The best episode so far. My God, what didn't it have? Memories of my favourite Providence episode to boot. Lovelovelove.

Anyway, this is a little post-ep ditty. Hope you like x

Thanks to Sammie for the Spider warnings and giggles ;)xxx

Mac and Stella were the only ones left in the darkened office, clearing duties having been left to them. Stella picked up another soda can while Mac crumpled another pizza box.

"I can't believe Danny and Lindsey ate those things," Stella chuckled, scooping flaked batter and spilled grasshoppers into the trash.

"I can't believe they came through here and tried to put them on the pizza," Mac said, looking into the wriggling tub of Mealworm Spaghetti. Stella grimaced, watching the mass. She could just about handle the maggots at crime scenes, but the thought of eating one?

She looked at Mac. "I will if you will."

He smirked at her, gesturing for 'ladies first' into the tub.

"On 3," she said, straightening her back, ignoring the movement in the palm of her hand. Mac was grinning as she counted down, "3…2…2-and-a-half…1."

They dropped the worms into their mouths. The first bite was the worst. Juices exploded onto their senses, jaws moving ten-to-the-dozen, anything to shorten the putrid experience.

Stella finally swallowed what could only be described as 'mush', her whole body shuddering as she bounced on her feet. "OhmyGod that was the most disgusting thing I've ever tasted!"

"Yeah," Mac said, with a grimace on his face.

Stella eyed him. "What's in your hand?"

"What?" he asked, looking to his balled fist.

"Open your hand, Mac," she said, mock-serious, mainly trying to fight a smirk at his feigned grimace.

"I couldn't do it!" he dropped his worm back into the tub. "Live things are not meant to be eaten!"

"I can't believe you bailed on the bet!"

"It wasn't a bet."

"A verbal bet and you bailed, Mac Taylor." She put her hand to her chest, "I am shocked."

"I apologise," Mac chuckled, not sorry at all. There was no way he was going to eat one of those things. Bet or no bet.

"Nope, not good enough," she spun on her heel and stalked to the door. Her face deadly straight. "You made me eat bird food, Mac. Bird food!"

"Stella? Stella, I'm sorry," he really was that time. Was she really angry with him?

Stella got to the door and spun back to Mac, pulling the trigger to the previously concealed water pistol. She branded his shirt with an 'S' while giggling uncontrollably at his shocked but amused grin. "Gotcha!"

His hands dropped to his side as he sat back on the corner of the desk. "Truce?" he chucked, defeatedly.

"Truce," she smirked, very proud of herself as she tottered back to shake Mac's hand.

The white-flag parade didn't last as long as she hoped though, as Mac dropped a Wasp Tamale down the front of her top. She squealed as she fanned her shirt, the 'delicacy' dropping to the floor. "I can't believe you just did that!"

"Ah," Mac smirked clasping his hands and bowing. He grabbed a tub from the side and held it out to her. "You have much to learn. Grasshopper?"