Wizet owns respective names and concepts. Miryssiara is owned by the amazing girl who invented her. Inspired by events in real life, Eddie 3 much as I love you, utter serendipity, Roald Dahl, L. M. Montgomery and too many emo stories ;).


Sojourner in an ancient land
by Lisande

Part 1

"A mage is versatile, …" she glanced down quickly at the girl's name tag, "…Miryssiara. It is tempting to lose focus, diversify." Robeira inclined her head ever so slightly, as she had done for so many years, and fixed the younger girl with her dark eyes.

The newly-initiated priestess blinked, intrigued, and opened her mouth as if to speak. But Robeira had timed it so that she spoke first by milliseconds, and whispered the rest of the speech.

"The essence of your magehood is your element. When you remember where your heart lies, there you will find success beyond your wildest dreams. Therein lies your station, calling, and destiny." She allowed the faintest of smiles – a skill that came with practice – touch her expression.

The priestess stared back, awestruck.

Robeira waited for the prescribed two and a half seconds, and then withdrew slowly into the shadows of her instructor's cloak and quietly arranged her arms within its folds, once again the impermeable, impenetrable instructor of the third advance.

The main speech was over. Again. And according to the textbook that she now knew off by heart, all she needed to do was wait, hovering in the air, until the initiate left either in mystified frustration or thrill with his or her newfound freedom.

More wizards came, and left as mages, each their own in their private experience. The day wore on. And it seemed to Robeira that there was no end.