Sixteen Candles

I thought this up whilst watching Fall Out Boy; A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles.

I dedicate this fic in its entirety to Winter-Rae and Alice (Eriksbestfriend), two awesome mates and writers. And of course, to Naioka1992, the vampire fanatic!

Note: This is the third in the Phantom Series. You may want to read the others first. It will make sense if you don't, because it has no relation to the other two's storylines, but some of the character developments happen in the earlier fics. But it's your choice!

Oh yes, and the two vampires that I borrowed from Sixteen Candles are played by Brendon Urie and William Beckett, so no stealing their hotnesses!

Sixteen Candles: Chapter I:

My name is Suzy McGregor. I am your average everyday girl, if you passed me in the street, you wouldn't know me. That's the ingenuity of my job; you never know.

In reality, I am a Vampire Hunter.

Me, my brother Johnny and my sister Jo form the Phantom's Inferno. Then there's our boss, Robert, an arsehole if there ever was one, and Lee, a vampire. Yes, an honest to God vampire. He's the only good vampire. He was 'turned' by one of the three heads of The Eternal Flames, but he won't tell us which one.

Ah yes. Now we come on to the question. What about the vampires? The Eternal Flames?

The Eternal Flames are the vampire gang to be aware of. I mean, you get your street gangs, but this runs much deeper.

The Flames are run by the devil himself; Dracula. He's softly spoken, and young. Erik is the passionate one, a musician to his finger tips. And Seth is the violent one, fond of blood.

After that, you have other vampires, who aren't quite as bad. There are millions of them, but I can only bring a few to mind. Kai, Seth's son, and a right wildcard. He's almost got them caught at least three times. Bryan, who looks like a ghost, with milk white skin and the palest lavender hair. Tala, with his pale skin and blood red hair, the… most sensible, I would guess.

Have you seen the video for the song 'A Little Less Than Sixteen Candles'? You know two of the vampires in that are real vampires. Brendon, who has managed to master psychosomatic powers, like telekinesis, and Gerard, who has a mean left hook.

I've got acknowledgement from my school for my 'quest' and my friends know that, when I have to go, I have to go.

All in a day's work, you could say.


My name is Kai Hiwatari. I was fifteen when my father turned me. In turn, I turned my two best friends, Tala and Bryan.

It's dangerous to be a vampire. Brendon and Gerard risked a lot in their portrayal of vampires in a foolhardy video. Jay wasn't too pleased about that.

Jay is our leader. To non vampires, he is known as Dracula, but to his kin, he is known as Jay.

We aren't evil, per say… well, being a vampire doesn't automatically qualify being evil. There is one good vampire, but he doesn't count. He's an idiot and a traitor. Ok, the idiot bit is rich coming from me, I'll admit that.

But my father has turned… oh, at least a thousand. Most of the street vampires were turned by Dad, and he turned me, which makes me the only pure vampires in The Eternal Flames.

A pure vampire is someone who has been turned by a member of their kin, namely a relation. They have purer powers, and can track minds. But it (a) takes a lot out of us and (b) it does mean losing some of our blood, and our cells don't replenish. So, when we lose blood, we never get it back. Luckily, we don't die, but we might as well. We grow weaker with every drop lost. There's only one way to prevent your mind being read, and that's to drink snake and shark blood, mixed together. I know I am the son of Seth Hiwatari, the most bloodthirsty vampire of all time, but not even I would drink that. It tastes bloody awful!

Another thing you should know about vampires; we have the most terrible aversion to water. Cold water knocks us out cold, and hot water burns us. To touch cold water, we have to liberally coat ourselves with mint essence. We daren't even touch hot water.

How many times I've nearly got killed? At least a thousand.


So, what do you think? This was just a prologue really, but watch out for more!