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Sentimental Comforts

I'm not the only one who has one, okay? All the people here do. You know what I'm talking about. They are something that you own to keep you sane. Comfort items, if you will. All those who have passed through here have had one in one form or another. Colonel Blake had his golfing and his strange knick-knacks around his office. Colonel Potter has his pictures of horses and his Sophie. Majors Burns and Houlahan had each other, though neither of them would have admitted it even if they were under Chinese gunpoint. Since Major Burn's left, Major Houlahan has had all the high ranking officers that come through here, though she'd still never admit it! Major Winchester has his fancy booze, oh wait, I mean, his French wine and his classical music. Captain McIntire had his nurses every night, and Captain Pierce has his nudist magazines and his letters from his dad. Oh yeah, and he has his fair share of nurses, too! BJ has his wife's letters and his daughter Erin's picture in his wallet. Gee, she's real swell. I mean, you've never seen a cuter little girl than Erin. Anyway, Sergeant Zale has his jeeps, and even Sparky has his breakfast cereal. Kinger has his dresses and crazy attempts at a section 8. And me? I have my teddy bear. There's nothing wrong with it! I mean, it's not like I'm the only who has one, right? Everyone has their own "teddy bear!" Mine just happens to actually BE one.