"Because mama is sitting on me." He nodded wisely, repressing a grin. Elizabeth laughed, and kissed the top of his head. He shivered then, rather violently, and cradled his forehead in his hand, wincing atthe pain burning behind his eyes and nose. Elizabeth slid off of hislap after untangling herself from him, and glanced at Mary with asmall grin and a shake of her head.

"Honestly, Will, you are such aman," She joked: "Never can admit when you feel poorly." Sheclucked her tongue, holding out her hands to him."Up you get."

He sighed and took her hands, struggling to his feet. He nearly fell as another shock of diziness made his head spin, and he had to lean against Elizabeth to keep on his feet.

"Room's spinning..." He mumbled, giving his head a shake to try and clear it. Elizabeth caught him before he fell, and she wrapped his arm around her waist and put her arm around his shoulders to support him.

"One step at a time, Will...slowly." She encouraged, glancing at Mary

over her shoulder who watched them worriedly.

Will coughed hard into one fist as they climbed the stairs towards the bedroom, his eyes watering and stinging. "Elizabeth... I'm suddenly so tired."

I know, sweetheart...I know...:Elizabeth kept a strong hold on her husband, finally leading him into their bedroom. She brought him over to the bed and helped him slide under the covers, pulling them

up to his neck.

"I have to be at the shop early tomorrow morning... have orders to fill..." He yawned, pressing his face into the pillow with a soft sniffle. He was so tired, his body was so heavy, he couldn't even raise a hand to blow his nose.

"You will not go to work tomorrow, Will...you're too sick," Elizabeth told him sternly. "the orders can wait...your health is more important." She sat down on the side of the bed, taking a handkerchief and placing it gently against his nose. "Blow for me." She encouraged.

Mary stood in the doorway, her hands behind her back. Will dragged his head up off the pillow and squinted at the door, his eyes blurring. Mary stepped into the room slowly, and went to

Elizabeth's side. "Papa looks very sick," she whispered loudly, and Will couldn't help but smile weakly.

Elizabeth smiled also and watched as her daughter approached her. "He's not very sick, but if he does not take care of himself it could be a possibility," she replied.

"Then we'll take care of him!" She nodded seriously, her curls bobbing. Will laughed quietly, and started coughing again.

Elizabeth rubbed his back gently, feeling horrible for him. She hated it when Will became sick--she just wanted to crawl into bed beside him and hold him close.

"Huh... HEHEHSHHOO! HehESSHH! HuhCHOO!" Will's head snapped up with each of the sneezes, causing his vision to dim for a long moment.

"God bless you, sweetheart." Elizabeth told him softly, rubbing his nose again with the handkerchief. Mary crawled onto the bed beside her father and snuggled up against him.

"Thag you..." He whispered, sniffling wetly. He coughed quietly and stroked Mary's hair a little. "Careful, honey. I don't want you to catch by code..."

Mary smiled at him. "I'd rather have it, Papa...I dont want you to be sick," She replied.

He smiled faintly, his eyes tired. "That's sweet..." He yawned hugely, turning his head away from the little girl. "Ugh... by eyes are watering..." He sniffed loudly, coughing afterwards.

Elizabeth reached over to kiss the top of his head: "Is there anything I can get for you, my dear?" She asked More tea? An extra blanket?

"Blanket?" He requested pitifully between sniffles. His cheeks were beginning to show the redness of fever, standing out against the paleness of his face. "HehSHOO!" He sneezed roughly and groaned,closing his eyes and sniffling.

"God bless!" Both Elizabeth and Mary told him together, and Elizabeth kissed him quickly before going to the closet to pull out one of the extra patchwork quilts. One or two of them she actually sewed herself, and was quite proud of her handywork. She brought it over to him and wrapped it over both her husband and her daughter, tucking them

in. "Now isnt that just the sweetest thing," She smiled.

"Mmm..." Will found his eyes falling shut, overwhelmed by the warmth. He felt Mary snuggle closer to him, and opened one eye to smile weakly down at her. "S'nice..." he croaked.

Elizabeth pulled a chair up beside her husband and took his hand, holding it gently in her own. "Let me know if you need anything else, sweetheart." She told him warmly, watching as Mary's own eyes slowly closed, and her breathing slowed naturally to show that s he

was falling asleep.

He gave Elizabeth's hand a weak squeeze, yawning and sniffling again. "I really do need to go to the shop... tomorrow... heh..." His eyes squeezed shut again, and his breath hitched slowly.

Mary's eyes opened quickly and she leaned on her elbows, staring at him. "Papa? Are you going to sneeze?" She asked worriedly

Will nodded slowly "Yeh... yes... But it's... heh... stuck.. eh..." He twitched his nose a bit, his face scrunched up.

Elizabeth chewed on her lip for a moment, thinking. "Hmmm," She reached into a small hole in the pillow, pulling out a tiny feather. "This usually helps." She smiled mischeviously and began to tickle Will's nose.

He reached up and grabbed Elizabeth's wrist urgently, pulling her hand away. "Heh! HEHSHOO! HEHEHSHHOO!" Will shot forward with the sneezes, wheezing afterwards. He sniffed and fell back on his pillows weakly, a fine tremor running over his body. "Thag you..."

Elizabeth smiled. "My pleasure." She laughed a little at Mary's shocked face. "God bless you." She added, setting the feather aside for further use.

He sniffled again, coughing from heavy congestion. "Hanky?" He sniffled again, giving Elizabeth a desperate look.

"Oh--im sorry, sweetheart--my mind's off somewhere else," Elizabeth fetched a fresh handkerchief and pressed it into her husband's hand, leaning back into her chair with a small smile

He shrugged one shoulder painfully, blowing his nose wetly half a dozen times before lowering the handkerchief, exhausted again. "What are you thinking about?" He inquired, sniffling between words, and watched as his daughter snuggled down against him again, her eyes closing. She gripped his shirt with her tiny hand, her thumb immediately going into her mouth.

"It's silly," Elizabeth replied with a shrug as well:

"Tell me anyway?" his voice was soft, and he reached out to touch her hand lightly with the tips of a few fingers.

"I miss being on the ship, Will...I miss the freedom of the ocean," Mary listened to her mother's voice, smiling softly as the vision of the Black Pearl came into her head. "I want our Mary to experience what it was like for us--not exactly what it was like, but just to feel the breeze on her face, the spray of the water…" she paused again. "I do hope Jack come back one day."

"That's not silly..." He smiled faintly, taking Elizabeth's hand in his and entwining their fingers. "I wish for the same thing, sometimes. A lot of the time, actually." He sighed quietly, clearing his throat with a harsh cough. "And I do miss Jack... I'd like to

think that my father was like him..."

"Mama?" Mary asked, yawning quietly, and both of her parents turned to her with surprise. "I want to go sailing with you and Papa." She was clearly struggling to stay awake. "D'you think---that Uncle Jack will let me steer?"

Will smirked a bit, resting an affectionate hand on the girl's back. "He might, love. He might. Now go to sleep, you're exhausted."

He yawned a little himself, leaning over to kiss Mary's forehead gently. "Dream of pirate ships and of treasure..."

"Can you come with me, Papa?" Mary whispered. "I want you to find the treasure too." She yawned.

He smiled and touched her face gently, where her cheek dimpled. "Of course, dearling. I'll come, and so will your mama. Now sleep."

Mary yawned again, snuggling closer to her father's chest, her hazel eyes closing softly. Elizabeth watched them, beaming with pride. "I love you both," She whispered.

Will turned his head to smile at Elizabeth. "I love you... do not be up too late..." He yawned and sniffled, burying his face in his daughter's hair and closing his eyes. Half a minute later, and they were both fast asleep.