A boy and a girl stand alone in the dark winter's night. She lifts her long fingers and tenderly sweeps soft, brown hair out of his eyes. They smile. He pulls her body close against his. Small clouds of breath escape their lips. Time passes.

'I love you.'

She pulls her body away and holds his trembling form at arms length. Looking up into his nervous blue eyes, she grins.

'I love you too.'

Draven opens the front door and dumps his schoolbag in the hallway. The house is quieter than usual. A few hushed murmurs are the only sign that his family is home. Shrugging it off, Draven collapses on the couch with a cold coke and leftover pizza. Flicking on the TV, he pauses. A smile crosses his slight features. He couldn't stop thinking about Dae. Her eyes, her smile, her charm. She was something. No, she was everything. More than anything else, Draven thought about the first time that he told her how he really felt. He remembered it as if only a few moments had passed. He remembered how his entire body shook with nerves just before he summoned up the courage to speak those three words. Draven could barely stop himself from falling into a hysterical fit of happiness when she responded exactly as he had imagined in his mind a thousand times. Since that day, they had become even closer. Everything was going right for once in his life.