Title: Naruto Sleep Over!





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Naruto Sleep Over!

Chapter 6


The moon left the sky, opening the mist filled city into a calming, cool light from the waking sun. Only a few stars were left seen, the sun painted warming colors across the blue/purple sky. People began waking up to start the day; stores where opening up for the early birds.

But up in the apartment of one particular ninja, the sun was an unwelcome guest…..

"AAAAHHHHH!" Kiba screamed, squirming around on the living room floor as the new sun light got to his sensitive eyes. He looked at if he was having a seizure as he clawed at the invisible light on his face.

He quickly crawled into the corner of the room where the sun hadn't reached yet, and hissed at the stupid brightness of it all, then curled up and went back to sleep.

All the other guests of the party were also getting annoyed by the light as they began to come out of their sleep….well most of them.

In the living room, only 7 out of 14 were still left. Now…..let's see what everyone's up to…

Pinky lifted her head up, rubbing her eyes and yawned as she shook the sandman off her. (Gaara! Lol Mr. Sandman!) Uuuuggghhhh…..stupid hangover…. She thought, groaning as her head started to pound and her eyes were VERY sensitive to the light and that stupid blue bird chirping outside…wait…..why is there a breeze between my legs? She looked down to see…..



Way over in the Sound Village Orochimaru sat, cross legged in the woods, trying to plan more evil schemes for the Leaf, his faggot lover Kabuto stood next to him when the snake man's eyes flew open in pure fear.

"What is it, Orochimaru-sama?" Kabuto asked, worried at what would scare the older man so.

"I….I feel a disturbance…" He whispered, turning his head in the direction of the Konoha.


She screamed at the top of her lungs, loud enough to wake everyone up in the whole city.

"Hu? What? What happened!" A very naked, very sleepy Naruto quickly ran out of his room, stumbling over his own two feet.

Sakura was up against the wall, a sheet rapped around her naked body, her eyes wide as hell with pure fear in them, as she pointed a shaking finger at what she just ran away from.

"What the hell happened!" Naruto yelled, ignoring the fact that he had nothing on.

"I…..I………LEE RAPED ME!" She screamed, tears pouring from her eyes.

"No I didn't!" Lee objected, a very happy smile on his face. "But damn, Sakura-kun….you are good!" His mind was still off in Lalaland were Sakura was below him.

"YOU STOLE MY VIRGIANATY! I'M GANNA SEW! RAPE! RAPE! RAPE! HELP!" She cried some more right before a pillow was thrown at her.

"Oh, shut up you stupid pink whore!" Haku growled. The whining bitch interrupted his cuddling time with Zabuza on the couch. "He didn't rape you! You were just so drunk you did it willingly! Sorry, but you just fucked Rock Lee! Ha-ha! Sucks to be you!"

Naruto turned to look at the two on his couch, might I add they were naked except a blanket, and the remains of their wild night was staining the fabric. GREAT! NOW I HAVE TO BURN THAT COUCH! Naruto yelled in his mind.

"Yah know that's not very nice, Haku." Naruto yawned at the little uke.

He just put his hand up in the air and said two words "Schadenfreude, Bitch!" Then went back to the warm embrace Zabuza had on him.


"HAHAHAHA! I was waiting for that!" Zabuza smirked as Haku laughed into his chest.

Naruto turned, irritated at all this noise first thing in the morning. "WHAT NOW?" He screamed. Then stopped and fell on the floor laughing.

This time it was Ino who was screaming. She was looking into a mirror that was "conveniently" placed in front of her.

"My hair? MY HAIR? WHAT HAPPENED TO MY HAIR!" She chocked back a sob as she felt her new hair style. Well….it wasn't pretty. Half of her head was shaved off, the other half was dyed a pee green color and one clump of hair at the very top of her head was cut so it looked like a crew cut. It was, horrible.

Haku looked over at the crying girl and gave her a wicked smile. "That's what you get for touching my Zabu-kun! Besides, your lucky! If Zabuza didn't have his way I'd have given you a sex change or something…"

Naruto picked himself off the flour, wiping away the tears from his eyes. These were the people he called his friends!

"Now come back to bed, my pretty cherry blossom…." Lee yawned, curling up into a ball once more on the floor. Sakura couldn't take it anymore! She ran out of the little apartment, only the sheet rapped around her, as tears streaked down her face.

"Hey! Don't you want to stay for breakfast?" Naruto called after her. "Or…at least take your clothes!" He looked over to Rock Lee who seemed to be…sniffing…them? "Okay…never mind…."

He closed the door with a soft click, walking back into the room. Ino was curled up into a small ball on the floor, shaking and whispering "I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful. I'm beautiful." Over and over again to herself as she rocked back and forth.

"Damn….I go to bed for a few hours and you all fuck up the lives of 2 people! You know, Sakura and Ino are like, going to kill themselves now right?" He looked to Lee who didn't seem to care, then to the couple on his once perfect couch.

"Ah, who cares! Besides, like hell you went to bed! We could hear you threw the walls yah know!" Zabuza waved him off.

Haku laughed. "Yah, all night it was just 'Oh, God Gaara! Your so gooood!' or 'Sasuke! Oh, yah! Right there! Hit right there! MMMMM…again!' it was kinda hard to ignore."

A faint blush appeared on the ninja's cheeks. "Um…well….I'm going to see what the others are up to…"

Back in the hall way, Shikamaru was just waking up from his little fall last night. "Oh….ow! God my head!" He groaned, rubbing the stop where his head hi the floor. "That was….very troublesome….damn, that was one messed up dream! I mean…I thought I saw Sasuke tied up and Gaara and Naruto were…." He froze as the naked form of the fox walked down the hall and waved at him.

"Hey Shikamaru."

5 seconds later Shikamaru was flat on his back again, eyes closed, and blood dripping out of his nose. He fainted again, but not before a nose-bleed hit him.

The blonde boy looked in the kitchen. Choji still lay, a bag of chips in hand, on the cold floor. He waved in his face. "Hello? Choji! Can you hear meee?"

No answer.

"If your still alive, gurgle once." A gurgle was hear from the fat kid's open mouth. "Good. Now, if you don't mind, but we will be using with kitchen for breakfast soon so if you'd like to get up then-"

Nothing more needed to be said, like a robot Choji sat up and turned to Naruto. "I'll get the barbecue sauce!" He shouted.

"Riiight….okay….you do that." Naruto walked away slowly, slowly, NOW RUN!

He let out a sigh. Okay….now Hinata is still tied up, so only 2 more people to check on…I wonder where Neji and Shino ar-" He stopped as soon as he opened up the door into his spear bedroom, in the back.

"Fuck, close the door!" Neji screamed.

The site was truly hott. Neji was below Shino, who stood over him, preparing himself and the other, older, ninja for a session of pure bliss and fun. It seemed the little strip Shino did the night before really hit Neji hard. And hell! The Hyuuga was even UKE!

"Hey! Wait, don't use that! That's my good lotion!" Naruto whined, watching Shino use almost the whole tube.

"To bad." Neji took in a deep breathe. "Now leave!"

Naruto glared once, before shutting the door with a loud BANG. Even with the door closed he still heard Neji's cry as Shino entered him. He just rolled his eyes. "You own me lotion!" He screamed before turning around, arms crossed.


He sighed at the ringing of the door bell. "Now what!"

He flung to door open. "WHAT DO YOU WAN- Oh….Kakashi-Sensei….I wasn't expecting you to come over. I thought we had the day off…" He looked into the eye of his teacher, who only stared at him, up and down. Remind you, he still had nothing on.


"Ah um…yes…" The older man shook his head, getting back together. "Well, I did give you the day of, but I wanted to see what you were up to….what did you do last night?" He asked, confusion written all over his face.

"I did stuff."

"Stuff? Stuff with who?"

"Nobody, I just-"

"Oh, thank you so much for coming! Least juvenile delinquents were making so much noise last night! My poor kitty Fluffy couldn't even sleep and I-" The old lady on the top floor froze. Her eyes wide and plastered on Naruto and his…..nakedness. She slowly looked down, then gasped, grabbing her chest and fell to the floor.

Kakashi walked over, leaning down and felt for a pulse. "I….I think you just gave her a heart attack."

A smile slowly grew on Naruto's face. "FUCK YES!" He jumped in the air. "Do you know how long I've been waiting for her to roll over! FOREVER! Now I don't have to worry about that evil old bitch yelling at me every day! HA! I WIN! IN YOUR FACE YA OLD LADY!"

"Naruto, your happy you just killed an old lady?" Kakashi was now looking at him like he was crazy.

"Oh…um….ya….shame on me! Tisk Tisk!" He just laughed at this.

Sasuke's head popped from around the corner. "Hey, Naruto, the shower is ready now."

"Okay, I'll be right there."

"Sasuke?" Kakashi asked. "Did you and Sasuke…"

It was now Gaara's turn to pop in, except he just walked in, full view. "He said now." He desert demon commanded.

"Gaara?" He looked at Gaara, up and down.

A smirk danced across his lips. "Like what you see?"

"Naruto, you slept with Sasuke and Gaara?"

"And…? Your point is…? Hey, you sleep with Iruka-sensai like, every other day! Don't go judge me on how I live! First question yourself!" Naruto pouted. Gaara rapped his arms around Naruto's waist.

"Ya, Kakashi, go fuck your little boyfriend. We have more 'stuff' to do." Gaara just smirked, slamming the door in an angry looking Kakashi's face.

"Now….where were we?" Gaara growled, shoving the smaller boy to the wall.

"He he…we where going to take a shower!" Naruto pushed him off, prancing into his bathroom, the two others behind him, wanting another piece of his ass.

Haku sat on the couch, the two had just watched the whole thing. "Well….this was a very interesting sleepover."


The sun was now up, high in the sky. The clocks around town flashed 3:00 pm. Everyone was around, doing their own thing. In the apartment everyone was now wide awake. Dirty plates in the sink from the breakfast they had. The living room was put back together, everything was straightened up, as if nothing ever happened, nothing at all. Blankets and pillows, clothes and shoes, everything was all packet up once more with their rightful owners.

It was time to say good bye.

Choji was the first to leave, the left over food in his arms.

Next came Rock Lee, he wanted to find Sakura as fast as possible. "Nothing will stop me from finding my true love!" He said before he left.

Kiba left in a rush, Akamaru was probably eating threw another pair of his shoes! Aaahh!

Naruto actually had to force Ino to leave. With her new hair cut, she didn't want to walk outside again.

Neji left with Hinata over his shoulder, she was still asleep; Shino left with Shikamaru over his shoulder, he was still out of it. They said their good-byes and left hand in hand. A new couple now formed.

Haku and Zabuza left with a smile and wave. "And you didn't want to come!" Haku stuck his tongue out at Zabuza.

Now, the only three left were Naruto, Gaara, and Sasuke. They stood, together, at the open door, not wanting to part.

"Well…I guess you have to go now…" Naruto whispered, his head down.

"Sure, I've got to get back to Suna before Temari and Kankuro decide to try and redecorate my room again…" Gaara shivered at the thought.

"And I really should go back to training…" Sasuke said.

Naruto looked up, tears in his eyes. "Oh the great Sasuke Uchiha, he works out even on his day off." He sniffled back a sob.

Sasuke smirked. "Oh, stop being such a baby." He leaned in and kissed Naruto softly, then Gaara. "I'll see ya." was his finally words before he left.

Gaara stood, looking down at his sad little lover. "Listen to Sasuke. Besides…" He captured Naruto's lips in his, a sweet, soft, compassionate kiss. "You throw one hell of a sleep over."

"Will you came back soon?"

"Can't keep me away, just remember what I told you. See ya, my sexy little fox."

The red head started to walk away. "Hey, next time I want to use the whip!" Naruto called after his lover, right before he disappeared into a wave of sand.


"Was this for real?" He finally spoke up.

The other two looked at him. "What?"

He paused before continuing. "Was this all just...a simple one night stand? Or does this mean something m–"

"Quiet Naruto." Gaara demanded.

Naruto quickly looked at him, hurt in his eyes. "So it was just a quick fuck? Sasuke and I...we're nothing to you, right? The powerful sand–"

"I said shut up!" Gaara's tone grew more harsh with every word.

Naruto couldn't believe it. This was more to him...he truly LOVED Sasuke and Gaara! But to them he was just...a simple whore?


Sasuke didn't finish. "Please don't say it, Sasuke-kun. I just don't want to hear it."

"You really should let him finish." Gaara told Naruto, looking up at the ceiling.

Naruto curled up into a ball them. "I'd feel better not knowing the truth, so then I still think you feel the same way I do, besides I–"

Gaara grabbed him by the hair in a gently demanding way. He forced Naruto to look into his eyes. Cold, hard, orbs of blue-green. I beautiful mix.

"You really should let him finish."

"Why! So he can just throw me away! God, I don't know why I even try sometimes!"

"Naruto! Shut. Up." Sasuke growled at him. "You really think I'd do this just for fun?"


"Please. I just gave away the most precious thing I person has to you two and you think I felt nothing but lust!"

Naruto didn't know what to say to this, the tears welded up behind his eyes as he listened to Sasuke speak.

"Naruto, we three have been alone almost all our life. We know how it feels when people just use you, throw you away and walk away laughing!" Gaara spoke now, he seemed to be thinking back to the times of his childhood. How every moment seemed to be sad. "I was always alone. I didn't want anyone to get close to me anymore, but then I met you two and my whole out look on life changed!"

"Don't ever say we don't care!" Sasuke glared at the blonde fox. "Don't ever say your nothing!"

Now Naruto couldn't hold back the shimmers of water from falling down his cheeks, but it wasn't from sadness. No, it was from the fact that when these two spoke, the two he loved, he could hear the truth in their voices. The warmth and care in them. He couldn't ask for anything more.

The two older boys turned to look straight into the eyes of Naruto.

"We were alone, Naruto." Sasuke whispered.

"But we're not anymore…" Gaara finished, leaning in to kiss Naruto's sweet pink lips. "Thanks to you…"

Naruto coughed back a cry, he didn't want to be alone. He wanted someone to care for him, to not look at him and see a monster.

And he found them, two of them. And he wouldn't want it any other way.

"I love you…"

"We love you too."




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