Hello everyone! This is a notice to anyone who has author alerts set up on this story that THERE WILL FINALLY BE A SEQUEL. It only took me five years!

This notice will be up as the final chapter of this story for one week.

I am uploading chapter 1 of the sequel, titled "Mean Mr. Malfoy", immediately after adding this notice. I'll be uploading a new chapter every week, aiming for every Monday night.

The story is planned out. The first chapter is written. An idea to turn it into a trilogy was halfway typed and may or may not happen based on the success of this story and how happy I end up with my work.

So! If you liked this story, please go to my author page and read the first chapter of the sequel. I will be updating weekly whether or not it gets tons of reviews - I'm pretty invested in my versions of Draco and Ron, even if I left them alone for far too long.

And a last note: You may want to reread the first story before going on to the sequel. It HAS been five years. The first chapter sort of has a review of the major events, but a few subtleties might be lost. There will be certain things referenced from the first story - nothing incredibly deep, or anything just vaguely mentioned in the prior story - but it still might be good to refresh your memory. Plus, I went through and edited a few minor things (just wording that I was unhappy with or locations of commas). No plot was changed, so if you remember the story reasonably well, you should be fine.