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Still Takes Two

Chapter 8: Tramp

"What the fuck does that bastard think he's doing?!" Kai growled as his fist slammed into the punch bag before him.

There was silence as a pair of ice blue eyes watched the slate haired teen take his anger out on the boxing training kit.

"I told him to stay the hell away from her," Kai growled again and punched at the punch bag with all his strength, but as soon as his fist hit the material of the punch bag, all his strength and anger left him. Hugging the worn punch bag Kai closed his eyes. "Why did she go to him?"

Xenia deciding that her silence wasn't helping said; "Wasn't that your plan? For her to move on with her life, find someone else?"


"You still love her don't you?" Xenia asked, getting up from leaning against the wall on the floor, she approached her fiancée. "You do…"

"I'm sorry," Kai muttered, crimson met ice, but a small smile graced Xenia's features.

"Don't be, you were forced into this as much as I was, I just don't see how you're going to get out of it." Xenia said, standing directly beside Kai.

"I'm not getting out of this." Kai spoke after a moment's silence. "I'm marrying you and getting possession of my mothers belonging."

To say Xenia was surprised was an understatement. She had suspected that the feelings Kai had towards Mirror were still there, so she was expecting him to still be in love with her. But she wasn't expecting Kai to stick with his fathers deal anyway.

"What about Mirror?" She asked softly.

"What about Chase?" Kai replied.

"What about him?" Xenia asked slightly confused.

Kai smiled softly at the woman who would become his wife. "If you haven't realised yet, then I won't spoil the surprise."

"What?" Xenia asked looking stunned.

Kai merely grabbed the towel he had thrown on the floor by the wall of the gym that they owned in their home before with a last smirk at Xenia, leaving the room.

"Dammit, he didn't answer my question, what about Mirror?" Xenia muttered.

"So when am I going to meet her?" Rianna asked as she sat in the back seat of one of the Hiwatari house SUV's. Kai, who sat in the drivers seat ignored the question, Matt who sat next to her looked out of the window and sighed.

"Meet who?" Chase asked as he turned around from his passenger seat in the front.

"The tramp that has you two at her feet." Ri answered, her face devoid of any emotion.

"She's not a tramp." Kai snapped, glaring at the younger girl through the rear view mirror.

"And she doesn't have me at her feet." Chase snapped turning back in his seat.

Rianna only raised a brow. "And this proves my point completely."

Matt sighed again. "I can't believe you two have found something you can agree on."

To both Matt's and Ri's amusement, the two men in question, looked at each other and glared.

"Oh no Matt, I think you showed them they've defied an unspoken rule." Ri laughed as when both men heard her words and turned away from each other, Kai's eyes back on the quiet road ahead.

Matt smirked.

"Are we there yet?" Chase groaned, trying to change the subject.

"No." Kai snapped.

It took all of Kai's will not to punch the hell out of the person beside him as he had done to the punch bag in the gym each morning. But he had no choice, they were on family business, business that neither of them could get out of, and even Ristique, as she liked to be called by them, had to tag along.

Kai normally didn't like taking their little sister to things like this. Half the time they didn't turn out well, with members of their own family or even others getting into nasty arguments that would damage the girls already weak barriers. But he at all costs would protect her from that. She was his little sister after all.

But she wasn't…

She may not be his sister by blood, but any day he would rather have her as a sister then have Chase who by blood was his sibling, as his brother.

He would make this up for her, even if this 'family business' as their father liked to call it, turned out to be a sham, he would make it up to Ri. She deserved more than to be dragged around like a doll, to just be insulted again for her the massive mistake that her family were.

"Are we there yet?!" Chase groaned again.

Kai winced. This was why he would put up with him, this was why he would be in the same car as him, with him still breathing. She was why, his little sister.

"Emmm… Tala? Where are we?" I asked confused. The car was currently running along a very bumpy road, through a very dark forest.

"All part of the surprise." Tala laughed as he glimpsed at my panic stricken face. Well you would be panicking too if your surprise lay in the middle of nowhere.

"I don't think I want this surprise," I said slowly then turned my head to look at the boys in the back.

Brooklyn said nothing, only continued to flick through the options on his phone probably trying to catch some signal but to no avail. Mystel was fast asleep, his head resting on Hitoshi's shoulder.

"You alright?" Hitoshi asked as my eyes fell on him.

"Emm… on the account that I have practically been kidnapped by four strong looking men and taken to a dark forest… yeah, I'm great!" I said sarcastically followed by a nervous giggle.

Hitoshi laughed.

"Don't worry, we aren't going to do anything." He said with a grin.

"Mirror, I thought you had more trust in me than that!" I looked back at Tala who had practically the same grin on his face.

"I am really not liking the grin's guys, their deffo not making me stop worrying!"

"Is it still far?" Brooklyn voice broke the silence that fell upon us again.

Wow, he has a really husky voice…

"Nah, 5-10 minutes tops."

I sighed in relief. Wait! Should I be relieved?! I mean while we're travelling, nothing is happening. So if we stop travelling… SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN!

My eyes widened as I stiffened in my seat.

"Hey Mirror." I turned around slowly in my seat. My eyes fell on the owner of the husky voice.


I smiled lightly at him and turned back. HOW CAN I RELAX?! I'm in a dark forest with four guys and one of them is best friends with the man that broke my heart!

"We're here." Tala commented as a sudden flood of light filled the car.


"MIRROR!" My eyes widened to the size of plates as the car grew to a stop and a certain someone jumped onto the hood of the car and smiled at me manically through the windshield.


"What the-" I started.

"Let's go." Tala grinned over his shoulder at me as he slipped out of the car. The boys in the back followed his lead, Mystel following Hitoshi whilst rubbing the sleep out of his eyes. Whilst I… well, I just sat there in sheer amazement at the fact that Ryan was still grinning at me from above.

"Leave the poor girl along" Came the voice of an unfamiliar person. She grabbed Ryan by the collar and dragged him off of the car, with Tala watching them suspiciously encase they left any marks on his beauty.

"Noooo! I have to say 'hey there' to Mi!" Ryan whined as the girl dragged him off whilst rolling her eyes.

The door on my side of the car opened and I looked up to find Tala watching me. How… did… he? I swear just a second ago he was on the other side checking for damages…

"Let's go! You won't find the surprise inside the car." Tala commented, taking my hand and pulling me out of the car.

"I don't think I want to find this surprise wherever it is…" I muttered.

"What?" Tala asked with a raised brow as he turned around from leading me through a crowd of people.

"Nothing." I smiled sweetly, the smile vanishing as soon as he turned around again.

Well I can't say that the place had any memorial value. It was the edge of the forest with what looked like thousands of people crowding around for nothing. Well that is what I thought before I heard the roaring of engines.

Oh no…

We finally came to the edge of the cheering crowd to meet the tarmac of a wide road.

"Is this the surprise…?" I asked not looking too impressed.

There were a load of guys showing off their cars to each other. I mean don't get me wrong, the cars that were in this place were to die for at how sexy they were, but things like this wouldn't excite me half as much as they would Willow.

"WICKED!" I heard a very familiar voice and turned to my side.

Speaking of the devil…

Willow skimmed past as she ran towards one of the cars.

"This is Willow's surprise." Tala mentioned as he pulled me to his side and put his arm round my shoulders before guiding me around the cars towards a group of guys. Brooklyn, Mystel and Hitoshi being part of that group. Hmmmm… I wonder what all this is about.

That's when I heard something that made me stop dead in my tracks. A voice I wasn't expecting to hear, a voice that I couldn't believe I was hearing.

"Keep dreamin lil boy." Noooo, no way, there is no chance in hell that could be…

Shoving away the guys that were in my way, I stared at the girl I thought I had left behind. The girl that I could really use having around because she knew me better than I knew myself. Tears filled my eyes and the image became blurry.

"Oh God Mi, stop it! People are staring, your ruining my image!" She hissed, but the smile that she offered very few people was gracing her feminine features. Has I every mentioned that Tamsyn was one of the most feminine looking girls around. But she hated it… she just wanted to be an individual that didn't get judged for her looks, she just wanted to have friends that were her friends because they knew her as well as she knew them… us.

Without words coming out of my mouth I pulled her into a hug. I couldn't believe it. With Tamsyn here, I can get through anything, she knew how to solve all my problems because her mind was never as hazy as mine. She was never influenced by other people's views. She was Tamsyn, a free, do what she wants, doesn't care what people think, spirit.

"Good surprise or what?" I heard Tala comment then laughed.

I don't deserve these people. I way to slow and thick to deserve such good friends like these. I guess my life doesn't suck as much I keep thinking it does. Maybe I'm not with Kai… but the world won't stop just because of that, I won't die just because of that. I need to move on…

Tamsyn being here is a step in the right direction.

"You're staying right?" I muttered into her hair.

"Couldn't leave you now… God knows what kind of shit you've already gotten yourself into." I smiled.

"That's her?!" I pulled away and looked to the side where a 13-14 year old girl was staring at me.

"Huh?" I asked confused. Rubbing the remaining tears away from my eyes.

"You're the tramp that my brother's are so into?" She continued looking completely astounded.

I was stomped. Did she just call me a tramp? Why would a little girl call me a tramp?

"Ri?" I looked over at Tala who was looking almost as surprised as I was. "What are you doing here?"

What the? How did Tala know her? AND WHY IS SHE CALLING ME A TRAMP? I'm not a tramp!

"Kai drove me." The girl answered. My eyes shot wide open.

"Kai?" Tamsyn repeated looking at me. "Kai's here?"

I nodded slowly. Well he's in Russia, but what the HELL is he doing here?! I mean Tala promised me he wouldn't be here! He PROMISED!

I laughed dangerously and turned a full on glare in Tala's direction. "Well you know… I think I saw a really cosy looking ditch on the side of the road when we were coming here…"

The look on Tala's face was priceless. If there was anything I loved doing in the world, it would be scaring Tala to the point that he was now. I mean don't get me wrong, Tala isn't all the easy to scare. But with the fact that I feel very strongly about not being in the same place as Kai AND the fact that the biggest pyromaniac I have ever met was sitting right beside me, a lethal smile plastered on her face, did help with the overall effect.

"I'm soooo sorry! I wasn't sure that he was coming, besides it's not like you have to be in close proximity of each other!" Tala started defending himself, to Tamsyn's and my great amusement. Oh I'll never get tired of this…

"Hey, you haven't answered my question." I looked back at the small raven haired girl.

"For one I'm not a tramp." I said slightly annoyed. No matter how old she was, she had no right in judging me so crudely before she even knows me.

"Could have fooled me." She smirked, a look of satisfaction on her face.

Well I have to say that that smirk does look familiar.

"Second…" I ignored her comment. "…who are your brothers?" She was surprised to say the least.

"You really don't know who I am? You've spent all this time with them and you don't know who I am?"

I shook my head. I turned my head to peak a look at Tamsyn and she seemed as stumped as I was.

"Tala?" I spoke questioningly as I gave Tala a stern look.

He smiled in return. Oh greeeat! That tells me a hell of a lot!

"My brothers?" I looked back at Ri who smirked up at me. "That's them…" She pointed to our left. Following her finger I looked in the direction she was pointing in.

Guy I don't know… another guy I don't know, a girl and a guy I definitely don't want to know (or more like what their doing), and…

"Not another one!"