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(An: This is the first story in my Power Surge series. There are a couple of things you need to know: A) Gambit was with the X-men from the beginning, since around 'Walk on the Wild Side' (this one is set in the third season), B) Morph and Warlock are present at the mansion (I'll explain them, don't worry), and C) at one point, Rogue had a minimal control over her powers. I was going to explain that in a oneshot, but I decided to make it a subplot. Technically, this is the sequel series to my Big Boom fics, but you don't need to read them. In fact, I advise against it. For those of you who have, Kurt and Kitty aren't a previous couple, mind you. I just hinted at it a lot.)

It was December at the mansion. The air of holiday cheer was affecting everyone. Usually, it was in a good way, but there were a few sticklers for anti-Christmas feeling. Good examples of both sides were Morph, Warlock, and Rogue.

"Morph, Self does not think Rogue will... bite?" The yellow-and-black Technarch had learned to use just names instead of "self-friend" under Morph's tutelage, but he still had issues with pronouns. Ordinarily, "self" would cause his pale-skinned best friend to object and correct him, but he was too busy trying to entice a kiss from Rogue.

"Come on."

"Morph. What part of 'I can't touch' don't you get?" To her credit, Rogue bore most of his antics with a great deal of patience (for her).

"You don't have to. Just tell me 'merry Christmas' before I fall off the couch. Please?" He dangled some mistletoe (which he never seemed to be without nowadays) over her head. Warlock, who was all for the custom after it had been explained to him, was carrying some extra sprigs.

Rogue slammed her book shut. She got up and walked off, her nose in the air.

"Oh, well, hope springs eternal... Come on, I bet we can get Ray and Tabby if we're quick!"


There was a loud crash as Warlock and Morph narrowly evaded one of Tabitha's cherry bombs. They ran into the room Morph shared with Roberto, slamming the door. "You know, she and I used to be good friends," Morph commented. "It was a pleasant time while it lasted."

"Self bets it was painful, too."

"Well, yeah... c'mon, let's go find Kurt. He's always been sympathetic to our cause, and he can get those hard-to-reach places. Like Logan's head!"


Kurt and Kitty were in the latter's room. One of Kurt's classes required a typed report, but tridactyl hands and keyboards do not a happy mix make, so he was dictating it to her.

Morph peered in the room. "Hey guys, wanna help us get the rest of the mansion?" He wiggled the mistletoe invitingly.

Kurt smiled but shook his head. "Nah, I have homework." He looked around, then whispered, "Logan's in the kitchen."

Warlock and Morph exchanged grins and slunk off.

"Now, then, my report..." Kurt paused, noticing Kitty was frowning at the screen. "Did something break?"

Kitty glanced at him with a distracted smile. "Oh, no, the computer's fine... it's just, you know..." She shrugged, seeming uncomfortable.

Kurt cocked his head. "What's wrong, Katzchen?"

The nickname made her smile a little less forced, but she was still wistful as she said, "Oh, it's just that nobody else around here is Jewish, I guess. I get so lonely, celebrating Chanukah by myself."

"Well, don't you usally go home for the holidays?"

Kitty frowned again, leaning back in her chair. "I would... but I don't really want to, not this year. Since my sister moved out, my parents keep fighting." At Kurt's questioning look, she added, "Daddy's... Daddy's never been the most understanding about my being a mutant. He thinks it's, like, a phase or something, and now I think that he's starting to get that I'm not going to grow out of it. Whenever I'm home, I can always hear them yelling about 'what to do with me' when they think I'm not listening."

Kurt gave his friend a small hug around the shoulders. She leaned back against him for a moment with a sigh.

She straightened, adding, "And anyway, you know, it's the holidays. This is the one time of the year everyone feels obligated to go to synagogue... and I have to go alone."

Kurt brightened a little, since this was something he could fix. "I'll go with you tomorrow."

Kitty glanced at him. "But... you're Catholic."

"So? You're my friend. Besides, it's the same God, isn't it?"

And finally Kurt got the full, blinding, trademark Kitty smile he'd wanted. "That would be great, Kurt, totally."


Rogue groaned as the professor took his hands from her temples. As he pulled the latex gloves he used to protect himself off, she mumbled, "I dunno what's wrong, professor. I mean, I thought what you were doin' was workin'."

"So did I, Rogue," Xavier said, frowning. "It seems that the effects of Sinister's shots didn't last as long as we'd hoped... in fact, I think their wearing off has actually worsened the negative side of your powers."

Rogue nodded. "I think so too- it just seems like it's getting awful crowded up here," she tapped her skull. "What I wanna know is what's gonna happen when I get full."

"Well, if it that's the matter, it's undoubtedly possible to cleanse your minds of the other personalities... perhaps down that path lies the true way to controlling your powers."

"I hope so. I'm gettin' sick of this."


Remy knocked on Kurt's door. "You in, mon ami?" Kurt poked his head out. "Logan wants us to be partners for a DR session tomorrow."

"Is it in the morning? I'm going to synagogue with Kitty." Remy raised an eyebrow. "What?" Kurt frowned when he caught Remy's drift. "Come on man, you of all people should know Kitty and I are strictly friends."

"The fact that you said 'strictly' instead of 'just' makes me question if you want to change that, is all," Remy yawned, all innocence.

Kurt bared his fangs. "Go away or I'll bite you."

"Hey, I'm pretty tasty."

"Nah, you'd taste like cigarettes. I'd rather lick an ashtray than bite you, but if it comes to that..."

Remy flapped a hand at him. He'd gotten the "quit already" lecture from everyone in the mansion except Logan by this time.

Kurt stuck his tongue out at him and ducked back into his room, mostly incensed because his friend had a point.

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