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Still Takes Two

Chapter 1: Sad Goodbyes

The rain spat hard at the earth from the stormy clouds that raged above. Lightning slashed through the dark grey clouds as the thunder grumbled loudly. There were no people on the streets. One or two cars drove down the road, the people inside them trying to get home as fast as they could and out of the harsh weather.

The wind picked at everything she had on her, her hair wildly dancing with its frequent direction changes. But the girl couldn't care less; her cherry coloured eyes were cold and hard as stone. There was only one thing, one person on her mind.

She thought she was okay with the fact he left, left her without a goodbye, without anything really. She had expected him to say something, anything since then but… three weeks had past since that day and she was as lost and confused as she was the moment she found out he had left.

Her head snapped up from staring at the ground when she felt her sandal clad feet being engulfed by a grainy substance. Her cherry coloured eyes met the sea, it raged as fiercely if not more then the sky above it as the waves slammed into the jagged rocks on either side of the beach.

She almost laughed at how ironic this was. Where she ended up in a time of depression, when she was depressed because of him. Almost a year ago she was here, on this very beach, ready to make the party that was going on on it hectic and panic filled so she could get some kicks. This was where she first met him…

Her knee length gypsy skirt ruffled and lifted as the wind pushed past it. Her arms were bare and wet as the rain soaked her skin and made the sand under her feet mulch and hard.

The tears that fell from her eyes were left unseen from the rain droplets that hid them. It had finally struck her, he wasn't coming back, he didn't want or need her. All he wanted her for was sex in the end, she gave in, she gave it to him… and he left.

Her name is Mirror Chang.

She's 18 years old.

Her parents have split up again.

Her first and only love left her.

She hasn't got anywhere to go.

Welcome to her life…

"Mirror! Wait up," I turned my head to look behind me and found a group of teens I hadn't thought I'd see here. Why were they here?

"Has something happen?" I asked worried as my best friend and room mate for the past four months fell into step beside me and the rest followed behind. My mum was already waiting inside the giant glass structure known as Santo Rio airport.

"No stupid." Willow snorted smacking me upside the head. "We're here to say goodbye, after all, god knows when we'll see each other again,"

I smiled.

Maybe he didn't care, but I had others that did.

"Yeah Minx, we couldn't let you go without a proper goodbye," Tala smirked as he put his arm around me; his other was around his girlfriend Tatiana who smiled in agreement.

"Excuse me, I wanted to sleep in," Johnny groaned and got an elbow to the stomach from Willow who gave him a death glare, then smiled sweetly at me.

"Thanks guys," I smiled at Mathilda, Chizuka and Mariam who were wiping away tears behind the rest of the group.

"Wow, I can't believe this is goodbye," Willow gasped suddenly in shock. We walked through the sliding glass door of the airport and were immediately engulfed by the crowds of people waiting for their flights out of the island.

"Yeah, seems like just yesterday we were all either planning wars or getting kidnapped by psycho Hiwatari killers," Tala mused. My smile faded at the name.

"Tala!" Tatiana hissed slapping him on the arm.

"Shit! Sorry!" Tala swore as he put his hand to his hair and smiles at me sheepishly.

"Don't worry about it." I smiled back. "Where's Cherry and Tori?"

"They left for the funeral of Kai's mum," Tamsyn appeared behind me and smiled.

"Oh," I sighed. Well I guess this won't be more awkward then I thought it would be. I didn't have to deal with any of the Hiwatari's.

"Come on Mirror," My mum called out from the check in gate. I looked from her to Willow then to Tamsyn, Tala, Tatiana. Chizuka, Mathilda, Johnny and finally Mariam.

"Thanks so much for everything all of you have done for me," I smiled tears filling my eyes again.

"Ah! Quit with the sad goodbyes!" Mathilda groaned sniffling and wiping away a stray tear.

Everyone laughed.

And as I watched them laugh. I couldn't help but think that this is the last time we'll be like this. Together, well partly, but still together.

"Ah Willow!" I gasped as she launched herself onto me in a tight hug.

"We'll stay in touch right?" She asked giving me an expecting look.

"Of course, and that goes for the rest of you," I smirked. "You ain't getting rid of me that easy,"

"We wouldn't want to," A new voice… I turned around and found Miguel smiling at me.

"Miguel!" Me and Mathilda gasped together.

"What are you doing here?" I asked looking around at everyone else who seemed to be just as shocked as I was.

"I've come to say goodbye," He replied walking up to me to stand right in front of me.

"Mirror!" My mum called out again getting annoyed.

"Thanks," I whispered as I hugged him. I felt him nod his head and as he pulled away he smiled.

I hugged each of the others in turn and grinned as I began walking towards my mum.

"DON'T FORGET ABOUT US!" Chizuka shouted at my retreating back and my grin widened. But as I handed my ticket to the air stewardess it faded. I wasn't going to see them again. I was going to the complete opposite side of the world. Turning around I smiled and scanned through them all trying to imprint the picture in my mind, but for some reason, one more person was always appearing in the picture, standing right beside Tala, smirking his usual smirk… I shook my head and waved at my friends who waved back before running down the tunnel after my mum.

Two deep cherry coloured orbs gazed out of the thick glass window that showed her a blanket of white clouds that covered the land below.

She sighed turning her head back to her mother who was reading a magazine that seemed to be written in French.

"Mum you can't read that," Mirror rolled her eyes as her mother gave a look that meant, 'leave me alone and live to see another day'. Sighing she turned back to the window, pulling out an elastic band from her bag she tied up her straight jet-black hair into a messy bun before putting on a pair of sun glasses and earphones.

It was strange to her; she was going to be alone after all this time of being with people she loved. Willow, Tamsyn, Chizuka, Mathilda, Mariam, Miguel, Tala, Johnny, Cherry, and he… the man she thought was there for life, who disappeared without saying goodbye, without giving her the option of going with him, where ever he went, what ever reason for.

She sighed and pushed him to the back of her mind, she refused to get upset about this now; it's been three weeks since then, somehow she's managed to not break down completely, partly because of the people that were around her and partly because of her own naïve defence that refused to accept what had happened.

Wonk uoy naht noitceffa erom deen I

The words of the song she had listened to so many time over the three weeks that passed came alive in her ears as a ghostly voice soothed her aching heart. She loved him, more than she would admit to even herself…

If I recall, far far away
The future was shining on everywhere
Beneath the beautiful blue sky
We were just a little afraid

Her cherry coloured eyes stared out into the ocean of white fluff but her mind was anything but calm, it should've been, her friends had told her to forget about him, that if he had loved her then he would have stayed with her. That once again a Hiwatari takes and breaks another innocent heart. But she knew he wasn't like that…

The window will be tinted
A nostalgic colour

She sighed again and for the first time her mother was brought out of her stupor to watch her daughter. She couldn't see her eyes but her mother knew that something happened back in Santo Rio. Her teeth grinded together at the thought of men, they were all the same. Liam never changed; she had found that out twice the hard way.

She couldn't believe just how stupid she must have been to believe he could change, become a better person. For the second time he had cheated on her, some hussy at Liam's business place, a younger girl, only a few years older then their daughter.

"Mirror, whatever happened, it's not worth being depressed over," Mirror's cherry coloured eyes snapped up to her mother who sat there with anger in her own orbs.

"I know," Mirror replied looking back out of the small oval shaped window.

If we advance forth, can we ever meet again?
The future goes on to everywhere
beneath the large signboard
I want to keep watching the eras changing

Mirror was going back to London, she wasn't sure where or what she would do after that. She never had any true plans for her future. The future for her a month ago was to be with her friends, be with him. She thought she would let that guide her to where she would end up and to what she would do. But all those plans had crumbled and she was following the path her mother had forced beneath her feet.

I will open a window
To the people and places I can't see again

Would she ever see them again? She didn't know, she wanted to, desperately she wanted Willow and Tamsyn with her, Chizuka to trip or stumbled as they walked down the street on a warm spring day in Santo Rio. If Mirror was truly honest with herself, she was scared, scared of what had happen, scared of what was happening, and scared of what was yet to come.

If I recall, far far away
The future was shining on everywhere
Beneath the beautiful blue sky
We were slumbering forever

Mirror chuckled at the last few words of the sentence just sung into her ears from the earphones; they were all asleep, living a dream that would never last. Now that they have all woken up they were all alone, they all had to live their own lives, depend on themselves instead of each other.

"Would you like anything from the cart maim?" Mirror's attention caught onto a young looking girl in the airhostess uniform asking her mother something. She looked like Mirror felt, trapped, scared and angry. Mirror watched her deep purple eyes observing everything around her even thought Mirror got the vibe that she would do anything to not be there anymore. The girl flicked back a deep black bang that fell into her eyes with the back of her hand. And as it caught the sunlight streaming in through one of the planes windows on the other end, it shined a dark purple.

The girl's eyes turned to her and Mirror felt lost.

"Would you like anything?" Mirror shook her head without speaking a word, lost was the only word to describe how she felt. Would this be the way she felt for the rest of her life? Would she ever find her place like she had with him? She hated not knowing the answer. Looking down at the name badge the girl carried clipped to her uniform pocked Mi read to herself. 'Trinity Grainger'.

The person I liked long ago
I heard will bear a child in winter
What were decided since long ago
I sometimes would want to doubt them
The ones I could never forget
Would the New Year's card have photographs attached?
What to us could not be done
I will think very fondly of them

The girl moved on, asking the other passengers the same question. Mirror couldn't help but smile at the thought that she wasn't the only one that was lost. Trinity looked no older then her, and she was working as an air stewardess. She didn't even know how it was possible but she smiled at the thought anyway.

"Guardian angels" Mirror grinned turning back in her seat to look out of the window again. Slate hair, crimson eyes, it was almost like he was haunting her, no matter how hard she tried she couldn't get him completely out of her head.

(All my fears and all our lies)

"We'll be landing in London Heathrow in approximately fifteen minutes, could all passengers please put your seatbelts on as we are going to begin decent," The voice of the pilot rang out through the cabin.

'Where ever he is, if we are meant to be together then we'll find each other again, even if it takes a lifetime,' She thought as she smiles at yet another air hostess that walked passed. Maybe she couldn't have him now, but she may have him in the future, or maybe even someone better.

Beneath the blue sky...

Clipping her seat belt the plane began to descend. And in those few seconds of turbulence Mirror made a vow to herself, to not let him or any other man make her depressed again, they weren't worth the pain she felt.

"Mirror!" I heard my mum shout from the hallway of our London apartment. "Oh my GOD MIRROR!"

I rolled my eyes, put another spoon full of cereal into my mouth and walked to the hallway to see what all the commotion was about.

"Mhat," I asked my mouth still full.

She was standing there, a massive grin on her face as she stared at a letter with a very fancy title. Russian Royal University?

"You got accepted to THE ROYAL UNIVERISITY OF RUSSIA!" my mum screamed jumping up and down on the spot.

"Smo?" I gave her a scared look at her actions.

My mum finally looked at me instead of the letter and rolled her cherry coloured eyes. "Mirror this is the most prestigious school in the world! Well apart from Harvard and Oxford and Cambridge, but it's at their level!"

"WHAT!" I spat out half of the contents of my mouth as my eyes widened and my mum sighed.

"Well done hunny," she smiled giving me a hug. "Now go tidy up this mess," I rolled my eyes. "Oh and get dressed, we're going to meet the Hiwatari's for dinner."

"WHAT!" I screamed as I spat out the rest of the contents in my mouth and my eyes got even wider but this time in terror.

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