Title: Naruto Sleep Over!

Warning: EXTREME STUPIDITY AND YAOINESS...NESITY...maybe yuri...no promises. AND MORE STUPIDITY! And cursing...

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Naruto Sleep Over!

It was the middle of the summer...hot and humid as usual. Team 7 was laying in the green grass, sweat dripping down their faces. They had been training since sun rise. It was now about 4:00 pm. Kakashi was sitting, cross-legged in the grass a few feet away read "Make out Paradise" just as always.

"Damnit Sensei!" Naruto said trying to catch his breath. "We've been training- FOREVER!" He whined.

"Oh really?" Kakashi said, closing his book to look at the three young ninja.

Sakura sat up and wiped her forehead (hehe...big head...) "Naruto's right. We haven't gotten a brake all day...can't we rest for a bit?" Kakashi looked at the three once more before standing up.

"Very well. One more exercise before the day is done. Then you may go home. And just to be nice, I'll let you have the day off tomorrow too." He did his little squinty eyes smile thing as he finished.

Sakura jumped up to her feet. "Really? Oh thank you Kakashi-sensei!" Naruto was quick to follow, getting up and punching the air all happy and what-not. Sasuke, beening all cool like he is, just stood up slowly, hands in pockets, and mumbled a quick. "Whatever..."

"Okay now. We will be playing a game of...Hide-and-Seek." He smiled at the very confused teens.

"What?" Naruto asked scratching his head. "What kind of exercise is that!" Him and Sakura yelled in unison. Sasuke just looked a bit confuzzled.

"Yes. I hide. You seek. As soon as you find me, you all maybe free to go."

"Hn, so what's the catch?" Sasuke asked all sly like.

"You all must be...tied together."

"WHAT!" They all said, eyes bulgging out of their heads.

"Yes...tied together. With a rope. You can't take it off or I win. To find me you all must work together, as a team. Remember team work is everything." He said this as he tied a rope to each of the team members feet. Now if one pulled on way the others had to go that same way. The order was Naruto, Sakura, Saskue. "There. Now, count to 100 then come find me okay?"

They all mumbled their okays to they're teacher before he vanished, leaving them to count.

"Well... this sucks..." Sasuke mumbled.

"Ok come on guys we gotta hurry up and find Kakashi-sensei so we can all go home" Sakura said

"But don't we have to count to 100 first?" Naruto asked.

"Yeah he's right, well lets start counting" They counted to 100 and then slowly looked around for and signs of their sensei. "This way" they all said, each going in a different direction. The rope instantly pulled them back and they all fell to the floor.

"We have to work as a team... remember" Sasuke said smoothly.

"Ok so... which way do we go?" Sakura asked.

"Well, we'll just go they way we saw him go! Duh!" Naruto replied, trying to sound smart.

"But thats probably what he's expecting us to do" Sasuke said.

"Yeah Sasuke is right, so then we should go that way then, right?" Sakura replied.

"Um...I thought it was that way?" Naruto objected pointing in a totaly different direction.

"Damn...we'll never get this right!" Sasuke yelled in frustration.

"Well...let's first choose a direction." The pink haired girl said.

"Right." Sasuke and Naruto said.

After about 10 minutes of arguing they FINALLY decided to go East, into the forest. They tried their hardest to walk together, but one person always ended up walking to fast or slow, then someone tripped over something or fell down. All in all it was fucken hard!

"Of course...Kakashi HAS to pick the most complicated place to hide...OW!" Naruto yelped as Sasuke stepped on his foot. "Watch where your going!" Naruto yelled at the blue haired boy, who only rolled his eyes and kept walking. This only angered Naruto further, so as pay back. He yanked on the rope, causing Sakura and Sasuke to tumble to the ground.

"What the hell was that for!" Sasuke shouted back at the blonde.

"For stepping on my foot!" Naruto snarled, clenching his fists.

"Stop it you two! This is getting us no where!" Sakura said, pushing the two apart.

"She's right you know." There standing before then was...KAKASHI! "Your supposed to be working at a TEAM not fighting like enemies."

"Sensei!" "GET HIM!" Naruto yelled, jumping at Kakashi and pulling Sakura and Sasuke along for the ride. As soon as Naruto got close to Kakashi and grabbed him, he puffed in a cloud of smoke and became a log.

"Damnit Naruto! Use your brain! That was obviously a replacement jutsu!" Sasuke yelled from the ground.

"Oh...well...um..." Naruto scratched his head.

"You idiot!" Sakura yelled, hitting Naruto on the head.

"Hey!" Naruto whinned, rubbing the growing bump on his head.

"We need to work as a team! You can't just go attack every little thing you idiot!" Sakura babbled on.

"Quiet!" Sasuke yelled. "Fighting is pointless! We will get no where at this rate."

"Fine then...what do you expect us to do?" Naruto pouted, crossing his arms.

"We need to communicate first of all. Then we have to move together as one! Kakashi is around here somewhere...close...I can sense him, but to find him we must work as a team! Agreed?" Sasuke spoke as if he where giving a speech.

Naruto sighed, but agreed and so did Sakura. (of course)

"Good now...he's in the area. Within 20 yards. If we can pin point his location then we can-"


"What is it Sakura!"

"I found Kakashi."

"What? Where?"

She looked up and point. "Right there." And she was right. Kakashi was there, sitting on a tree branch, reading his hentai. He smiled and waved.

"The hell! How are we supposed to get all the way up there!" Naruto yelled for the whole world to here. And he was right too. Kakashi was up. WAY up. This tree was BIG!

"Great...this is exactly what he wants! Now we need to climb the fricken tree to get him!" Sasuke sighed.

"So how are we going to climb...all the way up there?" Sakura asked, still looking up as the tree.

There was a silence in the group then. No body knew how to get up. They sat and thought about it for a while, but still no solution.

"I got it!" Finally an answer...and it was from...holy crap! Naruto! The other two turned to him.

"All we have to do is run up the tree, like how Kakashi-Sensei taught us back in the mist village!"

"No problem, but there's now THREE of us."

"So? We just have to get our timing and speed right."

Easier said then done. After they all agreed to the almost impossible plan, they circled the tree's bass, ready to climb.

The first time they tired...they failed miserably. Sasuke went to fast, Naruto to slow, and Sakura hadn't started yet. They got 5 feet then fell back to Earth, flat on their faces. This was going to take forever...

About an hour passed. Still no luck. They've tried about...6 times already. Getting about half way up or so before plummeting to the ground. Their bodies hurt. And they were tired. But as most people as...7th times the charm.

"Okay...one more time."

"This is so stupid! We'll never get up!"

"Aren't you the confident one, Sasuke!"

"Stop arguing! We need to-"

"Work together. We KNOW!" Sasuke and Naruto shouted at Sakura. That little saying must have been drilled into their minds already.

"Okay. Ready? One, two, three, GO!" And they began their climb once more.

Up, up, up they went. Past the half way point, three quarters and- Yes! They were- Shit! Sakura slipped! She began to fall, down. Sasuke noticed and quickly grabbed onto the branch, as did Naruto. So now, Naruto and Sasuke were holding onto the tree for dear life, as Sakura dangles below them.

"Sakura! You have to climb up!" Naruto said threw clenched teeth. His grip on the tree was slipping.

"He's right. Pull yourself up to the branch. Hurry!" Sasuke ordered.

Sakura knodded and grabbed the rope, pulling herself up. This strained the boy's arms and it felt as if their arms would pop out of the socket at anytime.

"HURRY!" Naruto yelled. (Sakura must be getting FAT!)

Finally, Sakura got a grip on the tree and all three of them pulled up together. Sighing and catching their breath on the tree branch. Kakashi walked over to them, still smiling.

"Well done." He smiled and clapped his hands together. "That was okay. It took you a while, but it gave me time to read."

"Can we-breath-go home now!" Naruto asked/demanded.



The sun was now setting. Red, orange, pink, and yellow flooded the sky, making it look as if a great fire was dancing across the clouds. The three ninjas sat in their original positions on the grass, still catching their breath. They packed up their stuff and where all ready to head home. Naruto had been silent for a while, laying in the cool grass, staring up at the slow changing sky, lost in his thoughts. Sakura was glancing at him every now and then, wondering what was running threw his mind.

Sasuke glanced at the two. "Well, I'm leaving now." He said standing up.

"When was the last time you enjoyed the night?" Naruto finally spoke.


He sat up and stared at Sasuke with his soft blue eyes. "When was the last time you actually enjoyed the night. Had fun with your friends and not worried about what's next to come in the morning?"

Sasuke looked at him confused. Naruto turn to Sakura. "What about you Sakura?"

"Um...well...I'm not so sure...it's been a while."

"Hn, same with me I guess." Sasuke answered coldly.

Naruto stood up, whipping off the dirt and grass from his pants. "Then it's settled then. We're ganna have a sleep over. My place, 8:00. Everyone will come. Sakura call up all the girls and tell them. I'll get the guys. It'll be our night to do whatever we want! Anything! We need a brake from all this stress and training anyways...it'll be like a load off everyone's shoulders."

"What, you can't just plan this."

"I can and I just did. Bring sleeping clothes, pillows, blankets, any food you want, and anything else. Sasuke your coming too. You need to relax and act as if a snake ISN'T up your ass."

"Oh? And who will make me come to such a pointless party?"

"No one. But you'll want to. Don't worry, I'm sure you'll come. Just wait..."

"I dout that..." Sasuke mumbled under his breath.

"Don't forget! 8:00! Get everyone you can! And be ready for one damn good sleep over!"


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